Journalist Travin Victor Nikolayevich: biography

Travin Victor Nikolayevich - journalist, presidentnon-profit structure "Collegium of legal protection of car owners". Great popularity was gained thanks to the program "First broadcast", which he leads on NTV television channel.

Travin Victor Nikolayevich: family

Victor Travin was born in GermanDemocratic Republic in the city of Frankfurt an der Oder on a spring day on May 9, 1961. The journalist himself says that according to all vital laws, he should have been given another name - Yuri, in honor of the first cosmonaut of the Earth, who flew into space a month before his birth. However, since he was born on the day of the Great Victory Day, the name Victor was chosen. In Latin it means "winner".

The father of the future journalist was a military man, he wassent to the GDR for service on orders of the Soviet command. Before that, he lived with his wife and ten-year-old daughter in a small Ukrainian town. In the GDR, his father left for the service first to accept a new post, and in December 1959 he was joined by a family, later Victor was born.travine viktor nikolaevich

An interesting fact from the biography of Travin - incitizen passport of the journalist the place of birth is the city of Potsdam. In Internet sources, you can also find an indication of this settlement. However, Victor himself was never in this German city. For unknown reasons, his father registered him at the Potsdam Consulate.

Travin Victor Nikolayevich: biography

After graduation, the young man was enrolled in thestudents of the Plekhanov Academy of National Economy. Travin Victor Nikolayevich completed his studies in 1984, after which he continued his education at Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov, having obtained a diploma in 1989.

2 years after the end of the first universitybegins to engage in journalistic activities. 1986 was the starting point for the observer in the editorial office of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets. Later, in 1995, began to maintain the author's rubric on the protection of motorists' rights "The right wheel!".

For many years, Viktor Nikolayevich has been working to protect the rights of motorists, helping drivers find a way out of the most difficult situations.travyn Viktor Nikolaevich biography

Work on radio stations and television

In 2004, the journalist was invited to work forradio. Victor Travin begins to conduct the program "Right steering!". Initially she only appeared on two radio stations: "Russian Radio" and "Russian News Service". Three years later, the journalist aired the radio stations "Mayak" and "Pioneer FM". In 2012, the program became available to Avtoradio listeners. The author's program "Right of the wheel!" Became the winner of the All-Russian contest "Radioomania-2008" in the nomination "The best talk show".

In 2010 Victor Travin starts to work onchannel NTV. He becomes the presenter of the program "First broadcast". The journalist answers the most acute and urgent questions of motorists, teaches drivers to defend their rights. Travin proves that knowledge of the laws is necessary for anyone who sits behind the wheel. The automotive world for him is like an open book. Thanks to the program, complex rules become clearer and easier, and roads are safer. In one of the interviews, the journalist confessed that the theme of the program, as well as the high rating of the television channel and the large audience, had led him to work on TV. Viktor Nikolaevich notes that he performs the role of a kind of cheat sheet for the driver in the "First broadcast", and the journalist's profession helps explain everything in simple human language. This distinguishes him from a professional lawyer.travian viktor nikolaevich photo

Human rights activities of a journalist

Travin Viktor Nikolayevich became especially popularthanks to topical and sharp publications in the media, as well as on TV and radio, which often touched upon the issues of corruption and general permissiveness in the structure of state authorities. This fully applies to the MIA system. For coverage of this subject repeatedly received the title of laureate of the All-Russian Prize as "The Best Automobile Journalist of the Year".

Travin received recognition as an expertspecialist in the field of legislation on road safety. According to the results of 2006, the best human rights journalist is Travin Victor Nikolayevich. His photo is presented in the article.

For several years of his activity he was able to cancelthousands of unjustly imposed penalties for motorists. I have reconsidered hundreds of cases on road accidents. Speaking in court as a defender, more than once helped defend the rights and interests of drivers. At the level of legislation, he was able to prevent the adoption of illegal instructions and provisions directed against drivers. Travin Viktor Nikolayevich is a member of the Journalists' Union of Moscow, and also a member of the All-Russian public organization "Academy of Security, Defense and Law and Order". Issued a series of books with the general title "The right wheel!", Which, according to the idea of ​​the author should become a kind of pocket lawyer of any driver.travian viktor nikolaevich family


In 2014, journalist Travin became a studentNational award for achievements in the field of safe traffic in the category "Safety Stars". Viktor Nikolayevich has a Certificate of Honor from the Moscow Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which assessed the personal contribution of the human rights defender in strengthening the interaction between the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the civil society.

In the treasury of achievements of the journalist - a gold medalthe name of Peter the Great, which is given for selfless labor for the benefit of Russia. He was awarded the silver medal named after FN Plevako. This award is for a special contribution to the development of human rights activities and the Russian advocacy.travkin viktor nikolaevich journalist

Creation of a partnership "Board of legal protection"

In the spring of 1999, journalist Travin createdNon-commercial partnership - Board of legal protection of car owners. The idea was realized with the assistance of employees of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets and the City Duma. Journalist Travin becomes president of the board, and the organization begins to provide legal assistance. A year later the college was able to organize round-the-clock assistance to lawyers who could go to the site of the road accident and take measures on the first legal support.

With each year, the association increased the volume andToday it has the status of Moscow's most influential organization in the field of protecting motorists' rights. Victor Travin notes that, despite the fact that it was possible to help a lot of citizens, the journalistic community will not stop there.

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