Jimmy Wales - the generous dictator of Wikipedia

Every person who has ever had to search for information on the Internet, sooner or later came across a global digital library called Wikipedia. Its founder is Jimmy Wales, a man who is far from computer technology by education, but has become one of the most iconic personalities in their development. Who he is, how he came up with the idea of ​​creating a world encyclopedia and how the idea became a reality - you will learn about all this when you read this article.

Jimmy Wales

Curriculum Vitae

The full name of Wales is Jimmy Donald Wales (dr. - August 7, 1966); he is better known in the network under the pseudonym Jimbo. It is a native of the United States of America. Homeland Jimmy - Alabama, there he lived in the town of Huntsville with his parents - the father of Jimmy Sr. and mother Doris. His parents were middle class, his father worked as a manager in a grocery store, and his mother ran a school that developed an educational system based on the teachings of Maria Montessori.

The future founder of "Wikipedia" from an early age was keen on reading scientific literature, he was in love with various encyclopedias and carried his love of self-education through his life. Moreover, he opened the light of knowledge to the whole world. Wales was married three times, from the second and third marriages he has one daughter, who currently live with him.

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Study and career

Jimmy Wales received his undergraduate degree from two universities — a bachelor’s degree in Auburn and a master’s degree in Alabama. In one of his alma mater, he tried his luck to write a doctoral dissertation in the field of finance, tried himself in the role of teacher, but nevertheless later went to work as a trader. In this field and worked from 1994 to 2000, Jimmy Wales. Of course, he didn’t make a fortune there, but he was quite a successful seller of securities.

Along the way, Jimbo implemented his own Internet projects. In the 96th he helped develop the search engine Bomis, which was directed mainly at the male audience and was pornographic. Already in 2000, Wales finally left the financial business and together with Larry Sanger he launched an information resource called Nupedia.However, the site did not receive the expected result, and using the practices of programmer Ben Kovitz, Jimbo created another portal, Wikipedia, which was supposed to support the original version of the encyclopedia.

Jimmy Wales fortune


The surprise for the developers was that a new number of users in a matter of days was visited by more users than Nupedia in many months. Wikipedia was a breakthrough in the world of information technology, and its idea itself was revolutionary from all points of view. Jimmy Wales hired a team of editors who work on a voluntary basis, each of them is engaged in checking the information received on the resource, because anyone can write and supplement articles on Wikipedia. For Jimmy at one time this was the cause of the strongest stress, he often woke up at night with thoughts that the authors would publish inaccurate information on his resource.

But thanks to openness, the site is constantly growing, developing and updating. The great advantage of the portal is that the information in it is stated succinctly, easily and absolutely apolitically. Articles have no overtones or agitation. The site is completely devoid of advertising - this is the fundamental position of Wales.Not so long ago, he was forced to turn to his users for sponsorship in order to avoid pressure from potential investors. According to him, if every reader donated at least a small part of his personal funds to the development of Wikipedia, it would give life to an Internet project for many years.

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Life position and views

Jimmy Wales managed to build a whole informational empire, which he can rightly be proud of. He had hatched his idea for many years, but he probably didn’t understand the scale to which Wikipedia would grow. At the moment, this site is the fifth most visited worldwide.

According to Jimmy himself, Wikipedia knows no boundaries and the project does not even have a final goal, and he calls his e-encyclopedia fun. Nevertheless, he understands the seriousness of the mission entrusted to him and clearly follows the principle of non-engagement of data on his resource. Wales wants people to always have a source of information free from the opinions of others. And every reader can draw conclusions and conclusions independently.

This view probably causedthat Jimmy became an adviser to the UK government, in this position he works on a voluntary basis and does not receive profits from the activities.


It is quite expected that a man of world renown is surrounded by unpleasant stories. Among the loudest scandals about Wales are disagreements with former colleague Larry Sanger about who had the idea of ​​founding Wikipedia. Some employees of the company (former) claim that Jimmy is a dictator and tried to put pressure on the authors, including through bribery, so that they could rewrite some pages of the site.

Not spared Wales and political incidents. So, in 2011, he became an opponent of the fact that the influential German organization Netzwerk Quadriga presented its annual prize to the current President of the Russian Federation V. Putin, and even resigned from the jury. Nevertheless, the activities of Jimmy Wales deservedly marked by influential nominations and prizes, he was included in their top lists of magazines Forbes and Times.

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