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The Japanese dog breeds are amazingly beautiful dogs, each of them is different in size and appearance, but it is simply impossible not to notice these animals. Today we will talk about such representatives of the fauna. In our article we consider the main features of the breeds, as well as the main aspects of the content.

Spitz - snow white beast

Japanese dog breed

Let's start with the Japanese Spitz breed. What is a dog? It is a sturdy, proportionally folded small dog with thick white coat. Height at withers is on average 35 cm, and weight - 7 kg. The muzzle of the representatives of the breed is pointed, the ears are triangular, erect. The tail is rolled into a ring, completely covered with fluffy hair, lying on its back. Japanese Spitz is an excellent companion, which has a high intelligence and a cheerful, friendly disposition.

At the same time, the dog does not cause inconvenience: it barks a little, gets on well with other animals.Such a devoted friend will fit perfectly even in a one-room apartment, due to its small size it can be an excellent companion for a traveler. If you teach a child to treat this beast correctly, then the spitz can be a good friend for the little children, with whom the baby will not get bored.

Shiba Inu (Shiba Inu)

This Japanese dog breed has very ancient roots. Such a dog is small in size, at the withers reaches 40 cm. It is distinguished by quick wit and calm calmness. Shiba Inu are active, they are very attached to the owner, while possessing a highly developed sense of self-worth. They need to communicate with people from the first months of life, otherwise there will be problems in the future. Due to the small size of such a dog can be kept in the apartment.

Akita Inu

Akita Inu

The breed was bred in Akita province on the island of Honshu. The weight of a Japanese Akita dog varies from 32 to 59 kg. On average, the height at the withers is 65 cm. According to the character of the Akita Inu, it is silent, strict. Differs steady psyche. Its owner betrayed. A distinctive feature of the Akita Inu breed - its members can maintain composure in different situations.Also these dogs have a pronounced individuality. The difficulty in raising such a dog is that it shows a desire to dominate.

Japanese Akita

Japanese Akita can be white or red. Also there are representatives with tiger color. All akites, in addition to whites, should have “uradziro” (a white mask on the muzzle, the inner side of the thighs, neck, chest, abdomen, and also under the tail). What else is the distinctive feature of the breed? White tassel on the tail. To keep such a dog is not particularly difficult, it is picky. Akita can live both in the apartment and on the street. She needs large loads (walks of at least two hours and active games). Needs careful grooming. The process of training a dog is worth starting from the first days of its appearance in your home.

Fearless Hin

japanese spitz

The Japanese hin is an exotic dog that was valued in its country for its calm nature and grace. Such a dog weighs no more than three kilograms, and the height at the withers does not exceed 25 cm. Now this dog is a companion. Her character is light, although sometimes hin can be wayward and proud. Representatives of the breed are flexible, sociable enough, obedient and emotional. Never bite quinine, they also bark a little.

If the owner is in danger, then the dog, without hesitation, will rush into battle. This dog will rather die than give offense to its owner. We can assume that this Japanese breed of dog is fearless. Its representatives are not afraid of any loud noises, nor large dogs. This Japanese dog breed is great for house keeping. Of course, in the aviary such a dog would feel uncomfortable.

japanese hin

Wool does not need special care, it will be enough to comb it once a week. Representatives of the breed do not need a haircut. There is no need to bathe often, since dirt does not linger on hin's wool. Even if the dog gets dirty, soon there will be no trace of it.


Japanese Terrier

The Japanese Terrier is not a very famous breed. It originated in the eighteenth century. Outside the country, its representatives are very difficult to find. The weight of this small dog does not exceed six kilograms. The height in the withers of the terrier averages 31 cm. The head of such a dog is small, the ears are medium, semi-erect, set on rather high, the forehead rather wide, the eyes dark, the nose is black, the neck is strong, of medium length.The extremities of the terrier are flat, long and slender. The tail is rather short, a representative of the breed carries it high.

Japanese Terrier Dog Breed

The dog's hair is short, it has no smell, and therefore does not need special care. This dog is very clean. It is great for content in small metropolitan apartments. This dog has a fiery character. Such a dog is very attached to the owners, he is happy to entertain them and friends in his leisure time.

Shikoku (Shikoku)

Shikoku is a very rare Japanese breed of dog. It received its name in honor of the place of origin. Amazing color sesame is a distinctive feature of the breed. The height at the withers does not exceed 52 centimeters. Shikoku is very enduring, so it is suitable for a person who leads an active lifestyle. Such an intelligent, affectionate and obedient beast was bred as a hunting breed. Its main purpose is to hunt deer and wild boar. The dog can live in an apartment, but then it requires great physical exertion and long walks. Educate you need to start from the first months of life. With the right approach, you can grow an intelligent and loyal companion.


Kishu is an ancient Japanese dog breed. Its homeland is the island of Hokkaido. The weight of the representatives is on average 23 kg, and the height at the withers is 49-50 cm. Kisyu is a very intelligent dog that quickly learns any work. Breed representatives are used by fishermen, hunters, and also shepherds. Kisyu is well tolerated by the cold, so the dog is suitable for keeping both in an apartment and in a free-range house. In nutrition, representatives of the breed are unpretentious. And what does a kitty dog ​​need? Of course, this is a long exercise. Without them, the animal will feel uncomfortable, there may be problems in education.

Strong and brave kai

Kai is a classic Japanese dog breed. Representatives at the withers reach 53 cm, and in weight - 21 kg. Although there are instances whose mass is 27 kg. The head of this dog is narrow, elongate-wedge-shaped. Her coat is straight, coarse and short. It happens in different colors: tiger on a yellowish-brown or red background, black and motley. Due to the rather complex nature of the dog can not be considered domestic. Sometimes this dog is called deer hunting. Kai is an independent dog.From loyal to only one owner. Only this person is ready to fully comply. This dog can make a great protector with an adequate temperament. Note that the Kai aggression in vain does not show. In society behaves not hostile, adequately. If necessary, the dog can stand up for both himself and the owner.

shunsuke dog

Puppy conquered half the world

It is necessary to tell more about Shunsuk - the dog is a representative of the breed Pomeranian Spitz. Why is this dog Japanese? Yes, because he comes from Japan. The character of this animal is very funny. How did you get such an amazing face Shunsuke? This dog, like all other spitz, was fluffy, but its hair was cut, shaped, after this the puppy was shown to the whole world.

Small conclusion

Now you know what amazing Japanese dog breeds are. Each of them is unique and interesting in its own way. If you liked someone, then before you start a Japanese dog, think well. Indeed, many of these dogs have a very complex character, some tend to dominate. So, it will be rather difficult to raise such dogs.

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