Learn how to boil rice properly

Rice is one of the most sought after products in the world. It is ideal as a diet food. Rice can be a side dish for almost any dish: meat, chicken, fish, seafood and vegetables. But despite the wide distribution, not all housewives know how to boil rice properly, so that the conceived side dish does not turn into a viscous porridge.

how to boil riceA little bit about rice

Rice - cereal cereals. The plant is very capricious in the care and does not like the cold, so it is grown in latitudes, where there are no unexpected frosts. The main distribution of culture received in Asian countries, as well as in Australia, America and Africa. There are a huge number of varieties of this culture, but the following are particularly common:

  • basmati- The king of rice, ideal for cooking pilaf;
  • jasmine- used to prepare traditional oriental dishes;
  • arborio- Perfect for risotto recipes, soups with rice;
  • wild rice- has a brown color and requires additional soaking before cooking. A distinctive feature - the content of a large amount of fiber, vitamins and nutrients.

rice cooking methodsThe traditional classification is the division of rice cereals into long grain, medium grain and round grain. By the way of processing rice can be steamed, brown and white. There are many different ways to cook rice, but today we’ll look at classic options.

How to boil rice in a classic recipe

For this recipe you will need: for 1 cup of rice 2 glasses of water, salt to taste. Rice should be steamed long-grain if you want a crumbly side dish. Pour water into the pot and put on fire. While it boils, you need to wash the rice in warm water 5-6 times. This is done in order to clean the cereal from dust and starch. When the water boils, salt it - and you can add rice. Wait for boiling and cover the pan with a lid, while reducing the fire to a minimum. Cook your side dish in this way for about 25 minutes - you need the rice to absorb all the water, after which you need to give it a “reach” for some time. Your crumbly side dish for meat is ready!cook rice for sushi

Rice and microwave

With the advent of new kitchen appliances, new recipes were born - how to boil rice in a microwave or a slow cooker. Consider one of them, the more it is a very simple method of cooking. You will need the same set of products as in the classic version. Rice should be washed and put it with water and salt in a special dish for use in the microwave. Cooking should be at maximum power, with the lid closed, for 17-18 minutes. During cooking, stir the rice a couple of times to prevent it from burning. At the end, give the side dish a “walk” about 15 minutes.

How to boil rice for Oriental dishes

loose riceToday it has become incredibly fashionable to cook at home sushi and rolls - masterpieces of Japanese cuisine. But in order for the dish to work out, you need to know how to cook rice for sushi correctly. First you need to decide on the rice variety. In this case, suitable round unpolished rice. Start by washing the rice in cold water until it is completely transparent. Then fold the rice into a strainer and let it rest for about an hour at room temperature. After the required time, transfer the cereal into the pan for boiling and pour 1: 1.2 water (for 100 g of rice you will need 120 ml of liquid).Boil rice for sushi is simmered for about 15 minutes under a tightly closed lid. After cooking, let it brew for another 20 minutes. Cool it - and you can start cooking sushi and rolls. Bon Appetit!

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