HP Pavilion x360 Laptop: Specs and Reviews

There has been stagnation in the notebook world for a long time. The dominance of tablets and advanced smartphones did not pass without a trace. Now laptops are devices for creating term papers, essays and theses. Therefore, manufacturers faced a new challenge - to “cross” a tablet and a laptop. Such a device may well produce a sensation. A striking representative of this class of gadgets is the HP Pavilion x360 transformer notebook. We'll talk about its characteristics a bit later, but for now let's talk a little about the manufacturer.

A little about the company

The American company Hewlett-Packard (HP) is well known to our compatriots. First of all, this popularity is due to the production of laptops. But you can find both monoblocks and stationary personal computers. Also, the manufacturer produces computer components that are of high quality and adequate price. Still, the main industry for the company is laptops. And here the brightest representative is the HP Pavilion x360.

hp pavillion x360

In fact, the release of transformers for the company is a new thing. And it cannot be said that the Americans here have hit their faces in the dirt. The first pancake did not come out lumpy. And this is good. The laptop turned out not very powerful, but very spectacular and versatile. That was the calculation. HP Pavilion x360 has an interesting and attractive appearance and some other options. The latest operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10, is installed on board. This adds even more useful features to the laptop.

Contents of delivery

The laptop comes in a carton of recycled cardboard. On the obverse, the gadget itself is artistically depicted. And on the back are detailed specifications of the device. Inside is the laptop transformer, charger, instruction manual, warranty card and a special pad, which is located between the keyboard and the screen. The touch screen is covered with a protective film.

hp pavillion x360 laptop

Of particular interest is the instruction manual. It is thoroughly described how to work correctly with the device. It is also good that this instruction is written in an adequate and understandable Russian language. Usually, foreign papers have a very curved translation. But not in this case.Here everything is at the highest level.

Appearance and design

The appearance of the laptop is unusual in the first place because of the colors. In addition to the classicmatt blackThe HP Pavilion x360 can also be made in a mint color. It looks unusual and elegant. However, in some such colors can only cause irritation. The laptop itself is small. is hesupplied withscreen with a diagonal of 11 inches. Although, if you remove the giant frame around the screen, then here it would be quite possible to accommodate a 15-inch display.

hp pavillion x360 convertible

The cover is attached to the body onreliablecurtains that fix the screen in any position. So you can turn a laptop into a tablet. Usually the veil is the weak point of transformers. But here everything is done surprisingly well. On the case there is nolatticesventilation because the hp pavilion x360 laptopdeprivedcoolers. This suggests that there is not and cannot be a powerful stuffing in this device.


On board the HP Pavilion x360 11 is an Intel Pentium N3700 processor, which, although it is a quad-core, but noticeably loses its performance in some dual-core models. Intel HD Graphics is used as a video adapter, which, as you know, does not have its own video memory and actively borrows from RAM. But the latest in this laptop is quiteenough - whole4 gigabytes.But the RAM works only in single-threaded mode, which is not good.

hp pavillion x360 15

A separate description deserves the sound system of the device.InsteadBeats Audio, customary for Pavilions, has Bang & Olufsen equipment installed in this device. Thanks to this, the HP Pavilion x360 Convertible sounds much better than its predecessors. He is able to easily shout down to a standard 15-inch laptop. Asdisk drivethe drive uses standard mechanicalharddiskby volume1 terabyte. It is quite enough for any tasks. And if someone needs a performance boost, then it’s easy to put in place.

Transformer features

How can I use an HP Pavilion x360 13 laptop? There are many answers to this question. In fact, it is a multifunctional electronic device with a touch screen. But you can only use this device for work andinternet surfing. You can play on this device only in the ancient games of the year that way of 2005. And then only after unscrewing all the graphics settings to a minimum. However, to work with documents or images, this device is indispensable. An important advantage is the mobility of the device.It helps to work from anywhere.

hp pavillion x360 13 laptop

The HP Pavilion x360 15 touch screen adds more interesting options. So, for example, you can use a gadget as a graphic tablet.AlsoYou can use all the delights of the touch screen in tandem with the universal capabilities of a laptop: keyboard and touchpad. Do not forget about the set of USB ports (unlike MacBooks). This is a universal device with additional functionality of a mobile gadget.

Who is suitable laptop-transformer?

This gadgetcalculatedfor those who likefunctionalsmartphone, but the power and versatility of mobile devices they lack.For example, the device has on board a universal operating system from Microsoft, which makes it a full-fledged computer. AsensoryThe screen makes the gadget look like a tablet. This devicecalculatedfor those who appreciate versatility and versatility. Some experts even believe that it is the future of such transformers. But while classic laptops and personal computers are not going to give up their positions. Owners of classic laptops believe that this venture has no future. But they are wrong.Transformers are already becoming a new trend. Of course, they will never become popular among gamers or outright geeks. But such units in society. And most of the peck at this bait. After all theyBesidesInternet and movies, nothing else is needed.

hp pavillion x360 11

Such gadgets, like this transformer, in our time are very popular, as they embody the beauty of technological progress. Even older people can appreciate these devices. For they can be controlled in a variety of ways. But not thisthe main thing.The main thing is universality. This is exactly what is missing.userssmartphones and tablets. Yes, and owners of classic laptops would be happy to new opportunities. However, new transformer gadgets are not very popular. Till.However, according toexperts, everything will change soon. Such devices will become a new trend. Wait is not long. And then those who managed to buy gadgets at reasonable prices will be in chocolate. For their costwill increaseseveral times. However, this peculiar paradise is still far away. So let us consider the feedback from the owners of the transformer.

Positive feedback from owners

HP Pavilion x360 13 Laptop -regardingNew device, but there are already those whoI boughtimagine him. Therefore, there are reviews about this device. Both positive and negative are about the same amount. However, please note that this device is designed exclusively for work. Owners of the transformer say good performance as for what is inside.AlsoMany people like the unusual appearance of the gadget. But special praise deserved high-quality touch screen. Almost all owners note that the sensor works quickly andclearlyand the colors are bright and saturated.

hp pavillion x360 13

Negative feedback from owners

Everything is a little more complicated here. Only those who thought that he would pull at least some games scold this laptop. But these comrades suffered a cruel disappointment. And so they began to curse the transformer in every way. The main argument is this: for such money a laptop should be able to do everything. Dear comrades, he already knows everything. And gaming laptops are much more expensive. However, you can find constructive criticism. For example, some are not exactly outragedcomfortablekeyboard and touchpad. And they are partly right.Alsomany are dissatisfied with the lack of SSD in the kit. But this annoying misunderstanding is very easy to fix.


Notebook-transformer HP Pavilion x360 belongs to the class of universal devices with enhanced functionality. It combines the functions of a laptop and tablet, which may appeal to many.Alsothe device is perfect for work andlungsentertainment (movies, music). But gamershave tochoose something more powerful. For such things, the transformer is not designed. But if you are looking for a versatile andeasy, as well as a multifunctional laptop for work, the Pavilion is just what you need.

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