How to write a novel?

Many people at least once in their life thought about writing a book or a novel. The idea of ​​putting out his fantasies on paper, releasing a book and making money from it warms the hearts of thousands. But how to write a novel if you have never done this before? Of course, it is impossible to find universal tips for writing a novel, because each writer has his own approach and his own methods, although you can pick out the most popular ones.


Banal advice, which, however, will serve you well. The more novels you read, the more you will expand your vocabulary, the more beautiful your sentences will be and the more interesting you will be able to twist the plot in your book. While reading, mark unsuccessful and successful moments of someone else's work in order to understand how you can do better. But do not copy another author, you want to create your own, unique novel, right?

Story and Heroes

The most difficult thing in a successful novel is to come up with the right plot and interesting characters. Where to begin?

Work as you wish.It is more convenient for one authors to come up with a plot first, and then pick up heroes for it, for others the idea begins with the images of the heroes, and then the plot comes to mind. This is very individual, so work the way it works.

Stephen King says that he starts writing a novel with a certain situation. For example: "And what will happen if a woman is bedridden in an empty house?" After that, he begins to think up how events could develop and often he himself cannot immediately say what the book will end with.

It is important that your characters are different and your reader can empathize with at least one of them. If it does not, then the book simply will not be able to “hook” its reader and he will be disappointed. Kurt Vonnegut also claims that your character should want something, even the simplest kind of sandwich. That is what will make it more human and interesting.

How to start a novel

Novels are a rather voluminous piece, so it is scary to start such work. To increase your confidence, try to write something smaller, for example, a story.This can be a separate work, as well as an episode of your future novel. Or maybe it will be easier for you to think of the continuation of the favorite novel of a famous writer?

It is important that you try and understand whether you like it and whether you get it. To perfect a little story will be easier than a big novel. By the way, writing a good story is much more difficult. If you succeed in this, the question of how to write a genius novel will very soon disappear by itself.

Belief in your strength

Suppose you have an idea of ​​a novel, you have thought through all the characters, but the work does not stick at all. Or maybe you wrote a few pages and abandoned the work without finding the time to continue it? In order not to get into this situation, teach yourself to write daily. It would be best if you do this for the same length of time, for example, an hour. Determine what time of the day it is more convenient for you to work, sit down and write. Even if the next day you have to destroy the writing and write it all over again, this experience will be useful. Usually, after the first few paragraphs, the work is easier, and you are happy to write page by page.


The most difficult thing is to get to work. Before you write the novel of your dreams correctly, develop the habit of doing something definite before you begin. For example, you can drink a cup of coffee and re-read yesterday's material or make delicious sandwiches for snacks while working. So, you can, in a few simple steps, quickly set yourself up for work.

Material verification

Have you ever had such a thing that after a while the works you wrote seem funny or stupid? For sure, yes. That is why periodically re-read what you wrote. It is important that your material “lie down” for a certain time, for example, a week. Only after that you can look at it with a more fresh look and see all the weak points and flaws.

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