Imeretinskaya Bay: hotels. Names, description

Imeretinskaya bay, hotels of which will beare considered in this article, is considered the southernmost coast in the territory of the Russian Federation. It belongs to the Adler district of the city of Sochi and is located close to the border with Abkhazia. Today Imereti Bay is a popular tourist resort. This is quite a modern place for a holiday at sea, the development of which reached a peak in preparation for the Winter Olympic Games. But it is worth noting that the district suffered to some extent at this time. It is because of the preparations for the Olympics that he has lost his importance as a mud cure resort.

Imeretinskaya Bay: hotels

Best hotels in the Lowlands

Imeretinskaya bay, hotels in which can pleasetourists with any budget, full of entertainment. Thus, in addition to the services offered in the selected hotel, vacationers can count on other interesting events. For example, the Olympic Park. Here, perhaps, you can find entertainment for all ages and depending on the personal preferences of each tourist. And if something was not found, welcome to Sochi Park.

Now you can get acquainted with the hotels that are considered the best in the Imereti Bay.

  • Hotel-city "Velvet Seasons" is a hotel with a well-developed infrastructure and rich in entertainment, the territory of which occupies no less than 420 000 square meters.
  • Radisson Blu Beach Resort & SPA Sochi is another comfortable five-star hotel.
  • AZIMUT Hotel Sochi is a three-star hotel, able to satisfy even the most demanding tourists.
  • "Fregat" - a private hotel, designed to rest young people and couples.
  • "Imeretinsky" is a high-level hotel, formerly called "Aivazovsky".

Imeretinskaya bay, the hotel "Velvet Seasons"

Imeretinskaya bay: hotel "Velvet Seasons"

This complex is a whole town withown infrastructure. It is located not far from the racing track F-1 and Sochi-Park. It consists of four quarters, each of which has its own name:

  • "Alexander Garden".
  • "Russian house".
  • "Clean Ponds."
  • «Catherine's quarter».

There is also a residence called "Velvet Seasons", consisting of 11 separate cottages. The distance to Adler airport is 10 km, and to the sea - 100 m.

This is perhaps the best that the Imereti Bay offers. The hotel "Velvet Seasons" (more precisely, the whole town) has 9,000 rooms of different categories on its territory:

  • "Standard": single and double, as well as with an increased level of comfort.
  • "Lux": two-room double rooms.
  • "Apartments" with one, two or three rooms and a kitchen.

All of them are equipped with modern furniture and household appliances, there is everything that tourists may need. The windows offer a view of the Olympic Park, the mountains or the sea.

Imeretinskaya bay: hotels with outdoor pool

Private hotel «Fregat»

If the only place that is consideredfor rest, is Imeretinskaya bay, hotels can be chosen and private. For example, "Frigate". This hotel is great for couples and young people, as well as for parents planning a holiday with a child. This, of course, is not a high-class hotel, but it is noteworthy that it offers single rooms with the possibility of organizing an additional seat at a low price - 1500-2200 (+500 rubles for one more bed). per day. An excellent opportunity to save a tidy sum on living for those who are planning a trip to the Imeretinskaya lowland in order to visit the Olympic or Sochi-Park. But on this positive points do not end:

  • There is a summer kitchen where you can prepare food from your own products. Free use. Ready meals can be ordered in the dining room.
  • Children under five live free if they do not need an extra bed.
  • The beach is 3-5 minutes walk; to the Olympic Park - half an hour's walk.

Imeretinskaya bay: hotels on the coast

Imeretinskaya bay: hotel "Azimut"

Excellent for those who are going to restwith kids. But, unlike the previous version, there is a lot of entertainment for adults and children. Children can swim in a separate pool, as well as frolic on the sports or playground. Near the pebble beach. There are 5 swimming pools, an ATM, shops, an exchange office and 2,880 rooms. In the rooms there is a TV, a dressing room, a bathroom, a telephone and a tea / coffee set. The beach is 0.5 km away, there are sun beds and umbrellas.

Hotels with swimming pool in Imereti Bay

Such hotels enjoy the greatestpopularity even in the area located on the Black Sea coast (Imeretinskaya Bay is meant). Hotels with a swimming pool here are very diverse, from expensive to budget options.

  • "Bogatyr": two open pools, one of which is heated, and two closed ones.
  • Imeretinsky: open and closed.
  • "Azimuth": five open.
  • Bridge Resort: two heated with fresh water (indoor and outdoor).

The Bridge Resort also has a complex of saunas, shops and playgrounds, and Imeretinsky boasts a variety of conference rooms, a fitness center and an excellent spa.

Mini-hotels in Imereti Bay

Hotels in the lowlands located right on the Black Sea coast

Other popular in the Adler district(Imeretinskaya bay) hotels - on the coast. Of course, it is simply impossible to find hotels that stand right by the sea, since they do not exist. But there are a lot of hotels that are close to it:

  • Anna Maria;
  • Bridge Resort;
  • "Caucasus";
  • "Russian seasons";
  • "Lotus";
  • "Olympus".

Mini-hotels in Imereti lowland

As a rule, in such institutions it is cheaper,quieter and somehow family-warm, because people are few here, and that's why the attendants pay all their attention to the small number of guests that are. Mini-hotels in Imereti Bay are good, comfortable and offer their guests some entertainment, including leisure for children. For example, "Sofia" is a three-minute walk to the pebble beach, offers a comprehensive meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and equipped triple and quadruple rooms. Around - a developed infrastructure and a sea of ​​entertainment.

A stylish and very nice mini-hotel -"TriArt". It is also surrounded by many entertaining and other establishments, but the main thing is not this. The hotel has bright and cozy rooms, decorated in a modern style and equipped with comfortable furniture. In rooms for 2-5 beds, and you can cook on your own in the common kitchen. The beach is 15 minutes walk, there is a small playground for children.

The mini-hotel "U Garik" is also equipped with modern furniture and is very comfortable for living. There is a kitchen for self cooking. The beach is 200 m away.

You can also pay attention to mini-hotels"Juno", "Anna-Sofia", "Christie-Catherine" and "Camilla." All of them boast a convenient location, some entertainment, good food and, of course, attractive prices.

Hotels in Adler, Imeretinskaya bay


Spa hotels (Adler, Imeretinskaya bay) are good for those,that in them you can relax your soul and body in the truest sense of this phrase. For example, Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa, Sochi 5 * has a huge SPA center with a total area of ​​2,500 square meters and where you can get almost any procedure. City hotel "Velvet Seasons" 5 * also can not be discounted - here is a spa, which has swimming pools, a thermal area and a gym. The Bridge Resort 4 * hotel is equipped with WELNESS CLUB, and Azimut Hotel Resort & SPA Sochi 4 *, in addition to the SPA-center, boasts a night club. There are also SPA-salons in the Azimut Hotel Sochi 3 * and the hotel "Aivazovsky" ("Imeretinsky") 4 *.

Imeretinskaya bay, hotel "Azimut"

Recommendations of tourists-connoisseurs

Not always chosen by the characteristics of the hotelin fact is as good as it is described by hoteliers. Then they and the owners to advertise their institution and to call tourists - it's their profit. What do travelers recommend that have already visited the Imereti Bay and stayed in one (or several) hotels?

First, tourists note that ImeretinskayaBay - an excellent place for recreation, which is characterized by the lack of crowding, a lot of all kinds of entertainment, quite affordable prices (even for people with average incomes), cleanliness and a wide selection of hotels. Secondly, the recommendations of the hotel-hotel "Velvet Seasons" are most often seen. The hotel is not in vain distinguished by five stars, because there is everything for active and passive rest, modern and clean rooms, well-groomed territory, excellent infrastructure and delicious food.

Imeretinskaya Bay, hotels in which there areany wallet, although it is just starting to develop, but many tourists say that it is still a long time to "grow up" to a full-fledged resort, is a unique place of rest in Russia. If you compare prices here and in any other tourist city of the country, it becomes clear that it is in the lowlands the best combination of service quality and cost of living. Therefore, do not worry that the rest of Imereti Bay will not be liked or will become an unsuccessful experience. He will give a lot of pleasant impressions!

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Imeretinskaya Bay: hotels. Names, description Imeretinskaya Bay: hotels. Names, description Imeretinskaya Bay: hotels. Names, description Imeretinskaya Bay: hotels. Names, description Imeretinskaya Bay: hotels. Names, description