How to separate the eyes?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
February 25, 2013
How to separate the eyes?

People often tend to do strange things. But everyone has his own hobby, everyone wants to learn something. There are people who are very concerned about how to part their eyes. If you think about it, then in order to have such an ability, you need to be at least “cross-eyed." But there is another answer to the question of how to learn to look with each eye in different directions.

There are special exercises for the "divorce" of the eyes. For example, "". There is even such a section in yoga (yoga for the eyes). Often, many do not understand that this is not fun for a laugh. This is a serious and necessary gymnastics to strengthen the eye muscles. This technique came from India and now captured all those who practice yoga.

Eye Breeding Exercises

The first thing to do is to strengthen and train the muscles of the manhole. To do this, sit down straight. Open the manhole as wide as possible and more, they need, you can say, "bulge." So sit for one minute. Then you need to turn your eyes to the left side, but only the eyes, the head must be fixed.Now also turn your eyes to the right. In this case, the eyes should be as open as possible. So look away a few times.

You also need to look up and then down. In the upper right corner and in the upper left corner. Then on the forehead, at one central point. And on the nose - the same. Now you need to "run" his eyes chaotically. Move your eyes clockwise, and then - against.

Such exercises need to be done for several weeks. By training the muscles, you can dilute the eyes in different directions. Look in front of you. Now try to make a circular motion with your eyes, but not inwards, but outwards. Look straight, strain your eyes. Then lift them over your forehead. And then smoothly try to rotate them, describing the circle (out), and return the view to its original position. Do not be zealous. From the first time it may not work, but often you should not make such attempts. Otherwise, without preparation, problems may arise.

Now you can easily plant your eyes in different directions.

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