Instructions for the use of injections Texamen, reviews and analogues

Jul 21, 2018

Often, there is not enough external drugs and tablets to treat

For the treatment of diseases, tablets and other external agents are not sufficient.Many drugs to achieve the effect must be injected with the help of injections.One of these drugs is Texamen, which provides a comprehensive anti-inflammatory and antipyretic.


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Teksamen injections: User

Teksamen preparation is non-narcotic analgesic acting on an organism via tenoxicam.This is a special non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that belongs to the class of oxycomas.The substance significantly affects the body, due to which the drug provides:

  • anti-inflammatory properties
  • Antipyretic effect
  • analgesic effect
  • Reduced Platelet Aggregation

Teksamen well absorbed by the muscle tissue, do not accumulate in the body.The optimal concentration of the drug in the body is reached on the 10-14 day of treatment.Its components undergo a complete metabolism, so the drug does not remain in the body for a long time.Excretion goes through the kidneys, part of the drug comes out with bile.The lead-out period is up to 72 hours.

The drug is used to treat the patient's condition when it is necessary to administer non-steroidal analgesics.Additional indications for the use of:

  • therapy of infectious, rheumatoid and gouty arthritis
  • therapy of arthrosis, osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Treatment sciatica, tendonitis, bursitis, lumbago
  • treatment and therapy of various acute forms of musculoskeletal diseases
  • Treatment of damagedand tissue injuries

Texam interferes with the development of the inflammatory process

drug prevents inflammation of the injured area and reduces pain.Its antipyretic property promotes complex treatment in diseases and acute pain.

Among the contraindications to the drug, taking is forbidden to people who are sensitive to the components of Texamen.It is also contraindicated in patients with erosive and ulcerative diseases of the digestive tract suffering from severe gastritis or stomach damage.

The drug exerts a strain on the body, its administration is forbidden for violations of the liver, kidneys and heart.

Texamen is not used for the treatment of children, and in old age is used with caution.Prescribing to pregnant women is undesirable, as for patients before surgery.

Texamen is a complex analgesic with anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties.He is prescribed for the treatment and therapy of patients in an acute condition, being a nonsteroid agent.Instructions for the use of injections Texamen includes contraindications for diseases of the liver, kidneys, heart and gastrointestinal tract.

Learn about the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis from the video.Injections

Teksamen: application

Teksamen drug comes in two forms: tablets and vials.The second option is used for intramuscular and intravenous administration, having a stronger impact on the body.

The duration of therapy with the drug is determined by the physician.The average dose of Texamena for an adult is 20 mg per day for a long course.For acute forms of illness or severe condition of the patient, the dose is 40 mg per day.But this treatment is short-term and is not carried out more than two days, after which the patient passes to 20 mg per day.

When the patient feels better, the drug intake decreases, the dose drops to 10 mg per day.

The calculation of the individual dose depends on the general state of human health.For the elderly, the daily intake of 20 mg can not be exceeded.The same amount is given to those who have a creatinine clearance of more than 25 ml per minute.If this indicator is lower, then the drug is contraindicated.Do not exceed the dose to those who have a low dose of albumin.

Patients with kidney problems should specify the dose of the doctor.The course of therapy with Texamen injections is 7 days, in severe condition - up to 14. Next, the drug is taken in tablets.

Texamen can not be combined with many drugs

The Texman does not interact well with many drugs.Among them, corticosteroids, salicylates and analgesics.When used with other medicines, there may be seizures, increased heart failure and the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Overdose includes headaches, dizziness, stools, nausea and drowsiness.Increasing the dose will cause weakness, tinnitus, convulsions, bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, kidney or liver failure.Antidote to the drug there, treatment is symptomatic.

Texamen injections are administered intramuscularly and intravenously.The dose is indicated by the doctor, but does not exceed 20 mg and 40 mg in acute cases.The course of the injections lasts up to 7 days in the usual and up to 14 - in a serious condition, then pills are taken.Texamen is not recommended for taking with other drugs.

Texamen nyxes: reviews

The drug is often prescribed by doctors to treat and alleviate the condition of the patient.Therefore, there are many opinions about the injections of Texamen.Basically, this is a positive recommendation, but there are also negative comments about the drug.

Patients who underwent Texamen treatment noted rapid absorption and relief of symptoms.The injections are well tolerated and do not cause a negative reaction of the body.The pain syndrome is significantly reduced, the effect improves as the course progresses.

Many people note the individual reaction to the drug.Side effects are very extensive, but are rare.Most patients note only a slight discomfort in the stomach and a slight drowsiness on taking the drug.With prolonged course, sleepiness decreases.

The drug works effectively, reduces pain and facilitates the patient's condition.But taking large doses( up to 40 mg) causes mild overdose symptoms.Among them, abdominal pain, vomiting, drowsiness, convulsions and stool disorders.When they manifest, the dose is reduced.

The Texman's injections are highly effective, which proves the feedback.He acts quickly, the pain is blocked for a long time.Although the drug has side effects, in patients they are rare.At a high dose, the primary manifestations of an overdose are possible.

The Texamen injections are presented in the form of ampoules with powder

How to breed Texamen nyxes?

Texamen injections are sold in the form of ampoules with a special powder.This lyophilizate is the dried base for the drug.In the kit to Texamenu there is an ampoule with a solvent, which is diluted with a powder.The preparation is prepared by mixing the lyophilizate and the solvent in the following steps:

  • A solvent is added to the powder vial.
  • The bottle is gently shaken to dissolve the powder.
  • The resulting solution is filled with an injection syringe.
  • If there is a deposit on the bottom, shake the bottle again, completely dissolving the powder.Visible undissolved particles are unacceptable, this drug should not be taken.A solution with a low transparency or a modified color is also not used.

For the preparation of the solution, it is inserted into the upper square of the gluteus muscle.With intravenous administration, the drug is administered gradually.The ready-made mortar has a short shelf life and is not used when there is a deposit on the bottom.The presence of undissolved particles of the drug reduces the effectiveness of treatment and leads to thrombi.

Teakman injections are diluted with a special solvent sold with ampoules.You must carefully mix the powder in the ampoule, dissolving all the particles of the drug.Fully diluted drug is ready for administration, but has a short shelf life.

The preparation has various analogues

Texamen nyxes: analogues

The Texamen drug has several analogues, similar in composition and properties.They should be used in case of incompatibility with the medicine, its absence in pharmacies and for other reasons, but the reception is coordinated with the doctor.

The main analogue of the injections Texamen - tablets of the same manufacturer.They have a lower price, are more easily tolerated by the body, but their effectiveness is somewhat lower.Texamen tablets are designed for pain relief and anti-inflammatory effect, used for the therapy of various diseases.

The analog of Texamen in composition and effect is the preparation Oxitene.It is produced in tablets and ampoules, reception, action and indications for admission are identical to Texamen.The drug has a lower cost, so it is used as a low-cost alternative.

There are other analogues similar in composition and properties:

  • Tenikum
  • Tenoktil
  • Tilkotil
  • Tobitil
  • Tenoxicam

All of them belong to the same class of oxycomams, being a powerful analgesic, which has an anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic.Preparations are available in various forms, including tablets and vials for intramuscular and intravenous solution.

Texamen injections have several analogues, similar in composition and properties.They provide a comprehensive anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effect on the body, coming out in the form of vials and tablets.But with the prescription of a doctor, it is worth taking Texamen, because other drugs may not be suitable for the body by analysis.

Texamen is a preparation that has a complex analgesic effect.It reduces pain symptoms, relieves fever and prevents inflammation of soft tissues.The Texamen injections are most effective, prescribing for patients with exacerbation of the disease.Feedback about them is positive, there is a rapid effect and minimal side effects.The drug has analogs, but they may be incompatible with tests and other drugs.

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Instructions for the use of injections Texamen, reviews and analogues Instructions for the use of injections Texamen, reviews and analogues Instructions for the use of injections Texamen, reviews and analogues Instructions for the use of injections Texamen, reviews and analogues Instructions for the use of injections Texamen, reviews and analogues