How to teach a child to kindergarten. What to do to make the adaptation go easy

When parents look at their child, they think that time has flown by quickly. Mothers time to go out of maternity leave, and children - to go to the kindergarten. In addition to doubts and worries, a woman thinks about the question, which for her is at this moment the most important: “How to teach a child to kindergarten?” In the preschool the child will be almost all the time. Therefore, we can say that it is on the conditions that can provide the child in the kindergarten that his development, mental state and, of course, health will depend.

It is extremely important that the child’s adaptation to kindergarten is successful. Only parents can help with this little man. The teacher will also try to do everything that he can, but the main role in this matter is played by close to teach a child to kindergarten

Age of child

All parents think about the age at which it is necessary to send the child to the preschool institution, since preparing for kindergarten takes a lot of time. And the age of the child plays an important role.

To give the baby to the kindergarten too early, according to the findings of psychologists, it is not worth Because it will be difficult for a child to communicate, he does not understand much. The baby has not yet become sufficiently independent, it does not communicate well, it is unlikely that it will be possible to agree with it. But in this situation, much depends on the parents. Not all mothers can sit with their children for a long time while on maternity leave. And also in a family there can be problems with money. Then mom just has to go to work. Parents have no choice, they have to give the child to the kindergarten when he turns 2 years old.

The best age is 4 years. The child has all the above qualities, unlike young children.preparation for kindergarten

Which kindergarten to choose?

Of course, it’s good when parents have a choice, and they can choose the kindergarten that suits them the most. After all, the baby has to develop in it.

But nowadays the issue of the lack of pre-school institutions is very acute.Therefore, parents are simply forced to give the baby to the garden in which it will be accepted. Will the child's adaptation to kindergarten be successful?

Parents are well aware that it is up to what the teacher will be will depend on whether the child wants to go to preschool. But sometimes parents have no choice at all. Therefore, such a moment as an addictive child to kindergarten falls mainly on the shoulders of people close to the child.

If, after all, mom and dad have the right to choose an institution, then the garden that is located next to the house would be the best option. Then the road will not tire the baby, and he can sleep a little longer. It is good when there are specialists in the kindergarten who will also be able to help the child develop properly.child's adaptation to kindergarten

When to start preparing the baby?

Preparation for kindergarten should begin about six months before going to it. In order for the little one to be good and he felt like a fish in water, parents should increase the circle of his acquaintances. Why is this so necessary? If the kid is not sociable, he will be uncomfortable in the team. And then even the tutor will not be able to help him with anything. The baby will be under stress.His mind will suffer from this.

Baby must learn to communicate. Then getting used to kindergarten will be much faster. The child must learn and how to get to know each other correctly. At first, parents will have to do everything themselves: to acquaint their baby with children, and then he himself will begin to do it, following the example of adults.

The child must learn to play with his peers, share their toys. For this, parents can explain to the baby that it is very interesting to change for a while. Gradually, the child realizes that playing with the guys is much more fun than alone. Until the moment he starts walking into the garden, it is recommended that your child be constantly with the same children as he is, so that he is accustomed to collective communication. This will make his life much easier, as it is not an easy task to teach a child to kindergarten. Parents will have to try and work out all the options that will help the child adapt in a foreign world.

Daily regime

How to get used to the kindergarten child, if he does not have a certain daily routine? Adaptation is definitely delayed. Why? If you do not adjust the mode of the day, it will be very difficult for the little ones.The baby will walk around and down. Therefore, it is mandatory for moms to go to the kindergarten, where they plan to take their children, and learn the daily routine. This will help instill a new lifestyle into your child. It is also important that parents teach their children to fall asleep during the day. If this is not done, then the child will have to be taken from the kindergarten to a quiet hour, and for moms and dads who work, this is problematic.preparing a child for kindergarten

Kids games

Why is it important to teach your baby to play? Nowadays, children have completely forgotten how to do it. They absolutely do not know how to play independently. Often their fun boils down to one thing - to throw or break. Try to teach your baby to quiet activities. A child who can play will naturally join the team. He will quickly find friends.

Mom can play with the baby in the "kindergarten". This will help the child learn more about it. The baby will know what awaits him and what should be prepared for. The more often parents will play with the little one in this fun, the more with great pleasure their child will go to the preschool institution. In this case, preparing a child for a kindergarten for parents will not be too hard.

What else is worth teaching a child?

A good option can also be if the parents ask the caregiver of one of the groups that their child walk in the kindergarten during a walk. In this way, you can show your child how children walk and what they do.

Also, the baby needs to instill perseverance. He should be able to listen, sit in one place, not jump, do something. At first, the baby will be in a quiet position for a small amount of time. There is nothing wrong. Just parents need to slowly increase the time, dragging the baby something interesting. You can read a fairy tale or come up with another joint activity.

Preparing a child for kindergarten will help parents better know their children. After all, it is at this time that they give their kids the most time.

Independent baby

In the same period, parents must necessarily teach their crumbs to independence. If the baby will be able to maintain itself - it will be a huge plus.

Going to the kindergarten, the child should be able to perform several actions:

1. Dress yourself and undress.

2. Be able to walk on the pot.

3. The baby must learn to eat.

4.Teach your child to wash their hands and face.

Parents will have to work on these activities.child's readiness for kindergarten

Movable child

What does it mean? Small children are mobile. This is their nature. But the mobility of the baby should be directed in the direction that is necessary.

It's good when children can imitate. This means that the child is able to repeat for adults what is required of him. This skill will need the child in physical education and music lessons.

Baby immunity

When children enter the kindergarten, they almost always get sick. But for all this period passes in different ways. Some kids "snotty" and everything, while others are sick very much. What is the difference? If you take the average mommy, it turns out that she raised her baby in greenhouse conditions. What it is? Mom, so that her child was not sick, to do everything that, in principle, it was impossible to do. If it became cool at home (20 degrees), they would wear warm clothes on the child. The water that the baby drinks is always warm. Mom almost never happens to the baby in places where there are a lot of people, so that he does not pick up any sore. This is to some extent good. But there is a huge minus - the baby is not physically hardened.So, in kindergarten the baby will often and strongly get sick.

Therefore, we can conclude: it is necessary to temper the child. Thus, parents will increase his immunity, and he will practically stop to hurt.

How to teach a child to kindergarten, mommies have already understood. By doing all that is written above, they will be able to help the children quickly adapt to the new conditions for them.

Parents think: “We are preparing for kindergarten, but we ourselves do not imagine what awaits our child where we are not around.” Do not “strangle” yourself with such thoughts. After all, the baby sees how parents are going through. These emotions are transmitted to him. Parents should be absolutely sure that everything will be fine.

Is the baby prepared?

The readiness of the child for kindergarten mothers can check only when he gets there. The first month in preschool in children goes in different ways. Some kids with great joy swim in this fun and noisy stream. And other children are crying and do not want to part with their moms.

But, once in the group, most babies calm down. Rarely when babies cry all the time, which is not the parents near. Those who are particularly lacking near mom, try to be closer to the teacher.But there are kids who go to themselves and do not go to contact. Such behavior at the first stage is considered normal. Baby torn from her mother. He still can not really understand what is happening. Why did mom give it away and leave? At one moment, so much of everything new for him fell on the head of a child that he does not know how to act in such a situation. He is experiencing some kind of stress. And in this situation it does not matter at all whether his mother prepared for kindergarten or not. One thing - words and explanations. And another thing - to get there yourself.

Parental strength check

The behavior of children is also changing. Coming home from kindergarten, the child will not behave like before. A kid can be aggressive, unmanageable, eat poorly and sleep. This state of children is a protective reaction to the resulting stress.

And here begins the adaptation of parents to kindergarten. This is where moms and dads are tested for strength. They also try to adapt to the circumstances in which they have to live for some time. Children spoil the nerves of their parents due to the fact that they have no idea how to throw off all that has fallen on them.There are babies who forget what they were taught.

1. They stop dressing and undressing themselves.

2. Refuse to eat independently.

3. Urination occurs in the pants.

4. They can start to talk badly.

And all this happens precisely when the parents were confident that their child was fully prepared to go to the garden.addictive kindergarten


What should parents do in this difficult situation for them?

• Do not let your child sit by the TV.

• Avoid everything that could excite the baby.

• Give a lot of time to your baby.

• Often hug and kiss.

• You can not blame the baby for the changes that have occurred to him.

Some kids adapt quickly in the kindergarten, they have enough for a month to do this. And for many others, this period takes much longer. It all depends on the temperament of the baby. And also if the child is constantly sick, then unfortunately it will take longer to adapt than the other guys.

How can parents make life easier for the baby?

1. At first, parents should themselves be sure that kindergarten is a necessity. You can not blame yourself for having to give the baby to this institution. It is necessary, and nothing can be done about it.When parents reach this point, they will be able to convey this confidence to their child.

2. It is necessary to tell the teacher all that he should know about the baby. It will be easier for him to find a common language with the child.

3. You can not leave the kid in the garden at once for the whole day. The residence time should be increased slowly. Here, parents should monitor the state of their offspring in order to understand what time is optimal for a child in the garden at this moment.

4. Leaving children in kindergarten, parents should behave firmly. Do not need long goodbyes, from this baby will be much worse.

5. When a child is unable to part with mom, you can try another option. Let the child be led to the garden by a father or someone from close people.

6. It will be easier for the child to be in the group if he takes a toy from the house that is dear to him.

7. The baby must somehow be motivated to go to the kindergarten. For example, in the group there is an aquarium. You can tell the baby that the fish will miss him when they do not see him, and so on. Parents need to show imagination.

8. When the child gets used to the garden, you should not take a break. Of course, there is an exception if the child is suddenly ill.And so do not go on about. He will then be even more difficult.

9. It is imperative to tell the baby that Mommy and Daddy are very proud of him, that he has become a completely grown-up and very independent child. Your child will be pleased to hear this, especially if parents praise him with someone else.parents adaptation to kindergarten

Has the child adapted?

Understand whether the child has passed the period of adaptation, parents will be able to immediately. The baby will become more balanced, his mental state will improve. He will return to his normal rhythm of life, will become the way his parents always knew him.

But do not think that the baby will go into the garden with joy or stop crying. This can not wait. The kid just began to understand that the kindergarten is a given, which must be taken, no matter how hard it may be.

If the child is not used to it, then the parents will also be able to understand it. He will get worse. He will have bad habits that were not there before. The child will continue to roll up tantrums and so on. In this case, parents need to go with the baby to a psychologist.

If nothing helps, then they will have to take the child from this kindergarten and try to arrange it in another institution.It is possible that the teacher could not find an approach to the baby. Or the baby is still too small. Here, parents should already look at the circumstances that are shaping up and decide on what to do next.

After reading this long, but informative article, parents will understand how to teach a child to kindergarten. This is a difficult period for children and people close to them. You just have to go through it.

Time runs fast, and parents will not have time to look back as the child goes to school. And it is precisely those moments that seemed heavy, then you can remember with a smile.

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