How to pump one hand?

Yana Lisitsina
Yana Lisitsina
August 17, 2014
How to pump one hand?

All people have a slight asymmetry in the structure of the muscles of the left and right parts of the body. And because the parameters, including the muscles of the hands may vary slightly. However, after injuries, when practicing certain sports and in some other cases, the difference in muscle size can be quite noticeable. It is possible to correct this imperfection with the help of regular and properly aligned workouts.

Load uniformity

Contrary to popular belief, it is impossible to pump through the muscles purposefully only with one hand. In this case, you violate the technique of doing the exercises and create the prerequisites for the appearance of injuries.

Muscles with a tone and force respond to a certain load. It is possible to align the muscles on the right and left hands only on condition of their uniform training. Otherwise, in the course of training, give a stronger load to the already weak hand and at the same time do not give the load to the strong hand.

It is extremely important to follow the position of the body during the exercise - the tilt, for example, of the barbell, to one side will only provoke a further increase in asymmetry. So, always train either in front of the mirror, or in the presence of a coach or just a friend who can follow the correctness of the technique.

By the way, in those sports that assume an intense load on only one arm (for example, shot put) it is very important to pay attention to complex training for both hands. Otherwise, over time, the disproportion between the muscles of the upper limbs may become critical.

Additional approaches for weak hands

If the size of the muscles is very different, then in this case, additional approaches will help to pump one hand more quickly. You can perform one at a time, a maximum of two additional courses of exercises on a weakened arm, but only after the uniform basic course of exercises for both (!) Limbs has been completed.

For the load on the arm, whose muscles require increased exposure, you can use:

  • Dumbbell bench press. To do this, you take one dumbbell in each hand in order to achieve balance of the body, lie down and do the press a specified number of times with just one hand.
  • Push up on one arm.
  • Bending the arm with dumbbells on an inclined bench, isolating the biceps and preventing the body from supporting the dumbbell bench press.
  • Bending one arm with dumbbells in a sitting position with the rest of the other arm in the knee.

You can perform any other exercises that you find suitable for yourself.

Training frequency

Pumping muscles, and even more so the process of aligning them is quite long, especially if we are talking about a significant run-up in parameters. That is why for effective result regular, moderately frequent trainings are required. Do at least 2, and preferably 3 times a week.

Record readings to see how much muscle sizes change. Please note that it may take several months to solve a problem.

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