Laminating nails: what is it? Types of procedures

The very definition of the lamination procedureinvolves the application of a transparent film designed to protect and give aesthetic appearance. In this case, we will talk about nail care. The hands of women require special attention and care, because often this is the first thing that they pay attention to and what gives a style of life, health and overall attitude to yourself. The nail industry has been enriched with a wide range of care products, correction and aesthetic decoration of manicure for the last few years. However, there is a downside to the coin. A tool for laminating nails will come to the rescue in cases where it is necessary to care for an already depleted and overdried nail plate. At the same time, it will ensure its aesthetic appearance.lamination of nails in the cabin


After a long application of gel-varnish,build-up, exposure to chemical detergents, due to improper nutrition and unbalanced drinking regime, nails become brittle, thin, dry, uneven. In this case, they simply show restorative procedures. Laminating the nails is an ideal solution. What is it and what are the features of the procedure? Can I spend it at home or need to go to the salon? Let's look at the details.

lamination of nails what is it?

Features of the procedure

Laminating of nails has a restoringDirectivity. In addition to aligning the nail plate without grinding, it saturates with vitamins and minerals. Powder and paste in the composition fill irregularities, replace "washed" earlier lipids and give an even aesthetic appearance to the plate. Between treatments, the remedy is not removed from the nails, which allows them to recover over a long period of time. In doing so, it also protects from the effects of environmental factors and an aggressive environment. Even shine and a homogeneous surface gives the first lamination of the nails. What is it, it is now clear, but how does the procedure itself?laminating nails reviews

Lamination of nails varnish-serum: two-stage complex

The procedure can be carried out both at home and insalon conditions. To perform, you will need a nail laminating system, as well as tools for manicure. It is important to implement both stages in a complex, as each of them is responsible for the final result. Laminating the nails in the cabin requires strict adherence to these instructions.

Stage of preparation

Its purpose is to influence the growth zone andcuticle. During the process, several serums are alternately applied to the nail. Each has a narrow focus of impact. Pre-cuticle and nail plate are cleaned of contaminants. In parallel with the application, a special massage is performed, which increases blood circulation and improves the absorption of the agents. Serums have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect. They moisturize the cuticle and growth zone, absorb the surface with vitamins and remove keratinization. After application, a trim or unedged manicure is performed.nail laminating system

The final stage

This step involves applying to the nailoils with fruit acids, and then coating with serum-varnish. It is selected individually for the needs of the client. For yourself, you can choose a priority option, taking into account the existing problems. Serums come with proteins, vitamins and other components. After the procedure, the nails can be covered with colored varnish or make any of the previously used designs. Laminating of nails (what is it, it is clear from the procedure described above) gives the possibility of therapeutic care and has a cumulative nutritional effect due to the high content of vitamins and minerals in special products.

Biogel laminating

There are several variants of biogels forlamination, and each has its own characteristics of impact and application. Common is the need to use a UV lamp, without which it just does not harden. In addition to the nutritional and therapeutic effect, this means enables the nail plate to "breathe", recover and at the same time gives an aesthetic appearance to the usual design manicure. In comparison with the usual basis for gel-lacquer, the biogel does not crack. A manicure lasts about two or three weeks.

Masters often use a gel for lamination on layered and thin nails. It does not give a coarsening effect, but only glues the nail surface well. After it, you can apply any kind of varnish.

To perform, it is necessary to level and degreasea nail plate. Then a thin layer of biogel is applied, the lamp is dried for two minutes and the step is repeated again. After that, the finish coat is applied. It is dried, as usual, and removes the sticky layer. It is possible to apply a usual or gel-varnish on top of the formula to ensure maximum protection of the plate. Laminating nails, reviews of which are mostly positive, is becoming increasingly popular and will soon become a familiar means not only for salon, but for home use.Laminating Nail PolishAsked about the search for a universalmeans for care, strengthening and giving an aesthetic appearance to nails, pay attention to gels and lamination systems. There are several varieties of them, you can experiment, but the main thing is the result! Beautiful, well-groomed, smooth and shiny nails will please you after the first procedure. So, laminating nails - what is it and on what to expect the result? Now you know the answer to this question!

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