Induruwa Beach Resort 3 * (Sri Lanka / Induruwa): photos, room description, service and entertainment, tourist reviews

When choosing a vacation, it is important to decide what exactly you want from it. On the islands, especially on such as Sri Lanka, nature and the locals took care of a different kind of holiday for the tourist.

Here there will be entertainment for every taste, surfers get the drive from the waves, lovers of scenic nature enjoy the Lankan flora and fauna, those who are tired of the city bustle, will find pacification Induruwa Beach Resort 3 *.

Induruwa - heavenly solitude

Induruwa is a small and very calm village on the west coast of Sri Lanka south of Bentota. What makes this place special is the clean and wide beach, the infrastructure of which, unlike the coast of Unawatuna or Hikkaduwa, is underdeveloped. Therefore, if you are looking for maximum relaxation and want to enjoy the sun, sea and the beach, in this place you will find your own little paradise.

Views of Sri Lanka

The main and part-time main street Induruwa, called Halle Road. Here are all the guest houses and hotels of the village. The road is long enough, so if you do not want to wander around the island with a suitcase and spoil the start of the vacation, we recommend you to warn the bus driver exactly where, or rather, which hotel you need to go to. One of the most popular coast hotels Induruwa Beach Resort 3 *. I would like to dwell on it in more detail.

Convenient location Induruwa beach resort

This hotel is located near Bentota Beach and the Sea Turtle Center on Galle Road. Its convenient location allows tourists to reach the city center in 5 minutes, and the distance to the airport Colombo Ratmalana is 51 km.

The beauty of the hotel is that it is located along the coastline. And she has access to her own beach.

Hotel territory

The hotel is quite compact, with a small adjacent area. The twin pools are very harmoniously fit into the design of the hotel complex. There is also a children's pool up to 1 meter deep. And an adult with a jacuzzi, which is included on request of the guest.

The pools are very comfortable at the time when the ocean is stormy, and swimming in it is prohibited.Pay attention to the flags that are posted by locals. If you see a red flag posted - this means that swimming is prohibited. Do not neglect this warning, as the funnels created during the storm in the ocean are extremely dangerous.

Induruwa Beach Resort 3 *

There is a bar nearby, so it will not torment the thirst to torment during the day. The staff serves with high quality and with a smile, which creates an additional mood. Particularly pleased with the terrace, which offers stunning views of the sunset and the ocean.

Pool Hotel Induruwa Beach Resort 3 *

On the territory of Induruwa Beach Resort 3 * round the clock security guard. Locals who are not guests of the hotel are not allowed here.

Hotel feature

There is one nuance that needs to be mentioned. And these are dogs. Yes, they are part of the Induruwa Beach Resort 3 *.

Guest reviews on these four-legged friends are often left, but strangely enough, they mention that dogs are not intrusive, but rather behave delicately and kindly. They can accompany you through the territory, as if they were making a company. For children do not provide any danger.

Rooms and amenities at the hotel

There are 90 rooms in the complex, they are classified as follows:

  • 84 rooms "Standard" and "Deluxe" (improved standard).
  • Apartments for non-smokers.
  • Smoking rooms.
  • Suites for people with disabilities.
  • 6 presidential suites (with garden).

The hotel is built in such a way that all rooms overlook the Indian Ocean. Each suite has a private balcony for guests, which will allow you to enjoy the panorama of the coast.

Room at Induruwa Beach Resort 3 *

Here is what is available in the apartments "Standard" and "Deluxe":

  • Free wifi.
  • Satellite TV.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Separate balcony.
  • Bathroom with accessories.
  • Mini bar.

Presidential Suite has a longer stay of tourists. It is ideal for those who rest with the whole family, or those who want to spend time with friends.

Rooms feature a private kitchen, garden or balcony. The suites have a large living room, air conditioning, plasma TV in the living room, hairdryer, double sinks, fully equipped kitchen, free Wi-Fi.

Additional services

Leisure infrastructure Induruwa Beach Resort 3 * includes:

  • Ayurvedic center, with a massage table and spa treatments.
  • Gym. Hotel guests can use it at no extra charge.
  • Laundry or dry cleaning services as needed.
  • Free billiards near the bar Cats Eye.
  • The possibility of currency exchange. I want to warn that the course at the hotel is not particularly profitable. So it is recommended to exchange currency at the airport. If the plans do not include the purchase for cash outside the hotel, then problems with currency will not arise. But to buy souvenirs or something from the locals outside the hotel, paying with a credit card is problematic.
Sunset in sri lanka


This is one of the most significant advantages of the Induruwa coast. Induruwa beach resort took care of smiling, attentive and always ready to help staff. After arrival, even if it is 7 am, guests will be offered fresh juice and will be settled in the reserved room, provided that it is already free.

No company for playing billiards? Do not doubt that someone from the staff, with a contentment will make you company. Torment mosquitoes? In minutes, the administrator will give instructions to provide a fumigator. The staff of Induruwa beach resort Sri Lanka is beyond praise!


The hotel offers two catering options when booking a room - breakfast only or breakfast and dinner.

Cook well here. But breakfast is monotonous, consists of 4 types of dishes and in a week even the most unpretentious tourist will become bored.

Dinner is richer in the choice of dishes, but here the opinions of the guests were divided, the food seemed too spicy to someone, for someone the Lankan food was quite tasty.

In any case, it is better to eat food that is cooked in good conditions, and not in complete unsanitary conditions, as observed in neighboring cafes. Be careful, choose restaurants and cafes carefully, and it is better to visit reviews outside the hotel, read reviews from other travelers.

Food at the hotel restaurant Induruwa Beach Resort 3 *

Restaurant opening hours in the hotel: Breakfast: 7:30 - 10:00; lunch: 13:00 - 15:00; Dinner: 19:30 to 22:00.

ARALIYA is the main restaurant of the hotel and holds 250 people in the hall. It is located on the first floor, whose windows also overlook the Indian Ocean. During lunch and dinner, they offer à la carte meals (choice of dishes from the hotel’s restaurant menu)

There is also a poolside bar, in which there is a fairly large selection of cocktails, from Margarita to Daiquiri. This is not the only alcohol bar in the hotel Induruwa beach Resort. The positive reviews of the guests, both the service and the quality of the drinks, are excellent.

Another bar is the Cats Eye, located inside the hotel. After a long stay in the sun, it's nice to visit the cool lobby inside the hotel, play a game of billiards and enjoy a cool drink.

BOUGAINVILLEA is the second restaurant that is ideal for a romantic dinner. Here, as in the main institution, visitors are guaranteed a stunning view of the ocean. Especially recommended restaurant to visit at sunset.

View of the beach Induruwa Beach Resort 3 *


This part of the island has more on a peaceful holiday, so even excursions offer quiet, but very exciting. It makes no sense to look for options for cheap tours outside the hotel, since they are almost impossible to find.

But, besides the standard offers (such as diving or snorkeling), there are more exotic options. For example, visit the turtle farm.

Not far from the Induruwa beach resort there is a turtle center, in which local people buy turtle eggs from Sri Lankans, wait for them to mature and then send small turtles to the sea. This is a very exciting and touching moment, from which tender feelings overwhelm visitors.

What to do in Sri Lanka?

There is a richer tour - boat safaris along the Madu Ganga river. Its peculiarity is that the swim occurs through mango thickets. They are so thick that their branches fall on the river and create a thick shadow.

The beauty of the excursion is not only in the flora, but also in the fauna.Moving along the river, it is likely that on the way will meet crocodiles, lizards, herons and monkeys. There will also be an opportunity to sail to a small island on which a picturesque Buddhist temple is located.

Entertainment in Induruwa

Travelers recommend visiting the Royal Botanical Garden, which is considered one of the best in Asia. He has more than 150 years and the types of plants that can be seen there will impress any tourist.

About 100 years ago, the idea of ​​planting well-known personalities or politicians emerged. So for example, you can find a tree, once planted by Nicholas II and even Yuri Gagarin.

Royal Botanical Garden

If you already happened to visit Sri Lanka, then it is worth visiting their reserve Vilpatu. There is such a variety of wild animals that will be breathtaking. Bears, leopards, elephants and monkeys are all under the supervision of the locals and decorate the territory of Vilpat.

Sri Lanka Nature Reserve


This part of the coast is considered the most picturesque and most deserted on the whole island. The beach is perfect for solitude. Coconut palms, calming sound of the ocean, exotic plants ... all this creates a feeling of fullness. Even in the high season, on the beach you will not meet crowds of tourists.

Jogging along the coastline, meditation, yoga and just walking on the beach will give you strength and energy. Induruwa Beach Resort 3 * is a great place for swimming and surfing.

Beach Hotel Induruwa Beach Resort 3 *


And there are a few words to say about him. The climate of the Induruwa coast is tropical, located on the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The best time to visit this coast is autumn and winter.

At this time the ocean is calm, warning flags banning bathing are extremely rare. Approximate summer temperature + 28 ° C, in winter + 25 ° C. The water temperature in the ocean does not change almost throughout the year, there is almost always + 27 ° C.

However, there are periods when monsoons or seasonal winds come to the island, usually in early autumn and spring. It brings a storm to the coast and daily, but intermittent rain, which begins around noon.

In conclusion, it should be said that it is necessary to visit Asia at least once in a lifetime. This place infects its magical energy of Sri Lanka, which is impossible not to fall in love.

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