How to remove the tile?

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How to remove the tile?

Dismantling an old tile in any room, be it a kitchen, bathroom or corridor, may require some skill. When it comes to removing the tile so that it is not damaged, then the wizard’s help may be needed here. However, the cost of such a service is quite high.

Next we look at how you can remove the tile yourself, so as not to damage it.

Tile breaking

As a rule, the tile is attached with construction glue. Depending on its strength or the so-called grip, it may take from 20 minutes - up to an hour to dismantle one square meter. We emphasize that in this case we are talking about removing the tile so as not to damage it and not hurt others.

If you are not worried about the condition of the old tile, then its dismantling can be done with a conventional chisel and a hammer. An even more accurate way is to use a punch with a special nozzle. We pay attention that in this case the tile should be removed, starting from the corners - it will be easier and faster to break away from the surface.

Next, we analyze the case of "delicate" tile removal.

Remove the old tiles from the walls

You will need the following tools:

  • Wide-bladed hatchet or chisel;
  • Small hammer;
  • Safety glasses and gloves;
  • Garbage bags.

We do not recommend using any punch even at low power. You can easily damage the tile. You should also pay attention to the fact that this tool can easily remove the tile from a concrete or brick base.

The process of dismantling the tile is as follows:

  1. Start separating the tile from the top. Insert the chisel carefully into the gap between the wall and the tile. If you do not see the lumen, try to press down with a chisel on the layer of building glue and lightly punch the lumen.
  2. Gradually removing construction glue, gently loosen the tile. At the same time, remember that building tiles are connected not only with the wall, but also among themselves. So, you also need to remove construction glue between the tile joints.
  3. When you will separate the tile in the bathroom or sink, it is worth dismantling or closing the bathroom tile with a protective film.

As a replacement chisel, you can use a conventional spatula.This tool is perfect for removing plates in the event that you want to hook it from the sides.


Be sure to wear safety glasses before operating. You must understand that a shard in the eye can cause serious harm. Gloves should choose the usual construction. But you should think about the respirator seriously, since the comfort of your work will depend on it. After all, construction dust can not only cause inconvenience, but also cause severe respiratory diseases.

Removing tiles from the floor and ceiling

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is a matter of removing the tile from the wall, and as for the dismantling of the tile on the floor or ceiling, the situation here is much more complicated.

First, as a rule, floor, ceiling tile has large tile sizes.

Secondly, its removal without breakage is almost impossible, as usually the ceiling or floor tile is placed over the entire area. Therefore, if necessary, the craftsman removes tiles at the edges, if necessary, which allows at least a chance for a delicate tile disassembly.

Note that the dismantling of floor and ceiling tiles takes much more time than removing the wall. It is much more laborious work, which can take more than one day. It should be emphasized that, as a rule, in construction, the dismantling of floor and ceiling tiles is carried out in a standard rough way. However, if the bonding mixture has not dried out sufficiently, it is still possible to remove the tile.

In case of removal of the floor tile, the threshold is removed and tile removal is performed from this place. In case of removal of the ceiling tile, friezes are removed. In general, it is recommended for this procedure to resort to the help of professional workers. However, in the case of laying tile on the wall, if the construction glue has not dried yet, then tile removal can be done independently.

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