How to register admin panel?

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How to register admin panel?

There are several ways to register admin panel (i.e., organize server administration) in the popular game Counter Strike. Let us examine several ways from which you can choose the most suitable for you.

The server can be managed both with the help of AMX mod and without it.

However, before you create an admin panel, you need to create the server itself. You can find out about this by reading our article How to create a CS server.

Administration via RCON

To use this method, you must have a rkon-password, as well as certain rkon-commands.

  1. When we start the server through hlds.exe, we enter a combination of our password into a special string “rcon password” (for example, “k12k112” without quotes, but each writes any other password to manage the server).
  2. When starting the server through hlds_console.exe, the procedure is basically the same. We check all window elements, server name, IP addresses, choose a card and the number of players who can be connected to our server at the same time, register our personal password.
  3. If we start the server through the so-called “batch file” (a text file with the .bat format), in the line we find the combination “rcon password” and in quotes we write our password.
  4. Find the server.cfg file in the game folder, open it with a notepad and enter the rkon-password in quotes opposite the rcon_password phrase. The line will look like this (only the password, of course, will be yours): rcon password “k12k112”.
  5. Then go to the server. In the line where there is a phrase Rkon-password, enter our password.
  6. To check the server operation, enter the “rcon status” command without quotes in the console and see the server status.

A list of special commands for managing the server can be found.

Now we have gained server administrator rights and can change its settings. For this it is best to use the HLSW software. It is convenient and easy to use.

Administration with AMX Mod X

This administration option is widely popular and is considered the most convenient.

Server Tuning

Ways to register settings in the users.ini file:

  1. We find a server folder in our computer. The folder path will look something like this:
    Local drive C: Program Files \ server \ hlds \ cstrike \ addons \ amxmodx \ configs.
  2. Open the users.ini file.After opening, you will see settings that have a “;” at the end of lines. These settings are simply comments, they are not important to us.
  3. At the end of this file we prescribe one of three ways to configure.
    • to IP address (configure the internal IP address permanently and unchanged manually in the network connection settings of our computer). We add in the console: "" "" "" abcdefghijklmnopqrstu "" de ""
    • for nickname and password - the most convenient setting. Before entering, check in the console the spelling of the nickname up to each sign (this is important, because if you write with an error, it will not work). So:
      • write in the console “setinfo _pw“ 1313 ””, where “1313” is our password, check the spelling of the password;
      • We write the following combination at the end of the users.ini file: “[AdMiN] * NIKS” “1313” “abcdefgijklmnopqrstu” “a”, where NIKS is our nickname, and “1313” is the password we invented.
    • steam license: "STEAM_0: 1: 45640647" "" "abcdefgijklmnopqrstu" "ce"
  4. Choose one of the methods from step 3 and save the file.
  5. Rebooting the server for the new settings to take effect.
  6. If you used method 2 (by nick and password), then check the spelling of the nick. If the nickname is entered in the same way as you registered it in the users.ini file, then without a password the game will not miss further, then everything is done correctly.When entering by IP or steam, a password is not required, and you can enter under any nickname and password.
  7. Launch the COP game, log in as administrator. Activate the admin user using the combination "setinfo _pw" 1313 "". Remember that 1313 is the password that we specified in the file. It can be not only a combination of numbers, like ours, but any other inscription.

Admin menu management

In order to start managing the server, we register in the console:

  • bind "=" "amxmodmenu"

The combination remains completely identical, no data is added to it.

Then press the equal key ("=") on the keyboard. On the screen to the left we will see our admin menu.

If the server shows that the command is unknown, it means that it didn’t succeed to take control of the administrator’s rights, and you need to check all the settings again, the nickname, password and correctness of writing commands in the console.

How to use the admin menu of the AMX can be found in detail on the website.

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