Kozeruk Anatoly Nikolaevich. Human life

Name: Anatoly Kozeruk

Date of birth: December 7, 1976 (40 years)

Star sign: Capricorn

Place of birth: Lyubertsy, Moscow

Activity: gymnast, professional trainer, member of the All-Russian Athletics Federation

Anatoly Nikolayevich Kozeruk was born in Lyubertsy, in the then suburb of Moscow, on December 7, 1976. Mother Anatoly, an employee of a watch factory, raised children alone: ​​her father died in tragic circumstances in a car accident when Anatolia was 2.5 years old. Childhood Anatolia can hardly be called happy. There was always not enough money, the elder sister got in touch with the bad company, got carried away early in alcohol, constantly delivered a lot of problems to the family. Anatoly's mom was torn between work and raising children. When Anatoly was 8 years old, his sister went to the hospital with severe head injuries after another unsuccessful party. Recovering after surgery, 17-year-old sister Anatoly Anna decisively tied up with the use of alcohol.After school she went to college in Yaroslavl and left her native Moscow. Mother and Anatoly remained to live together in a communal apartment.

Anatolia in the family paid little attention. He studied poorly, often snapped with teachers. However, in physical education classes, the boy seemed to be replaced. With enviable zeal, he performed all the exercises that the teacher instructed the children. At one of the meetings, Vasily Ivanovich, school physical education teacher Anatoly, advised the mother to give the guy to the gymnastics section. According to the man, "Tolik will be taught there and will learn discipline, and it may well be what will come out of it, here it will disappear."

Now, immediately after the lessons, the future winner of the All-Russian Gymnastics Championship, Anatoly Nikolayevich Kozeruk, went to trainings. After six months of hard work, the coach Anatoly Oleg Yakovlevich became clear - the guy has talent in gymnastics. Bars, crossbeam, rings - all this was given to Anatolia with enviable ease!

Studying in the 9th grade, Kozeruk Anatoliy Nikolayevich sets off to his first serious junior gymnastics competitions. At the regional school competition in Rostov-on-Don, he took 2nd place. Subsequently in 1993Kozeruk won in several nominations for all-round during the Youth Games in Yekaterinburg.

After graduating from school in 1994, Kozeruk Anatoly Nikolayevich entered the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture for the specialty "Coach". Understanding how short the career of an athlete may turn out to be Anatoly gets a higher education.

During his studies at the university, Kozeruk Anatoly Nikolayevich took 8th place in the Russian Championships in Athletics, participates in the Goodwill Games (1995), the European Championships in Italy (1996). In 1998, he joined the All-Russian Athletics Federation.

In 2000, at the World Championships in Switzerland, Anatoly received a serious injury to his clavicle. Doctors, who guarantee a full recovery to the gymnast for the first time, after 3 months doomed the promising athlete for a career as a coach.

Anatolian morale did not let him break. The young man decided to become a coach for difficult adolescents, such children, which he himself once was. Participating in meetings of the All-Russian Athletics Federation, Anatoly Nikolayevich Kozeruk constantly raises questions on attracting the attention of the Ministry to the problems of homelessness and, as a result, crime.Anatoly Nikolayevich believes that by directing the excess energy of adolescents in the right direction, it is possible to significantly reduce the number of children with dysfunctional fates.

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