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Launched "Map of social and environmental conflicts"

The project of the Russian Ecological Society was presented to the Russia Today MIA

The project of the Russian Ecological Society was presented to the Russia Today MIA

July 26, 2018, Moscow - July 24, 2018, at the Russia Today MIA, in the form of a press conference, a presentation of a new project of the Russian Ecological Society (REA) - "Maps of social-ecological conflicts" was held. This is the first public situational center that collects and analyzes information on Russia's “hot spots”. According to the chairman of the Russian Ecological Society, Rashid Ismailov, who represented the project, Map is designed to track the increasing social and environmental conflicts in the country and speed up their resolution.

The map was launched an hour before the presentation; it is available on in the form of an interactive map of the world.Rashid Ismailov especially noted that the project is focused not only on Russia, but also on other countries, since environmental issues concern everyone and should not have anything to do with politics.

By the time of launch, 14 points of environmental conflicts were marked on the map: 13 in Russia and 1 in Kazakhstan on the border with the Kurgan Region. Problems include “abandoned lignin landfill”, “water pollution from chrome ore mining waste” and “radioactive monazite concentrate storage” in the Sverdlovsk region, “flooding of residential buildings” near Kaliningrad and 5 points of “air pollution by acetaldehyde” in Krasnoyarsk.

On the official website of the REA there is a call for citizens to send information about existing or potential environmental conflicts anywhere in Russia. After confirming the information, the foci of problems with a brief description will be mapped. Information from the descriptions is duplicated in the informational feed under the map and in the news feed of the site.

The card will be formed by citizens without the participation of officials, and specialists of the project office of the REO will monitor the situation around the “hot spot”.

Olga Dolgova, PR Director of the NAFI Analytical Center, shared the results of a public assessment of the environmental situation in Russia, conducted in June 2018. According to the survey, 55% of Russians assess the ecological situation in their place of residence as unfavorable. Residents of the Siberian and Ural federal districts (63% and 64% respectively) speak about this most often. Respondents from the same regions, as well as from the Central Federal District (69%, 65% and 63%, respectively), are even less likely to note work to improve the environmental situation on the part of local authorities. The majority of Russians (68%) in 2017 did not notice improvements in the work of local authorities to improve the environmental situation compared to 2016.

Olga Zatsepina, head of the environmental design department at Ecostandart, noted that the project will help environmentalists to comprehensively assess the state of the environment in regions where new construction or reconstruction of existing industrial facilities is planned. “When developing project documentation, we communicate mostly with representatives of enterprises and with supervisory authorities,” says Zatsepina.“The map on which the inhabitants of the problem areas, knowing the situation from within, put the centers of environmental conflicts, will help us to see the full picture and more correctly evaluate it”.

A wave of popular discontent over the landfills in the Moscow region once again showed how important it is for local authorities to quickly respond to acute problems of concern to people. “In order for situations like riots in Volokolamsk not to recur, we need new communication tools between citizens and the authorities,” comments Nikolay Krivozertsev, general director of Ecostandard. “For example, the Inditsent system developed at the initiative of the presidential administration is now being tested in two regions. It will automatically monitor people's complaints in social networks. The same goal is pursued by the “Map of Socio-Ecological Conflicts”: it will allow people themselves to develop and maintain a system for monitoring the foci of environmental problems and stimulate the authorities to respond quickly to them. Our company works a lot with the population directly and knows the environmental situation in the country from the inside, so for us such a project is very important, and we will provide it with comprehensive support, ”adds Krivozertsev.

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