Is it possible to glue wallpapers to wallpapers? Opinion of professionals

Repairs in the apartment - an event that I want to finish as quickly as possible. Therefore, constantly looking for ways to reduce the cost of time. The longest and most difficult work is the preparation of walls for pasting, therefore, at first glance, it seems that the most successful option is not to free the surface of the walls from the old coating, but to glue the new with the next layer. Is it possible to glue wallpapers to wallpapers? What do the professionals think about it?

Repair specialists, who put the quality of work above all else, will definitely answer - no. Before you glue the wallpaper, you need to carefully prepare the walls. Clear from the old coating, level the surface, prime, degrease, only then the new wallpaper will look perfect and their service life will be long.

Why glued newspapers on the walls?

Attentive readers can now ask a tricky question. If the answer of professionals is so categorical, then why have newspapers glued under the wallpaper?

why glue the newspaper under the wallpaper

In Soviet times, newspapers solved several problems simultaneously due to a shortage of high-quality building and finishing materials:

  1. Replacing plaster. With their help leveled curved walls. Now there are more suitable and convenient materials for this.
  2. Reliable fixation. Another task of the newspapers was to keep the finish. Thin newsprint paper was well impregnated with glue and glued to the concrete walls easily and reliably, so the wallpaper held well.
  3. The last task - paper, glued in several layers, served as a heater for the walls.

Now, to solve these problems, there are more effective methods and materials, so the newspapers no longer stick. But if you want to make a budget repair, for example in the country, then it is quite possible to use the experience of the Soviet era. Just take into account the important nuance - soaked ink can penetrate through the light coating and spoil the design.

Cases where wallpaper can be glued

However, there are no rules without exceptions. In the times of the Soviet Union, when wallpaper was released only paper, it was permissible to stick on the wall up to 5 layers! Through these layers, one could later trace the entire history of the apartment. Therefore, wallpaper wallpaper can be glued if:

  • The old ones were paper, not vinyl, non-woven, washable.
  • Wallpapers are firmly glued to the wall and never move away from it.
  • The texture of the old coating is smooth, there are no voluminous, eye-catching patterns that can appear with ugly irregularities.
  • You can glue the wallpaper on the old, if the new darker shade, otherwise all the work will be spoiled.
  • Old wallpaper was thin.

If you decide to glue vinyl wallpaper on paper, pay attention to the fact that the glue soaked the wall and was able to hold all layers securely.

Is it possible to glue the wallpaper on the wallpaper

Why you should not glue the wallpaper over the old coating?

There are few advantages to the decision to glue wallpapers on top of old ones - saving time and budget, but there are much more disadvantages:

  • The fastening of wallpaper to the wall is less reliable, the risk that the coating will recede increases several times.
  • The appearance of the walls is worse.
  • Joints may be uneven.
  • The life of the new wallpaper is reduced.
  • Increases the likelihood of mold.

Therefore, if the essence of the question whether it is possible to glue wallpapers to wallpapers, is only to save time and budget. Consider whether such savings will cost you more in the future?

How to do the job as well as possible?

If you have decided to leave the old wallpaper, here are some tips on how to achieve an attractive appearance of the room.

Wet the walls with water and remove all parts of the trim that extend from the wall. It is recommended not to glue the entire wall completely at one time, but to glue only one lane and leave it until the next day. Then check whether the coating is firmly on the wall, if there is no detachment. If all is well, you can paste the room completely. If the wallpaper has moved away from the wall, you will have to leave this idea and start preparing the surface.

glue wallpaper over old

During the work, eliminate the possibility of active air movement around the room, both warm and cold. This means that the windows must be closed, you cannot turn on the air conditioner or the fan, you must not allow a draft to occur. This important rule must be followed in the event that you glue the wallpaper to clean walls. Otherwise, the coating will move away from the wall, and you will have to start the repair anew.

Trim the first strip so that the joints of the old and the new coating do not coincide, then the appearance will be more accurate, and the wall will be more even.

Can I glue wallpapers on wallpapers?

At first glance, the wallpaper is not so demanding on the quality of the walls, the picture masks the irregularities. But this is only at first glance. Photowall-paper let out on a different basis: paper, vinyl, fabric. Vinyl wallpapers are quite thick and thick, so they can be pasted over the old coating. If the wallpaper is made on the basis of paper or fabric, then the irregularities of the wall will appear through the pattern and spoil the appearance of the room.

It is possible to stick wallpaper on top of old ones, only making sure that the surface is smooth and smooth, there are no wrinkles or blisters anywhere on it, and the wallpaper is nowhere behind the wall.

Is it possible to glue wallpaper on wallpaper, if the walls were originally prepared by all the rules? If during the previous repair the surface was perfectly aligned and covered with paper wallpaper, finishing with the second layer is a valid option.

How to quickly clean the walls?

Save time on removing the old coating help special solvents. The solution must be prepared according to the instructions on the packaging, and then thoroughly moisten the walls with liquid. After some time, the solution will saturate the coating, and it will be much easier to remove it.If the wallpaper is thick, then apply the solution several times. In order to make it easier for him to penetrate into the structure of the coating, walk along the wall with a toothed roller, then the solution will more quickly saturate the wall.

wallpaper wallpaper can be glued

There are situations when the wallpaper itself can be removed from the wall, but a thin paper layer remains. The question arises, can I leave it? If it is firmly held on the wall, it will not interfere with the new wallpaper.

Using the base under the wallpaper

There are a number of cases when the base is pasted under the finish:

  • The walls have small defects.
  • There are dark spots on the wall, and the wallpaper is bright.
  • The premises need heat and sound insulation.

The use of the base helps to distribute the adhesive on the wall surface evenly, facilitates the process of aligning the joints at the canvases, promotes uniform drying without the formation of bubbles.

glue vinyl wallpaper on paper

What can I glue under the wallpaper? The base material can be different, ranging from paper and ending with different types of insulation material.

How to insulate the walls of the foundation for wallpaper?

If in the winter in your apartment it is cold because of thin walls devoid of thermal insulation, then you can solve the problem by applying insulation to the walls.This is a simple and convenient way to save heat in the apartment, while maintaining a useful floor space.

There are two main types of insulation: rolled insulation and insulating plaster. Rolled insulation can be found on the basis of different materials:

  • Penopolisterol - for reliable fixation of finishes it is better to choose a heater with a top cardboard layer.
  • Foamed polyethylene, it is covered on both sides with a layer of paper, so it is easy to glue it to the wall and the wallpaper on it keeps well.
  • Cork insulation is a natural material, it can also be used as a finish.
  • Ready-made self-adhesive wallpaper for insulation of non-woven and aluminum foil.

You can glue the wallpaper on the wallpaper

All these materials provide not only thermal insulation, but also sound insulation, and also make the walls more even. You can glue the wallpaper on top of the insulation repeatedly; you do not need to remove it from the walls with each subsequent repair. But under the insulation itself the walls will still need to be prepared - to clean the old coating, to plaster and prime, only after that to stick the insulation.

You need to glue the material as usual wallpaper, carefully smoothing it to the sides, as well as from top to bottom.Bands need to fix butt. It is recommended to glue stitches with paper tape or masking tape. Drying time will take from one day to three days. Only then can it be stuck on top of the finish.

This type of insulation is cheaper and requires less time than the standard methods with the installation of the frame and the implementation of cladding. Another important advantage - the area of ​​the room does not become smaller.

What decision to make?

Let's summarize the discussion of the topic - whether it is possible to glue the wallpaper on the wallpaper. If we are talking about a budget repair (for example, at the cottage) and the quality doesn’t worry you much, if during the previous repair the walls in the apartment were put in perfect order, and the wallpaper was previously used only paper and lighter, then paste over the walls without prior cleaning can.

You can glue wallpaper on the old

If the walls are uneven, the wallpapers are embossed, not paper, dark, if you want not to think about repairs for several years, if the quality of work is important to you, then it is worth spending efforts to carefully prepare the surface. It will pay off the pleasure of contemplating flawless walls!

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