Can I have chocolate?

From time immemorial, chocolate is one of the favorite delicacies of not only children, but also adults. Almost everyone loves him, but with such popularity the question arises, is it possible to eat chocolate, is it not harmful to health?

According to the latest research data, it turned out that this product has a positive effect on the work of the heart, and is also able to normalize blood pressure. The chemical composition of chocolate helps to slow down blood coagulation, serves as a cancer prevention, improves the functioning of the circulatory system. Perhaps, these advantages are quite enough to confidently say that you need to eat chocolate!

No matter how useful chocolate, you need to know when to stop. Eating chocolate, first of all, will affect the condition of your teeth and body shape. This product is very high in calories, so it can easily add a few extra pounds to your weight. Therefore, you should eat chocolate in moderation and, preferably, in its pure form (not a cake).

Chocolate for future mothers

Are you interested in the question: can chocolate be nursing or expectant mothers? Then we understand.This product is among the strong allergens, so its use for this category of women is not desirable. Otherwise, it can cause allergic reactions in the child in the form of red rashes all over the body and diathesis.

Rarely what chocolate is of high quality. Often there are those that contain preservatives, flavors, flavor enhancers and other chemicals, so exclude chocolate from the diet, at least until your baby is 10 months old, and better until full completion of breastfeeding.

It is better to temporarily give up not only chocolate, but also all sweets, this will not only be useful for the baby, but will also help you lose those extra pounds.

Treats for children

About whether children can have chocolate, and at what age pediatricians told us to give them to babies. According to them, this product can not be included in the diet of a child up to 3 years. Chocolate is not only an aggressive allergen, it strongly excites the nervous system of a child. In addition, chocolate contains sugar, which has a detrimental effect on tooth enamel (causes caries and other complications). A large amount of this delicacy causes diathesis and allergies.Sweet gives a strong load on the liver, so giving it to children is not recommended.

Starting from 3 years (as directed by a doctor from 2 years), a useful amount of chocolate is 100 g per week, not more! In small doses, chocolate is useful, as it contains antioxidants, improves metabolism and the so-called hormone of happiness.

In diseases

Want to know if chocolate is possible with gastritis or ulcers? Of course not! Chocolate greatly irritates the stomach lining, so do not test your health and follow the diet given by your doctor.

If you accidentally found a stray chocolate at home, the expiration date of which has already expired, do not worry, you can still eat it. When storing tiles in normal conditions (dry and cool), the product is usable for about a year. Expired or incorrectly stored chocolate is covered with white bloom, this indicates the naturalness of the product. This sweet product can be eaten almost until the formation of mold.

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