Jacob Jordaens -Flemish artist, a bright representative of the Flemish Baroque. In addition to paintings, Jacob wrote cardboards for tapestries.

Jacob Jordaens: Biography

The artist was born in 1593. He was the first of 11 children in the family. Pope of the future artist earned his living by selling fabrics. At the age of 14, as a teenager, the guy studied under Adam van Noort, as did Rubens, with whom he worked. After 9 years, Jacob joined the Guild of St. Luke and married the daughter of a teacher, Anna Katharine van Noort. In union with the artist, two children were born: a son and a daughter.

In 1618, a talented master bought a house in the area where he lived when he was a child. Having expanded the room 20 years later, Jacob Jordaens (the photo of the artist is indicated in the article) made a workshop in the building and spent almost all his life there.

jacob jordans

At 68 years of age, the artist depicted 3 large canvases for halls in the Amsterdam City Hall. The great master wrote almost to his death. Artist Jacob was a Catholic, but being in the age of honor, he decided to go to Calvinism.

The death of a talented artist

Jacob JordaensHe died at the age of 85, on the same day with his daughter Elizabeth. They buried their father and daughter under a gravestone in the cemetery, where Jacob's wife, Katharina, had been buried before.

After the death of his father, the artist's son donated 25 Flemish pounds to the Camera van den Huysarmen hospital in Antwerp. Also, as a charity, he gave the painting “The Washing and Anointing of the Body of Christ” to a shelter for girls. Argued that these donations were presented according to the testament of Jacob Jordaens. The son continued the work of his father and also, like his father, became an artist, but he wrote and lived mainly in Copenhagen.

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About 100 years after the artist’s death, Putt was erected a monument to Jordaens and two other colleagues. It is located on the site of a former chapel and cemetery, which had been eliminated by that time.

Influence on creativity

On the work of the Flemish artist made a strong influence Rubens, Jacob attracted to his own work, and also performed a huge number of sketches for paintings by Jacob Jordaens at the request of Rubens. It was in the studio of Peter Paul, a Dutch painter,Jacob took over the technique and began to use a warm and color palette, use naturalism and became a master of such genres as chiaroscuro and tenebrism.

The Flemish master did not attain recognition as a portrait painter, but was famous for his ability to depict a character, and was considered an observant person and artist. In turn, his paintings, namely peasant scenes and large-scale canvases in the style of moralism, influenced the further work of Jan Steen.

Despite the fact that Jacob wrote, continuing the motives of the work of Peter Paul Rubens, in his works there was a tendency towards great realism. A large number of characters were always tracked, and burlesque elements were even noticed on canvases that dealt with religious or mythological themes.

Jacob Jordaens: paintings with titles and descriptions

The artist, as a rule, painted pictures based on proverbs, where a large number of characters of different ages were depicted, as, for example, in the painting “Holidays of the Bean King. Also on the paintings of Jacob often you can find elements of coarse humor.

jacob jordans pictures with titles

To compare the style of Rubens and Jordaens, you need to look at two canvases called "Prometheus chained." Jacob's painting was painted around 1640.and almost without doubt influenced by Rubens and Snyders. But unlike the canvas of Peter Paul, the picture of the Flemish artist is not so gloomy.

This canvas is also known as "Eagle, tearing at Prometheus." According to Greek legends, at a time when the population lost fire, their defender Prometheus kidnapped him from the hearth of Zeus and brought it to the people. In this regard, the supreme god conceived to take revenge on people and created a woman Pandora, who became the culprit of all troubles and invasions. A Prometheus ordered chained far into the mountains. But a little later, Prometheus was destined to make peace with Zeus with the help of Hercules, he killed an eagle, which flew in the afternoon and pecked the liver of a god.

jacob jordans pictures with names and descriptions

Another worthy painting with the name of Jacob Jordaens is the painting “Choice of Paris”. The painting is a work of an early period of the creative activity of the Flemish artist (1620-1625). This canvas is also known as the “Judgment of Paris”. Here the artist wanted to convey the classic story of the ancient Greek legend, the essence of which is that a simple shepherd named Paris at the behest of the gods had to resolve the conflict of 3 goddesses: Hera, Athens and Aphrodite.The reason for the dispute lay in the definition and assignment of the status of the "most beautiful" one of the goddesses. The choice of shepherd led to the beginning of the Trojan War.

Portrait of Katharine Behagel

This picture of the portrait of the important lady of Antwerp Katharina Bechagel (1597-1666). The canvas is a double portrait of another picture of Jordaens, which depicts her husband Rutger Le Witter - the elected head of the city of Antwerp. Creating portraits, Jacob did not set himself the task of writing a deep psychological image. The paintings, painted by a Flemish artist, are quite colorful, in which the body of the figures breathes with health and freshness. Jacob has much more power and energy in his paintings than the beauty of form and grace.

Jacob Jordans photo

Works of the master

In the early works of the artist, the image is traced with emphasized materiality, contrasting chiaroscuro, plebeian character of the figures grouped in the foreground. In his paintings very often the same female figure appears - Katarina van Noort, who was the daughter of the artist's teacher, and later the wife of the master.

The artist sometimes painted a portrait for a day or depicted a full-length figure, thanks to which the number of paintings by the hand of a famous master is quite large, there are about 700 of them.Jordaens canvases can be seen in almost all popular museums and art galleries. He painted the artist mainly of religious, historical, mythological and allegorical content. Also, the painter has pictures in the household genre. The artist lived almost all his life in Antwerp and throughout his life was engaged in the implementation of numerous orders.

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