How to use an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes find their fans, regardless of age, gender and social status. The reasons for the spread of the most diverse: some are trying to quit smoking, others pay tribute to fashion, others tempt the absence of unpleasant odors. Without exception, they emphasize the harmlessness of use, which makes it possible to smoke in any public place without causing any harm to anyone: the “smoke” of this cigarette contains only water vapor. In this case, it is important to know how to use an electronic cigarette.

About e-cigarette device

Smoking such a cigarette is accompanied by heating and evaporation of the nicotine liquid. Water vapor enters the lungs (and, accordingly, exhales), therefore electronic cigarettes are considered safer than traditional ones. It does not emit smoke and can be used many times, although the smoking effect is almost no different from the usual smoking.

The main components of an electronic cigarette are a cartridge, a steam generator (cartomizer) and a battery. The purpose of each of these elements is easy to guess from the name.At the end of the cigarette, the LED simulates the burning of tobacco. If its fire is bright enough, the battery is charged, and vice versa: the dimming of the light indicates the need to recharge the battery.

The flashing LED indicates the end of the smoking fluid in the cartridge. Smoking must be stopped, otherwise the steam generator may fail. Without knowledge of how to disassemble an electronic cigarette, taking care of filling the cartridge is problematic. The essence of the process is to disconnect the cartridge from the case. In different models of electronic cigarettes, this is done unequally, so you should pay attention to a detailed study of the instructions.

How to smoke an electronic cigarette?

Smooth and deep puffs provide the highest vapor saturation with nicotine. The habit of sharply inhaling cigarette smoke does not allow the steam generator to provide a high nicotine content in the smoke, so the smoker simply “pumps” the air. In addition, this behavior contributes to the failure of the steam generator.

7-10 deep puffs fully satisfy the body's need for nicotine. But it is not at all necessary to bring their number to 10.You can limit yourself in their number. First - 5-6, and over time - 2-3. The main thing is to kill the hunt for smoking. First, you can use a cigarette more often, and then increase the breaks between smoke breaks. Do not forget that the main task of the electronic cigarette is to help stop smoking. And the question of how to smoke an e-cigarette is considered above all from this angle.

In no case should you mix different smoking fluids in the cartridge. Without adhering to this rule, you can get a disgusting aroma that will discourage the hunt for an electronic cigarette, but not the process of smoking. Moreover, when replacing the taste cartridge, it is desirable to replace the atomizer or thoroughly clean it from the previous taste.

Which e-cigarette to choose?

This question is purely individual and the answer to it depends on a number of subjective factors: the smoker’s experience, the number of cigarettes smoked per day, their strength, the depth of puffing and the frequency of smoke breaks. All these requirements are governed by the following indicators of electronic cigarette items:

  1. Battery - the larger the capacity, the longer the smoking time:
    • 280 mAh - about 280 puffs (15 cigarettes);
    • 650 mAh - about 650 puffs (25 cigarettes);
    • 900 mAh - about 900 puffs (50 cigarettes);
    • 1100 mAh - about 1100 puffs (75 cigarettes).
  2. The steam generator is the most important part, which from a liquid solution produces vapor for inhalation. The better it is, the more steam is produced in one puff. There are automatic and manual control:
    • the automatic steam generator recognizes by the air flow and through the use of sensors that it is tightened and starts producing steam;
    • manual control involves turning on the battery by pressing a small button, power is supplied to the steam generator and it produces steam. A more practical option, because it allows you to control the duration of the tightening and the amount of produced steam.
  3. Cartridge - a tank in which there is a liquid for smoking. You can change or fill. The most common:
    • 1 ml - 25-30 cigarettes;
    • 2 ml in volume - 50-60 cigarettes. According to the nicotine content, there are strong, medium, light and non-nicotine.

This knowledge is quite enough to decide which electronic cigarette to buy. Practice shows that beginners tend to get something as close as possible to an ordinary cigarette. But the design on the quality indicators of influence has not.

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