Is eyelash extension harmful?

Contrary to the existing opinion, the first thing that men pay attention to is, of course, eyes. And nothing can rivet the eyes to a woman's face like long thick eyelashes. But the last nature gives not all the girls and here we begin to excel: first of all, we use mascara, extending the eyelashes / giving volume. And when we are convinced that the desired effect was not achieved, we think about eyelash extensions. But is it worth resorting to this procedure? Is eyelash extension harmful?

At first glance, of course, worth it. After all, the results of eyelash extensions are only positive: your look becomes expressive, while the eyelashes do not need to be painted every day. But there is another side to the coin.

What is eyelash extension?

The extension procedure itself takes quite a bit of time:

  • makeup remover - removal of cosmetics from the eyes;
  • degreasing eyelashes with a special compound;
  • the process of sticking eyelashes. Your attention beauticians will offer two options: sticking eyelashes "bundles" or slime method.Preference should be given to the latter: each artificial cilium is glued separately, which makes the look more natural. Further, for a more lasting effect, cilia are treated with a special fixative composition.

Eyelash extensions: pros and cons

  1. Having passed all the stages of extension, the sweep of your eyelashes will definitely not go unnoticed. And this is perhaps the only advantage of the procedure. But eyelash extensions: cons - the list is more informative.
  2. Increased eyelashes are attached to the family with the help of a special glue based on resin, which can lead to allergic reactions. Therefore, if you do decide on the procedure, start building up from the outer edge of the eye - an allergic reaction, if any, will appear in a few minutes. In the event of a reaction, immediately stop the procedure and seek the assistance of a specialist.
  3. If you have a priori thin and brittle cilia, then it is better to refuse to grow, because artificial hairs create an additional, and considerable, strain on the eyes. If you still uncontrollably strive for the ideal, then use the thinnest and lightest hairs of medium length.
  4. Wearing contact lenses. Of course, the procedure itself for girls wearing contact lenses is not prohibited. And yet, removing / putting on lenses, you often touch the eyes, in addition, use special tools and solutions. And artificial hairs require careful attention to themselves and, first of all, a minimum of physical and chemical effects.
  5. Reduces the term "life" of artificial cilia and the use of any cosmetic products. Are you ready to give up your favorite and much-needed skin care products for your eyelashes?
  6. Therefore, before you go to the salon for the procedure, think a hundred times, is it worth it. The glance should be riveted by its radiance “from the inside,” and not by the length of the eyelashes and the color of the shadows. Yes, it is beautiful, but, you see, the "fee" is quite large.

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