Impotence is ... Definition, causes, signs, symptoms and treatment

Impotence is a pathological condition that can occur at any age. What are the main causes of erectile dysfunction? Experts in the field of medicine and sexology over a long period revealed several main phenomena that entail the emergence of this problematic. Consider further some of the main causes of impotence, as well as features characteristic of this problem. How to treat selective impotence? What folk remedies can be used for this? This will also be discussed further.

How to treat psychological impotence

General concept

Speaking in very simple language, impotence is a state of the male body in which he is unable to perform his sexual functions due to the fact that the member cannot accept the state of erection. This concept also applies to cases where a member can not maintain his eregirovannom state throughout the sexual act.

In modern medicine, the concept of "impotence" is increasingly being replaced by the phrase "erectile dysfunction", since it is the one that most clearly describes the situation that occurs in the body of a man during the course of symptoms of the disease. In the common people impotence is called nothing other than sexual impotence.

It is advisable to deal with impotence in the very early stages of dysfunction symptoms, because if the disease is in an advanced stage, it will be quite difficult for a specialist to bring his patient back to normal. The main problem of the lack of timeliness of treatment is the sensitivity of the disease, as well as the fact that many men try by any means to convince themselves of the absence of any problems with erection or by any means try to hide them, engaging in exaggeration of information about their sexual health.

Types of impotence

In medical practice, it is customary to distinguish between three types of impotence: psychogenic, organic and mixed.

Organic impotence occurs when a violation of the process of sexual arousal occurs in the man’s body, as well as its realization.This means that the representative of the stronger sex is able to experience sexual attraction, but its realization in the form of an erection is not observed. In the case of psychogenic impotence, the cause of the problem is a violation in the area in which the stimulating impulse is formed. The erection process in this case does not occur, since it has been established that the very impulse is the primary stage in the formation of erectile ability.

As for the mixed type of impotence, it combines both psychogenic and organic mechanisms. It should be noted that the procedure for the treatment of this type of disease is the most complex and meaningful. Unfortunately, this type of problem in the modern world is most common, because the above two types of diseases tend to cause each other.

Depending on when the disease occurred, it can be divided into two types: primary erectile dysfunction and secondary. Primary is the one that is present in young guys who have never had an erection. Medical practice shows that the disease in the absence of treatment can occur throughout life.

Secondary impotence is called if a man has previously experienced sexual desire, accompanied by an erection, but later, due to any reason, such functionality of the genitals disappeared.

How to treat impotence at home


Before you understand the methods of treatment of impotence, you should understand what are the main causes of the development of this disease. The most common of these are stress, fatigue and overstrain. As a rule, such reasons may entail a temporary loss of the ability to maintain the normal erect state of the penis. Often this problem is observed in those people who do not observe the established culture of natural sex and regularly use its substitutes - in this case, sooner or later, the person stops being excited from the usual sexual objects and cannot contact them in the normal way.

Certain diseases can also be attributed to a number of causes of impotence. This is due to the fact that the erection process is a whole mechanism in which not only visual perception and the center of excitation in the central nervous system, but also some organ systems are involved.Thus, the cause of the problem in question may be disorders in the endocrine or cardiovascular system, hypertension, liver disease, as well as obesity (or, conversely, exhaustion) and diabetes.

In some cases, specialists in the field of medicine and sexology determine that the cause of the disease is damage to the nervous system or directly to the genital organs.

In the modern world, impotence is very often observed, which is caused by harmful habits (drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking addiction) affecting the human body. Infrequent but real cases are manifestations of erectile dysfunction caused by frequent use of certain types of drugs.

Erectile dysfunction is often observed in those individuals whose body lacks vitamin D. It should be noted that this component, like testosterone, is involved in the processes that result in calcium exchange. In that case, if vitamin D is not enough for such a function, testosterone is used for the normal implementation of the process, which, as a result, remains very little for performing sexual functions.That is why in order to maintain normal male health, men are recommended to use vitamin D in its pure form. Chewable tablets "Ultra-D", which contain the necessary daily amount of this substance, are recognized as the best options for drugs. You can take these pills without drinking water.

Impotence treatment

Main signs and symptoms

Impotence is a whole combination of certain symptoms and signs of a state of an organism. Let us further analyze what the main signs indicate that it is time for the representative of the stronger sex to contact the specialists to establish the symptoms of the problem in question and to solve it immediately.

So, it should be noted that if a man begins to experience a certain decrease in his erectile abilities, this is already the first symptom of the approaching problem. This applies only to those men who are in reproductive age and even with a large desire do not have the opportunity to bring their member into a "combat state". The same applies to the situation when the sexual organ does not reach the old density, but still has a tendency to increase in size.Young men should also pay attention to their sexual health in the event that they do not have the ability to maintain an erection state at a normal level for a long time. In particular, you should begin to sound the alarm if in the process of sexual intercourse a member becomes sluggish, never waiting for ejaculation.

By the way, many young men and seasoned lovers do not pay their attention to such a circumstance as premature ejaculation. However, it should be noted that for the representatives of the stronger sex, who have rich sexual experience, this phenomenon is not normal, and its presence should make you think about visiting a sexologist, as well as a specialist in the field of medicine, since it is often the first symptom of impending impotence or reduce the level of sexual activity.

The fact that it is time for men to pay attention to their erectile functionality is evidenced by the fact that the absence of involuntary night or morning erection. The presence of such a factor is a sign of the first violations in the genital area.

Another symptom of an upcoming impotence is a marked decrease in libido. As a result, in the male body, disorders in the sexual sphere are almost always observed, as well as impotence.

Any man should understand that for the formulation of an appropriate diagnosis it is enough to have at least one symptom of all those presented here. However, you should be aware of the fact that the phenomenon of impotence can be purely temporary in nature and can be explained by the presence of certain short-term difficulties in a man’s life or in the functioning of his body. Weakening of erectile function can also be observed against the background of excessively active sexual life, and the reason for premature ejaculation can be the opposite reason - the lack of regular sex.

Specialists in the field of medicine also note that the decrease in sexual activity occurs with the onset of a certain age, however, it is also necessary to understand that this process is gradual.

Drug treatment

Some men think they know how to treat impotence and what kind of medicine to drink.However, in reality, when symptoms of the disease are detected, it is not recommended to engage in self-treatment - you should immediately contact the specialists in the field of medicine who will be able to sort out the situation and choose the most appropriate means.

How do doctors treat impotence? For such a goal, drugs of the target effect are most often selected. They can be presented in three forms: in the form of tinctures, tablets or powders.

The types of their action drugs are divided into two types: by the method of application and by effect.

Drugs that belong to the group of effective, can be created on the basis of synthetic elements, as well as on natural ingredients. Synthetic pills are a great way to treat impotence at age 60 or even later. Their action is based on the activity of a substance that, once in the body of a man, inhibits the process of phosphodiesterase-5 production, which contributes to the rapid completion of sexual intercourse. Inhibitors that are part of the standard formulation of the drug contribute to the creation of conditions for normal blood circulation in the penis area, which entails an erection. The best drugs in this group are: "Viagra", "Cialis", as well as "Levitra".

Diabetes and impotence how to treat

As for natural products, they are produced, as a rule, on the basis of herbal ingredients. Their impact is aimed at improving the functioning of the central nervous system, as well as blood vessels. As part of most of them, as a rule, there are components such as ginseng and ginger.

Cure for impotence

As mentioned above, there is a group of drugs that have a special method of use. Modern pharmaceutical companies produce several types of them. Some of them are uretal. Such funds are introduced into the region of the urethra with a special tool. The effect of the use of the drug is expected in about 7-10 minutes. The use of this type of remedies for impotence, as a rule, causes some side effects. Among the most common among them are itching and burning in the area of ​​its introduction.

One of the most reliable means of impotence is injections. Their introduction is carried out directly into the penis and already literally in a few minutes its expansion and instant filling with blood becomes noticeable. As a rule, an erection achieved in this way lasts for an hour.Practice shows that the most effective drugs are Papaverin, as well as Alprastadil.

One of the most popular remedies is those that must be taken orally. It should be noted that they give the desired effect at any age, and this is due to popularity.

How Doctors Treat Impotence

Drug-free methods

How to treat impotence? Reviews of various methods state that non-drug methods can be as effective as those given by tablets, tinctures, and injections.

Of the number of non-drug impotence treatment methods, the most popular are massages - according to practitioners, they provide the most effective result that can have a lasting effect. The only disadvantage of this method is that all procedures must be carried out by specialists. Massage can be performed in the legs, groin area, as well as in the testicles and directly on the penis. Its duration should be no more than a couple of minutes.

In addition to massage, manipulations using a pump are considered to be very effective affinity for impotence.They are often used in the case when the course of treatment. The essence of the procedure is to maximally stimulate the penis with the help of a cylindrical device, during which even the smallest vessels will be filled with blood, as a result of which an erection will occur.

Folk methods

How to treat impotence folk remedies? You need to understand that this method of eliminating the problem is quite effective, but it can take quite a lot of time to restore an erection.

The method of treatment is the regular use of infusions prepared on the basis of certain types of medicinal herbs, as well as charges from them. The plants most frequently used to achieve this goal include: celandine, burdock and primrose roots, knotweed leaves, thyme, calendula, as well as chamomile inflorescences. Often, to restore sexual functionality using broths based on nettle and plantain. According to reviews of fans of the fight against illnesses with the help of traditional medicine, these herbs have the most beneficial effect.

Ginseng tincture, which is sold in pharmacies of the city, receives a lot of positive reviews. In addition, being interested in folk medicine for impotence, you should definitely pay attention to the mummy and the golden root.

How to treat impotence folk remedies


How to treat impotence at home? Many doctors recommend their patients at least for the period of elimination of the problem to adhere to a certain diet. It should be noted that this technique effectively contributes to maintaining the level of their male health at any age.

So, in order to constantly be in a decent form, you should regularly eat foods such as parsley, celery, walnut kernels, buckwheat or oatmeal porridge, as well as meat and lean fish. In addition, fresh juices, as well as dairy products, which are best consumed in the evening, have a positive effect on strengthening men's health.

Diabetes and impotence: how to treat?

A common cause of erectile dysfunction in men of reproductive age is the presence of diabetes. How to fix the problem in the presence of such a disease?

If there is a combination of such problems in the male body, the urologist should use special methods of treating the disease with the use of certain types of drugs. As a rule, the primary treatment in such a situation is directed at reducing the level of sugar in the blood, as a rule, only this is enough.

How to treat impotence in diabetes? In many cases, therapy with the use of androgens (male hormones) is used. To do this, the doctor individually selects the medicine with a special dosage, and also determines the regimen of its reception. In the process of treatment, strict control over the level of hormones in human blood is made. With proper use of this technique, erectile dysfunction should be eliminated in just a couple of months.

How to treat psychological impotence

This type of erectile dysfunction is very common among a strong half of the Russian population. This phenomenon is associated with the presence of a large number of irritants, as well as not always favorable living conditions. That is why many people are concerned about how to treat psychogenic impotence.

First of all, to eliminate such a problem, many sexologists recommend excluding the maximum number of disorders from their lives, since they are the ones that cause the problem. In addition, most of the success in treatment is not in drugs for impotence, but on how well a woman’s partner will approach the problem, and what conditions she will create for him. In the event that a woman does not show any interest in the processes of elimination of the problem, or the methods she has taken are not crowned with success, only then the use of medications is recommended.

How can impotence be treated for psychological reasons? In addition to the above options, a man can also turn to a psychotherapist who, being a professional, will find the true root of the problem and help to eliminate it. A positive result can also bring advice from a sexologist.

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