Kote Makharadze: biography, personal life, films

For the past 15 years, Kote Makharadze, a sports commentator known to the entire Soviet country, has not been alive, whose voice and intonation could not be unrecognized. He had an amazing sense of humor, did not like the standard in life and in work. It was said about him that he did not just report on a particular match, but played. Perhaps he succeeded because he was not only a commentator, but also a great actor in theater and cinema.kote makharadze

Kote Makharadze: biography and origin

In November 1926, a son was born in Tbilisi in the family of Ivan Konstantinovich and Varvara Antonovna Makharadze, who was named Kote. His father until the last days of the Russian Empire was an officer, in the civil specialty he was an economist and worked in that capacity until his death in 1956. Mom Kote was the head of the library, first in the 1st classical gymnasium, and then in the first teaching and demonstration school (she outlived her husband by 14 years).In short, the future actor and commentator was born and grew up in an intelligent family. From early childhood, he had to art. At the age of 7 he entered the ballet school of the city of Tbilisi, studied there for 7 years and graduated with honors. However, in adolescence, he was fond of basketball and in the Dynamo team became the champion of the Georgian SSR. As you can see, from the earliest childhood in his life, sport and creativity went hand in hand.

Professional education

In 1944 he graduated from high school and immediately entered the theatrical institute of the city of Tbilisi, which was named after Shota Rustaveli. During the years of study, his teachers were such outstanding masters of theatrical art as A. Khorava - People's Artist of the USSR, G. Tovstonogov (no less titled artist), D. Alekseidze, etc. Many of the teachers believed that Kote Makharadze was a find, a nugget, and that he will have a wonderful acting future.Kote Makharadze biography

Theatrical activities

After graduation, Kote Makharadze entered the service at the Shota Rustaveli Academic Theater. Here he worked for 23 years, during which he managed to play more than 100 roles and get the title of People's Artist of the Georgian SSR,and also received the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. After that, he transferred to the Academic Theater named after K. Mardanishvili. The number of roles he played over the years in this theater has been multiplied. Twice he was recognized as the best actor of the theater, as a result, he won the Akhmeteli and Mardanishishvili awards and was awarded the "Order of Honor" - Georgia's highest award. Kote Makharadze is also an honorary citizen of Tbilisi and Poti.


K. Makharadze played in the plays of both Georgian and foreign authors. The best of his roles were Julius Fucik (in “Report with a noose around his neck”), the role of Creon in the plays “Antigone” and “King Oedipus”, Don César de Bazan, Cassio (“Othello”), Laert (“Hamlet”), Karenin (“Anna Karenina”), Baron Munchhausen, Petruchio (“The Taming of the Shrew”), Marquis Pose (“Don Carlos”), Salieri (“Amadeus”), President (“Deceit and Love”), Oberon (“Summer Dream night ") and others.kote makharadze personal life

Movie roles

Did you try to make Kote Makharadze movies? The films in which he starred are not so numerous. There are only a dozen of them. And among them the most famous are “Come on, grandfathers!”, Filmed in 1981, “Repentance” (1984) and “Confrontation” (1985). The series “Guardians of Vice”, where he plays the role of Albert Hitchcock, also made a great impression on the audience and is one of the best films with Kote.


In parallel with his acting activity, he was fascinated by sport. In his student years, he was the captain of the junior basketball team, which in 1945 became the winner in the USSR Cup competition. After that, he was taken to the team “Dynamo”.

Start a sports commentator career

Kote (Konstantin) Ivanovich, as you already understood, was well versed in sports, and when in 1957 he began playing sports, it was no surprise to anyone. At first, he conducted broadcasts only on Georgian television and radio, but later began to comment on matches of all-union significance, that is, he conducted matches in two languages: Russian and Georgian. Three times Kote has been reporting from the Olympics, since 1966 - all national and world championships. It was he who commented on the match when Dynamo (Tbilisi) was able to win the European Cup. There were more than 2.5 thousand reports on 20 sports types. Igor Blokhin’s farewell match - “World Team vs. Dynamo Kyiv” - was led by the legendary Kote Makharadze himself. By the end of his career, he was named the best sports commentator in Georgia of the twentieth century. By the way, Makharadze conducted not only sports reports.In 2001, he became the leading and one of the directors of the International Festival "Chabukiani-Balanchine" in ballet art.Kote Makharadze Movies

Kote Makharadze: personal life, children

Konstantin Ivanovich was married three times. The first wife was the famous Georgian actress Medea Chakhava. She bore him a daughter, Maku, and a son, Iviko. The daughter became a pupil of the ballet school and then a famous ballerina. Today she is the head of the ballet studio "Dance Class of the Vera Quarter". The son, Iviko, became, like his father, a sports commentator. Since childhood, Kote has taken him to the reports with him. There is practically no information about the second marriage, but much is known about the third one, since his chosen one was not an ordinary woman, but one of the most famous actresses in the USSR. Kote Makharadze and Sofiko Chiaureli have been an exemplary couple for 30 years, which the whole country watched with admiration. Unfortunately, she did not give birth to children, then she was very sorry that she did not dare. When they met, both already had families and could not even think that someday they were destined to be together. As K. Makharadze himself tells, he, before marrying Sofiko, knew her for more than 25 years.She had a wonderful young husband (10 years younger than Kote Makharadze), children.kote maharadze and sofiko chiaureli

Origin of love

Somewhere in the 70s, theatrical fate brought them together. They were involved in the same performance, where they were supposed to play a couple in love. Suddenly Kote realized that the text he was supposed to utter completely coincided with the feelings that he would like to confess to Sofiko. It turned out that she felt the same thing. Once they were able to confess love to each other, and everything went and went. And it was not a passion that could instantly flare up and go out, it was a deep and all-consuming love.

Interesting Facts

As it turned out later, during the courtship period, Kote sent encrypted messages to his lover from the TV screen. No one even suspected it, but she understood when and where he had scheduled her a date. Before they got married, they secretly met for about 5 years. Over the years, both her and his side have done quite a few romantic acts. He tried to fulfill all her wishes. And she took it with the dignity of a true queen. They were both actors, but they never competed with each other, as in some creative conjugal tandems.

Marriage with Sofiko

They were both adequate people and behaved like ordinary people, not like stars.He was proud of her success, and she - his. They cared for each other. Once Kotz seriously ill, and Sofiko, leaving work, day and night was next to his beloved. Thanks to her, his life lasted for the whole 5 years.kote makharadze children


Kote Makharadze did not become in 2002. Sophiko then came to St. Petersburg to take part in the play, which her husband “presented” to her. After all, he created his own theater directly under their house, and she did not have to go anywhere for a long time to get to the theater. Konstantin Ivanovich was buried in the Didube Pantheon of the greatest people of Georgia. After 5 years, Sofiko Chaureli herself was buried near his grave.

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