How to use people?

It is unequivocal to answer the questions whether it is possible to use people to their advantage or not, whether it is good or bad, it is impossible. Some will say with certainty that it is impossible, others - that they fully admit it. In this article we will talk about how to use people, it is permissible or not.


It is necessary to fully realize that all people in varying degrees use each other. Friends enjoy each other when they need help, or they want to share joy together. Children use parents, parents children. The boss is subordinate, the state is everyone’s succession, the wife is husband and vice versa.

This list can continue indefinitely, and the difference will be only in the purpose of a person using another person. For example, it is impossible to attribute the use of the children of parents to something bad. Children need parental care and care. But the use of the works of one person in order to appear better in front of other people, it is difficult to call a good deed.

The existence of humanity is possible only in interaction with each other, that is, using each other at certain points in life. To attribute this to vice or virtue is impossible.This should be taken for granted. But the personal goals of how to use people can be different, and it should be distinguished from each other.

Some patterns

  • Decent people will always be happy if they, or the results of their physical or mental efforts, are used by other people for the benefit of society.
  • Dishonest people will react very aggressively and negatively to their use for socially useful purposes.
  • Decent people can use for their own purposes people both dishonest and decent.
  • Dishonest people - will not be able to use decent people for dishonest purposes.
  • If you consider yourself to be decent people, but were used for dishonorable purposes, it means that you overestimated yourself.
  • The reason for the revaluation is that you have done the wrong situation analysis.

Fraudulent use of people

  • Use motivation. Fun for deception using the needs of the victim. So, for example, gypsy women scare women with diseases of loved ones and children, and after that they recommend that they take away the damage by paying for it with money or gold jewelry. Such a principle for fraudsters is universal.First you need to understand what a person wants, and then offer him to fulfill desires. If a person wants something very strongly, then his mind “becomes clouded”, and he sees only the fulfillment of his desires everywhere. This pattern and use the robbers.
  • Use the feeling of love man. A man in love is different from other people. He looks at the world, and especially on the subject of his feelings, through the pink prism of his love, so a person who uses others for personal gain will only be happy for this. This is used, for example, by marriage swindlers or blackmailers.
  • Use noble goals. For fraudulent deception, they often hide behind noble goals: raising money to build a temple, an orphanage, or an orphanage. Sometimes they even open accounts and collect money for the treatment of sick children, who are actually quite healthy. Just everyone wants to be noble. Therefore, in this case, the fraudsters have found a way to use people, or rather their impulses.

Using subordinates

In any work team there are active and initiative people.And this, of course, is used by their leadership. But this is not bad. In this case, everyone wins. The employee has the possibility of self-realization. The boss has his own benefits. In order to subordinate outsiders constantly do not say, "You have been given, and people use," you need to competently communicate with such personnel and encourage them not only materially. Such subordinates can, for example, allow them to invent new products and encourage them financially if such products have become in demand. Of course, it is advisable not to miss such people from the team, so you need to know how to use ambitious and enterprising people.

Such a subordinate necessarily needs room for self-realization, he may have to entrust the development of a fundamentally new business line. Such people, having worked for several years in the same position, lose interest in it and begin to think about something bigger, new and more interesting. In order not to miss the most valuable employee, he needs to constantly prove that success depends not only on the area of ​​work in which he is engaged, but also on the profitability of the entire business as a whole.When a completely new project appears with the company, the management should not even think about it. Such work should be entrusted to just such an employee. He should have a new field for self-realization.

Quite often, for such workers, the realization of their own ambitions is much more motivated than the salary. Having seen the product they invented on the store shelf, they will be much more loyal to their management, because they will feel their personal involvement in big business. Having entrusted the initiative worker with the management of his own separate project, it is not worth interfering with his work. The maximum that is possible is to specify the objectives of the project, budget and deadlines. For some time you need to become partners. The head should be for the subordinate, rather an adviser, and must necessarily be able to listen to his proposals regarding the implementation of the project. Control over the execution of the project should be carried out very carefully and delicately. In the work of such a subordinate can not interfere. He should feel the value of his own work result and his personal participation in big business, and not the execution of the next order of the authorities.

Effective will be the use of ambitiousness and initiative of employees, entrusting them with activities that will not fall under the terms of reference of other employees of the company. Of course, such an employee will need to establish a decent remuneration for additional work. But these costs will definitely be less than the costs of attracting a new employee to perform these tasks.

Using each other

And if you look into it, then exploitation, that is, the use of man by man, is completely normal. And not just normal, but obligatory for the life of society. In any civilized society, people use each other, the other is important. It is important how to use people, and for what purposes. And each of us uses the work of another person, and the other person uses us, that is, our work. And all this is summarized, it becomes socially useful and common. Thus, as a result of the mutual use of each other, the result is a socially useful product.

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