Kemerovo Institute of Culture and Arts: a review of faculties and reviews

Since 1969 in the city of Kemerovo functionsa higher educational institution that deals with the training of personnel for the sphere of culture and art. Its name is the Kemerovo Institute of Culture. The educational organization is known throughout the Kemerovo region, it is even known in other Russian cities. This is due to the fact that the institute was created a good professional image. Teachers contributed to this, most of which are popular and well-deserved artists of Russia, honored artists, leading experts of the region.

Kemerovo Institute of Culture: faculties

Many can not decide for themselves where to gostudy. Entrants who choose the Kemerovo Institute of Culture are interested in what faculties this institution has. At present there are no such units in the structure of the university. The educational organization consists of institutions, each of which has several departments.

Kemerovo Institute of Culture

Here is the list of institutions:

  • music;
  • theater;
  • socio-cultural technologies;
  • humanitarian and social;
  • visual arts;
  • choreography;
  • library and information technologies.

Also in the structure of the university you can distinguish between day andcorrespondence department. Students who study at the first of them attend classes on a daily basis. The second department provides for other training. Students who chose the Kemerovo Institute of Culture, correspondence department are combined with work, so they do not come every day to pairs. Classes for them are appointed on certain days in order to be able to talk with the teacher, get explanations on obscure topics and answers to questions of interest.

Institute of Music

This division in the structure of KemerovoState Institute of Culture appeared in 2011. It offers such areas of training that are associated with conducting, singing, playing various musical instruments, folk artistic culture. In this institute people become conductors, singers, concert performers, ensemble artists, heads of creative collectives, teachers.

Kemerovo State Institute of Culture

Structural units implementingpreparation of creative personalities, must have the necessary tools, equipment. There are no complaints about the institution of music in this respect. The material and technical base is good. The Kemerovo State Institute of Culture and Arts has special auditoriums, equipped with musical instruments and equipment, which can reproduce sound or video if necessary.

Institute of Theater

This institution was established in an educational institution in2011. Applicants entering the bachelor's degree, he suggests making a choice between directing holidays and theatrical performances and folk art culture. The profile of the latter is the direction of the amateur theater. For creative individuals who wish to perform roles in plays and films, the institute has a specialty in acting.

Students of the institute of the theater are busy not only with theireducation. They take an active part in the research activities of the faculty. Annually students are sent to scientific and practical conferences to receive new important information, as well as to the Olympiads, to compete with other students, to demonstrate their level of knowledge and win a reward.

Kemerovo Institute of Culture and Arts

Graduates who graduated from KemerovoState Institute of Culture (Institute of Theater), are held in various positions. Some of them become leaders of cultural institutions, others build their careers in acting and directing, and still others find their vocation in the teaching of creative disciplines.

Institute of Social and Cultural Technologies

The history of this structural unit waswas launched in 2007. It existed until 2011. Then the name was changed, during which the Institute for Socio-Cultural Technologies was established. Training is conducted on a small number of training areas:

  • management;
  • protection of natural heritage, cultural attractions and museums;
  • psycho-pedagogical education;
  • socio-cultural activities.

Kemerovo State Institute of Culture and Arts

The listed directions are interesting andare in demand. Currently, about 720 students study there. The entrants here are attracted not only by the relevance of the professions, but also by the interesting student life. People enrolled in the Institute of Socio-Cultural Technologies can later participate in the KVN team, a student science club or an excursion squad, a dance team, a director-production group, etc.

Humanities and Social Institute

Structural unit related tohumanitarian and social profile, the Kemerovo State Institute of Culture created in 2007. The directions proposed here are culturology, history and theory of the arts, theology. The educational process is provided by the departments, which number 7 in the educational institution in question. They teach general disciplines, which are the foundation of knowledge, and professional special subjects.

Kemerovo Institute of Culture

The education received in the HumanitiesThe institute allows students in the future to use their opportunities in various areas of life. Someone after receiving a diploma is arranged in educational institutions, someone gets into tourist and advertising agencies, and someone begins to build their careers in radio and television broadcasting companies.

Institute of Visual Arts

An interesting structural unit thathas the Kemerovo Institute of Culture and Arts, is the Institute of Visual Arts. The roots of its history go back to 2011. It was at this time that this university appeared. At the bachelor's degree, training is carried out in 3 directions:

  • design;
  • folk crafts and arts and crafts;
  • folk art culture.

The Institute of Visual Arts qualitativelythe educational process is organized. There are special workshops in which students perform work, try their hand at sculpting and plastic modeling, engage in artistic ceramics, and process birch bark.


In the Kemerovo State Institute of CultureThe Institute of Choreography appeared in 2007. He offers the entrants a folk artistic culture, choreographic art, choreographic performance. Now there are more than 250 students. One of the merits of the university is the availability of a system of continuous professional training of specialists. Schoolchildren can enter a functioning art school. After completing the training, you can go to college or college.

Kemerovo Institute of Culture

The Kemerovo Institute of Culture, namely the Institute of Choreography, has several merits. Learners in their reviews write that:

  • Applicants are offered a choice of part-time and full-time education;
  • in the educational process modern teaching technologies are used;
  • for each student, teachers tend to find an individual approach.

Institute of Library Information Technologies

Kemerovo Institute of Culture and Arts,faculties of which are attractive for modern youth, this department created in 2007. However, in fact, his story was started much earlier. The faculty, connected with this field of knowledge, appeared in 1969. At that time it was considered a library structural unit. This institute continues to function today. His direction of preparation is library and information activities.

Persons who have completed training work in thelibraries. If you analyze the feedback of graduates, you can find out that some become teachers, specialists of information services at various enterprises, executives of the departments of culture.

Kemerovo Institute of Culture and Arts

In conclusion, it should be noted that Kemerovothe Institute of Culture is an educational institution with a rather large number of units. Each of them offers applicants a certain list of training directions. Studies, as evidenced by the reviews, are informative and interesting, so the students who have come here do not regret the perfect step.

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