How to write a checklist?

Each student and student sooner or later the question arises how to write a quiz. Everyone wants to get a good assessment and praise of the teacher. Literally everyone faced this problem, but they still coped. Either persistence, work, and zeal for learning helped, or a friend who was sitting next to him was an excellent student. But still, many people want to correctly write a test paper on their own and the first time. So now we will help you with a few tips, tell you how to write the control correctly.

Examination is in writing and in oral (in the form of a story to the presentation made). She helps the teacher to test the knowledge of the student. How good is writing a quiz, and what do you need to use for this? For this we need books, manuals, the Internet and a printer (instead of a printer, you might need a pen and sheets of paper).

How to write a quiz: tips

We will tell not only about how to write a test correctly, but also how to write a test at 5!

  1. First of all, you need to read the topic of the control work, to grasp its essence. If there are additions and teacher's advice, be sure to use them, he will appreciate your attentiveness. The control task can be on one studied topic or on all the passed material.
  2. Take this seriously. First, view the lectures recorded in the notebook. The teacher in them tries to give deeply stated material, but this is not enough, additional literature is needed. Review the lecture and cross out for yourself everything superfluous (not very significant), highlight the main thing, and then supplement this information with other important facts from additional literature.
  3. Nowadays, students immediately look into the Internet. Do not hurry! After all, a lot of relevant information can be found in textbooks. Do not forget about the library, there you can find not only books, but even rare documents and extracts that will complement your work well.
  4. Each control begins with an introduction, which introduces us to what will be discussed in the test. Write down what interested you about this topic, what you will talk about in your test paper.Most often, the introduction is placed on one page.
  5. The most important thing is the disclosure of the topic of work. If the work needs a comparison of several moments, then you can first talk about one thing, then the second, and then compare them in the output. It is possible shortly, it is possible in expanded form.
  6. To consolidate knowledge, you must first perform a theoretical task, and then proceed to the practical. The main part in all cases depends on the topic of the assignment, so there is no need to deviate from it, so that later you do not cross out the superfluous.
  7. To conclude, you will need to draw basic conclusions, tell you how this work affected your knowledge, how you can identify ways to correct the problems raised in the test, who can help this work, etc. The conclusion will take one or two pages. One of the required items is to write a list of references, if your work consists mostly of theoretical information (textbooks, encyclopedias, books, etc.).
  8. At the very end, issue a title page and do not forget to check your work for various errors before printing or rewriting it on a piece of paper.

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