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Home baking, be it cakes or cookies, is a tricky business and requires special skills from the hostess. If it comes to meringues, then cooks with more experience sometimes shrug their shoulders and shrug. This cake is very quick, not in a hurry to get the way the chefs want to see it on their table.

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Before we talk about how to make meringues, let's remember where this capricious cake came from. It is associated with the French word "bize", which means "kiss", and not without reason. A light, airy, sweet, surprisingly gentle and pleasant (of course, if properly cooked!) Delicacy is quite justly compared to a kiss. And the French know a lot about this activity. Therefore, when local confectioners claim that their country invented a wonder cake, it is very easy to believe. However, the Swiss can share secrets about how to make meringues. The second name of sweetness is “meringue”, and it is given by the name of the German town Meyrengem.In it lived a pastry chef Gasparini, originally from Switzerland. According to the story, it was he who invented the recipe for "business".

Preliminary details

cooking meringue at homeAnd now - how to make meringues. It seems everyone knows that: we take proteins, whip, add sugar or powder and bake. However, everything is not so simple. Therefore, at first about the little tricks - the key to successful baking.

  • Dishes. What is whipping whites? Few people know, but aluminum saucepans will give the squirrels a dull grayish tint, and they will become like March snow. Unpleasant right Enamelled containers are also not very convenient. Squirrels are whipped very vigorously, intensely. And if the container is not new, fragments of enamel can break away from it. However, the new dishes from this are not insured. So what and how to make meringues? Of course, in a copper, glass or porcelain pot. Moreover, porcelain gives proteins a special whiteness. Dishes should be perfectly clean and dry. The walls and bottom must be carefully rubbed with fresh lemon. The secret is that in an acidic environment, whip proteins better.
  • The main ingredient. Cooking meringue at home is also associated with such nuances: there can be no admixture of yolk in proteins.And to separate one from the other neatly, the egg on both sides only need to pierce with a needle, only a thick one. The yolk will remain in the shell, and the protein will leak, because it is less dense.
  • Eggs fit only chicken, preferably fresh and always cooled. Of these baking meringue will be more successful. And the bowl where they will be whipped, as well as the whisk or mixer tips, must also be cold.
  • Beat up, starting at low revs, and then more and more intense. Immediately throw proteins into a pinch of salt and citric acid - this will facilitate the process of beating, and the meringue will add shine. Act with a mixer or whisk should be in one direction, which does not change until the final result. Work not only on the surface, but to get to the bottom.
  • Instead of sugar, sugar powder is an ideal option.


baking meringuesCarefully, one by one, we release 4-5 proteins into a container and beat them until their mass increases two times. Then, icing sugar, approximately 1,400 grams, is gradually introduced. You can pour a tablespoon of lemon juice, then the proteins will be denser. Only everything must be done carefully, otherwise the mass may settle.Meringue will be ready if the mass will not begin to drain from the corolla.


Now prepare the oven. Baking paper with a baking sheet can be a bakery, but it can also be used for printing. Just be sure to grease it so that the cakes do not stick. Then the proteins are laid out carefully with a spoon. As an option, they are first filled with a pastry bag, and from there the mass is squeezed onto a baking tray in even uniform portions. Size - at the discretion of the hostess or depending on the oven. The oven turns on at 120-140 degrees, cakes are baked for 30 minutes. It is better not to open the door, do not slam it, otherwise the product will fall off and lose airiness. Then leave for another 15 minutes in the off cabinet so that the meringue is cool. Decorate ready delicacy with jam, syrup, chocolate and enjoy the resulting piece of culinary art.

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