How to prove what worked?

Lyudmila Fedotova
Lyudmila Fedotova
September 19, 2014
How to prove what worked?

Sometimes workers have problems getting a legitimate salary. In most cases this is due to the fact that employers, in order to avoid the fulfillment of tax and other social obligations, do not document the reception of their employees, and subsequently refuse to pay.

But you should not condemn those people who agree to work without making an entry in the workbook or entering into a contract of employment. After all, the issue of employment for the majority is rather painful, therefore, in order to occupy the desired position, many agree to any conditions of the employer.

How to prove that he worked officially

Proving the fact of official employment is not difficult, especially if you take care of the availability of all supporting documents in advance. A conscientious employer in hiring employees acts in accordance with the requirements established by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation:

  • draws up an employment contract in 2 copies and after putting the seal and signatures of both parties on them, one leaves to himself and gives the second to the employee;
  • forms an order for the admission of a new employee to the company for a certain position. This order is signed by the employee and, at his request, the employer is obliged to issue a certified copy;
  • makes the appropriate entry in the workbook. However, this clause is not considered mandatory.

In addition, you can confirm the fact of work by requesting an extract from the payroll, as well as using an extended statement from your personal account to the Pension Fund of Russia (Pension Fund of Russia).

How to prove if you worked informally

There are situations when there is no written official evidence of the employment relationship between the employer and the employee, and the employee needs to confirm this circumstance. In fact, the only way to prove the working relationship is to contact the state labor inspectorate, supported by eyewitness or employee testimony.

To confirm that you really did the prescribed work, can your colleagues. However, it is worth considering that the court takes into account the testimony of only those people who are officially registered with the same employer, i.e. in the same organization as you.And as you know, the same employer employees may be registered in different firms.

In addition, documents certifying the employment relationship will be supported by documents with your name or your signature, as well as the provision of electronic correspondence with company management on business issues.

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