Interior double doors: photos, varieties, installation

Psychologists say that a person’s mood directly depends on his environment, and the point is not how people surround us, but how well and organically the interior space in the house where we live is arranged. Doors have always been a symbol of protection and privacy. Thanks to these simple designs, we can devote time to ourselves, secluded in our room.

Style of interior doors

The doors play an important aesthetic function, as they, being the most important part of the interior, give it completeness and conciseness.

Classic varied. There are clear lines, deep rich colors, democratic design. You can choose from the variety of different options for your interior any double interior doors.

Double sliding interior doors

Recently, there are more and more adherents of interior design in the style of minimalism, without decorations.In this case, the doors can be of any color characteristic of the style as a whole. The appearance of the doors, made in the classic version, emphasizes the refinement of the design of this style, and in the hi-tech style - the originality of modernity.

It should be noted that the furniture and interior double doors must be from the same epoch, one time span. Every detail in the interior of the room must match its style. Since the doors are bought for a sufficiently long time, it should be assumed that the style of the room was not chosen for one year. That is why the doors must be chosen carefully.

Types of interior doors

If we talk about the doors connecting two rooms or a room and a corridor, you should think about which doors are better suited: single or double. If the area of ​​the rooms is large, swing doors are perfect. But the option of double sliding interior doors is much more profitable to install in small rooms. For example, if there is a long corridor along the whole apartment, then the entrance to the living room is better to arrange with sliding doors.

installation of double interior doors

Standard door sizes

With appropriate design of the living room, the size of the opening for door installation is selected depending on the height and area of ​​the room.Proportions should be respected as follows: the higher the ceiling and floor space, the greater the door should be. The dimensions of the double interior door are 120-130 cm, and the height is 200-230 cm.

Currently, doors are made in different sizes. The table shows the dimensions of the double interior doors.

Equal folds (cm) Shutters are unequal (cm) Door height (cm)
60+60 40+60 200
70+70 40 + 70 or 50 + 70 200
80+80 40 + 80 or 55 + 80 200
90+90 40 + 90 or 60 + 90 200

In addition to standard sizes, other sizes can be ordered. For example, in unequal casements change the size of the smaller casement. Ease of installation of such doors with asymmetrical doors provides unhindered access to the room with dimensional furniture or appliances. The small width of the stationary part and large in the second part of the door leaf is more than enough to move between rooms.

Door with unequal leaves

To select a suitable door design, you need to take into account its dimensions along with the box, the width of which varies from 4 to 6 cm. In order to make measurements correctly for a new double door, it is necessary to dismantle the old one. Next is the measurement of the formed opening from its top point to the floor strictly vertically.The width of the opening is measured in three places: at the top, middle line and bottom from one end of the opening to another.

Swing doors

Swing interior doors are popular and are installed in any premises where there is enough space to open the casement doors. Variants of these doors are made in two forms: opening in one direction, as well as a pendulum view, when the doors open in the direction of travel. Design of interior double doors can be different and made in accordance with the style of the room: hi-tech, classic or modern.

Interior doors in high-tech style

Ultra-hi-tech direction involves the option of doors made of aluminum and plastic inserts with glazing. For the interior in a classic style or modern style fit wooden doors, and they should be a tone lighter or darker than the flooring (laminate or parquet).

An important element is the texture of the door leaf, which must match the design of the room. Door leaf for swing doors is made of wood, chipboard, MDF and durable glass. If it is assumed that the closed doors will isolate the sounds in the room, they should not contain glass inserts, as they deteriorate the sound insulation.

Swing Door Hardware

Double interior doors (pictured above) in the style of hi-tech have hidden hinges. But there is an important note: not all doors open 90 °. That is, a large U-turn with hidden loops cannot be made.

On the classic door hinges only open, as in the modern. They must match the handles on the doors. It is in this style with large planes that interior doors made in natural veneer will look. They are suitable for decoration of modern design.

Platbands on the doorways

On modern doors trim plates are not connected at an angle of 45 °. This is an outdated option. They should be made under the direct gash, and the upper part of the casing should be thinner than the side door casing, as if recessed. An example of such a platband in the photo above.

Installing double interior doors

There are many ways to assemble the door frame and install the doors. How to install double doors between rooms can be viewed in the video. Here is one of the best and most common ways.

Sliding doors

Interior doors are one of the key elements of the interior design of each house or apartment.If this design is chosen incorrectly, it can spoil the impression of the entire design ensemble, even if it is made flawlessly.

Pay attention to the double interior sliding doors. Sometimes they are called compartment ones, because they are made according to the suspended coupe pattern. We can say that the idea of ​​their use in our small apartments was taken from designers from Eastern countries. It is there that they are used the most. Their main function is compactness. They are convenient and practical where there are narrow corridors, and their installation will allow you to have additional free space.

Sliding doors in a modern interior look elegant and create the effect of increased open space. This is especially felt in large rooms. Sliding double interior doors with one upper guide create the impression that they are floating in the air. They carry several functions, such as the allocation of zones, the creation of rooms, by dividing the premises into sectors. Sliding doors can be made of various materials, such as wood, plastic, glass or a combination of these.

Interior sliding doors

The installation feature of sliding doors

Sliding doors move with a roller attached to the upper end of the door. The roller moves along the guide attached to the bar, which, in turn, is fixed on the wall. At the bottom of the door a strip is cut through which the flag moves. The doorway is decorated with platbands, and the guide mechanism of the movement is closed with an additional element.

One of the features of the installation of sliding doors is the ability to hide them in a false wall of plasterboard. The insignificant disadvantages of sliding doors include weak sound insulation and tightness due to the space between the door and the wall. And to their advantages include the expansion of space that occurs when the doors are open.

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