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About the benefits, taste and nutritional properties of cheese is known throughout the world. By the way, it is his diet that many nutritionists strongly advise to eat for people who are seeking to lose weight, while not too restricting themselves in eating. For such purposes, there are certain, the most suitable varieties, which differ from the rest by the lowest percentage of fat content. The so-called "fat-free" cheese incorporates no more than twenty percent of fat, light - up to thirty. There is a product with its normal content (forty-fifty percent), double fat content (from sixty to seventy) and triple (very fatty cheeses, the percentage of fat content in which is more than seventy-five). Fat-free cheese, as well as light, is usually prepared on the basis of lightweight milk. For the preparation of more high-calorie varieties used fat cream, as well as their mixture with whole cow's milk.

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low fat cheeseThose who wish to lose a few kilograms of weight with the help of diets are recommended to include low-fat cheese in their diet. This will help not only to improve the shape, but also to diversify nutrition, which is extremely important in order to protect themselves from the so-called “food breakdown”, to which the overwhelming majority of dieters are exposed. In addition, there are many types of light cheeses. You can choose any one that is more to your taste, or alternate between them. In connection with the booming popularity of Japanese cuisine in our country, more and more Russians eat soy cheese. It contains a huge amount of protein, so its properties are an excellent substitute for meat products. There are few calories in it, respectively, it is perfectly suited for a diet menu.

Varieties of low-calorie cheeses

white low fat cheeseGranular cottage cheese is also no less popular in Russia, which can also be attributed to cheese to some extent. Its caloric content is extremely small, and the fat content, as a rule, does not exceed five percent. Another well-known low-fat cheese called ricotta is made from skimmed milk. It contains only one hundred and forty calories.Diversify the diet and pamper your taste buds with the help of delicious smoked cheese. It is significantly different in taste from other species, but does not become less useful. The percentage of fat content in this product is quite low, and the calories in it are the same as in ricotta. Mozzarella and fitness types are a bit more nutritious. Very tasty white skim cheese, which is made in the form of fibers, woven later in a pigtail. Fat in it is not more than ten percent, and the number of calories does not exceed one hundred fifty. To taste, it is somewhat reminiscent of the brine product from Georgia called "Suluguni". Feta - soft cheese, low-fat, with a slightly salty flavor. Many housewives are well aware of it, because the product is especially good for making all kinds of light snacks and salads. Its caloric content does not exceed one hundred and fifty calories per hundred grams. Cheese has the same fat content.

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