Lika Dlugach. Tips leading for young moms

Lika Dlugach - this name is known to every mother who dreams that her child grow up healthy. It creates an individual, balanced menu for kids, enriched with useful vitamins. She has developed more than a thousand articles that allow young parents to find answers to the most important questions.

Lika Dlugach

Real name, family and first successes

Lika Dlugach is a popular leader on the MTV music channel, working on it since 1998. She was born on May 9, 1973. A young girl has always been popular with male fans. She spoke at various school events, worked as an animator at matinees in kindergartens and children's parties.

However, it was not until 2003 that work appeared that Lika Dlugach truly loved. The biography of the girl has more than 100 popular articles about parenting, organizing a wedding, relationships with her spouse, she also wrote many useful recipes and popular programs.

Young leading happy married to her husband Cyril, together they bring up two sons and a beautiful daughter. Her family is a model for imitation and she does not cease to share with the viewers the secrets of her success in the television program “Mama”. In total, you can select some of the most valuable tips.

Lika Dlugach Biography

What can be done to ensure that a child loves healthy products?

Lika Dlugach, like no one else, knows how important proper nutrition is for a child's body. It has a positive effect on the formation of vital organs and functions of the young body. However, it is rather difficult to make a child eat healthy protein, vitamins and other necessary substances. The presenter was able to find the right solution to this seemingly impossible task.

  1. The first thing to do is to give the dish the correct shape. For example, to make a mischievous animal, a tree, or some object out of food. The little taster does not hold out and will definitely taste it.
  2. Another important rule - the dish should be the correct consistency. It is unacceptable to give the child products that are difficult to chew.
  3. The temperature of the food should be room temperaturethe child does not like too cold or hot dish.

A young and famous mother claims that you need to talk with your child about healthy nutrition. For example, you need to hold a conversation about what will happen to the human body that eats convenience foods. It is also recommended to go to the grocery store together and cook.

children's menu with the face of dlugach

The most delicious children's soups

The block on the website “YouTube” under the name “Children's Menu with Lika Dlugach” is popular with modern moms. Especially viewers celebrate delicious soups, which are happy to eat, not only kids, but also adults.

  • Finnish soup. It consists of: trout or salmon, onions and potatoes. First of all, vegetables are scalded in a small amount of water; after 2 minutes, fish that has been previously cleaned of bones is added. To taste, you can also diversify the first dish with greens, cream or sauce.
  • Cheese soup. For its preparation will need potatoes, onions, carrots and hard cheese. First of all, you need to boil the vegetables until full readiness. Before completing the preparation of the dish, add cheese to it, stirring constantly with a spoon.
  • Pumpkin-soup-puree.It should be thoroughly washed and cut up the vegetable and boil it in a little water. Then it remains only to knead the pumpkin and cool.

TV presenter Lika Dlugach

Each soup is suitable for the youngest children and nursing mothers. It is light and contains the maximum amount of vitamin. It is worth considering, the salt must be added in minimal quantities.

Second course

TV presenter Lika Dlugach not so long ago presented to the audience her new dish for young children, it was called “Noodles with vegetables”. The main component of this dish is wheat noodles. Optionally, you can add any vegetables that the child loves, such as zucchini, carrots, potatoes or eggplant. You will also need onions, sesame and soy sauce. The process of cooking consists of several stages:

  1. First of all, pour a small amount of vegetable oil into the pan and fry the onion on it until a translucent shade appears.
  2. Next, cut all the vegetables into strips and fry them for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Now, the resulting assortment should be salted and stew in a small amount of water.
  4. Noodles need to pre-rinse and cook.Next, it must be combined with vegetables, adding soy sauce, sesame oil and herbs.

The dish prepared according to this recipe is obtained as healthy and rich as possible.

Lika Dlugach


Liga Dlugach is also known as the author of several books for young mothers. For example, not so long ago there was a manual called “How to feed a child tasty?”. It focuses on the most useful recipes, cooking tips and recommendations for parents.

Everything that the TV presenter does is based on her vast life experience. She devotes all her time to her family, in particular, to small children. Dlugach dreams that every child is strong, healthy and happy, and does everything to get this result.

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