How to make repairs in the kitchen with their own hands

Everyone, without exception, sooner or later faces the need for repairs. However, everyone’s reaction to it is different: some people perceive this stage with horror, others are more relaxed, entrusting repair work to specialists, and others are generally afraid to start it, since it is considered that this pleasure is not cheap, and the process itself is laborious and heavy. But if you correctly approach the solution of this issue, then almost any person can make a kitchen renovation cheaply with their own hands. You just need to have the desire and be patient.

Today, there are a lot of building materials with such properties that, with proper selection and strict observance of technologies of use, will allow you to make repairs in the kitchen with your own hands not only good, but also high quality. Modern building materials are easy to process, so feel free to purchase them and the necessary tools, after which you can begin to transform the room yourself.In this article, we will give you some recommendations and tips on how to properly make repairs in the kitchen with their own hands.

make repairs in the kitchen with their own hands

How to start repairs in the kitchen

Many people today strive (who - in order to save money, who - because of the desire to try their strength) to make an apartment renovation with their own hands. The kitchen is a special room, it is in it that the reigns:

  • high humidity;
  • grease stains;
  • soot and other pollution.

It is much harder to repair the kitchen than any other room in the apartment in the sense that you will be faced with the need to install household appliances, equip communications, properly install kitchen furniture, conveniently place sanitary ware, repair the mixer in the kitchen with your own hands or replace it altogether. And all this needs to be properly equipped and arranged in a small area. It’s difficult to do all this work with our own efforts, but it is possible. All you need to do is to take into account all the nuances and subtleties of the choice of building materials, choose or come up with a finishing option and know in detail the sequence of repairs, to study their features.

repair kitchen cheap do it yourself

The preparatory stage of the repair

Getting started, you need to clearly establish the sequence of the task. So, ahead - do-it-yourself kitchen renovation. Where to begin? Let's start with the choice of materials for the kitchen - this is an important and crucial stage, since it depends on it and the quality of repair, and durability, and the time that will have to spend on finishing.

Gender: which material is best to use

As practice shows, the best materials for the floor in the kitchen are:

  • Ceramic tiles. Moisture resistant, has good performance on physical exertion, immune to various contaminants. Modern ceramic tiles have such a variety in design that allows you to embody a variety of ideas, ranging from the imitation of old wooden flooring to metal or marble. Among the disadvantages is to provide low thermal insulation and complexity of installation.
  • Linoleum. The most popular and popular material. Installation is very simple and fast. As for pricing, it is the most affordable of all existing flooring. Durable, immune to liquids spilled on its surface.Heat cap thanks to lining. The only drawback - it can be damaged with sharp objects: pierce or cut.
  • Bung. The most pleasant foot covering. Environmentally friendly, warm. Especially useful for people with spinal diseases. Does not absorb water and kitchen fumes, since the top layer consists of varnish and special impregnation.
  • Laminate. Easy to install and quite durable material. But in operation it requires some care in handling, for example, it is capable of absorbing liquids spilled on it, and if the liquid gets on the junction of the panels, there is a risk of their swelling.

DIY kitchen repair 6 meters

The walls. What material to choose: recommendations of experts

In this room, the walls are very much exposed to various contaminants. Performing repairs in the kitchen with your own hands, the material must be used one that can be easily washed:

  • Washable wallpaper. Very well suited for kitchens, look harmonious, easy to clean, practical, easy to glue. Alternatively, you can also use painted wallpaper on non-woven base. Advantages in the use of wallpaper: the ability to create different patterns, colors in the design of the kitchen, to hide the small roughness and defects of the surfaces of the walls. The disadvantage is the instability to mechanical damage.
  • Painting the walls. This method of finishing is considered inexpensive and very simple for walls. Professionals advise the use of matte paint - it visually hides the main flaws on the walls. A feature of this method is the ability to repaint them at any time, changing the color to the desired one. The disadvantage is rapid contamination.
  • Decorative plaster. It has a lot of textures that will help hide bumps. Using this material, you have the opportunity to create unique drawings or whole compositions on the walls. Absolutely safe for health, easy to clean, easy to clean, colorfully complements any interior. The disadvantage is the difficulty in dismantling during subsequent repairs.
  • Ceramic tile. As a rule, only a kitchen apron is made of it, and the rest of the wall is trimmed with one of the materials described above.

do-it-yourself kitchen design and repair

Ceilings in the kitchen: what are they made of?

There are not so many materials that are used to finish the ceiling, doing repairs in the kitchen with their own hands:

  • Suspended ceiling. The basis of this material is made of plastic panels or moisture resistant plasterboard. Plastic in this case stands out with its advantages: it is very easy to wash it, it does not absorb body fat, stains and dirt.Drywall as a basis is also good; multi-level structures can be created from it, but it is required to be periodically updated by whitewashing or painting. The disadvantage of a suspended ceiling is that when installing it takes about 10 cm of ceiling height. This has a very noticeable effect on kitchens with low ceilings.
  • Tension. This approach is unique in its qualitative characteristics. In kitchens, as a rule, glossy sheets of PVC film are used. They look very colorful; in case of flooding they can withstand up to 100 liters of water on their surface. Able to visually enlarge the space. The disadvantage is that they can easily damage the heat gun).
  • Ceiling tiles. This is the cheapest way to finish the ceiling, the material is very easy to stick to the surface. Well hides flaws and irregularities. If necessary, any tile if damaged is easy to replace. It is better to choose laminated - it is easy to wash, it does not absorb dirt and dust. The disadvantage is the instability to high temperatures (melts), requires constant care.

do-it-yourself kitchen renovation in Khrushchev

Start of repair work: determine the sequence

We dealt with materials and their properties, then according to the plan - the sequence of repair work. It must be followed to achieve maximum results. The step-by-step instruction in 5 steps looks like this:

  1. If possible, the kitchen space is completely freed from furniture, old communications that require replacement. Also need to check the suitability of electrical wiring.
  2. Rough repairs are underway: leveling the surfaces of the walls and the ceiling and floor.
  3. If there is a need - change the windows, window sills, doors.
  4. Mounted new communications.
  5. Mounted or trimmed ceiling surface, then - the walls, in the last turn - the floor.

Rough finish. What is it made of?

This stage of repair work includes:

  • Distribution of water pipes, sewers, installation of a water meter, connecting the heating system. At this stage, doing the repair of the kitchen with your own hands (in the Khrushchev or apartments of the secondary old housing stock), it is possible and even desirable to get rid of the metal pipes, replacing them with plastic ones. They are not clogged, very easy to install.

Attention! It is strictly prohibited to install, replace or transfer all gas communications. This should be done exclusively by professionals.

  • Replacing old, unusable electrical wiring. At this stage, consider the number of switches, sockets, lamps and everything that requires power.
  • Installation of the ceiling: frame or multi-level design.
  • The walls are aligned with plaster.
  • If your floor is made of concrete, it must be perfectly aligned. If necessary, make the screed. The floor of the boards is strengthened or replaced. For insulation, wooden floors can be covered with sheets of hardboard.

repair the mixer in the kitchen with their own hands

Installation of windows and door designs

Before proceeding to the finishing finish, if necessary, you can change the windows and doors. Window designs are chosen according to your desire: plastic models or modern wooden ones. Do-it-yourself installation is a very difficult and crucial stage. If you do not have special skills and are not a master, then it is better to provide it to professionals.

Doors for the kitchen can be of any design, material, shape, color. Or even they can be removed - it depends on what kind of kitchen design and repair you have planned with your own hands. You can mount a beautiful arch instead of a door.This is very appropriate if you do repair your own kitchen in 6 meters and want to increase its space by connecting it to the living room.

Exterior finish kitchen with their own hands

This is the final stage of repair work.

  • It begins with ceilings - the material that you gave preference is attached to the frame.
  • The walls are primed, painted, covered with wallpaper or finished with decorative plaster.
  • Gives off a kitchen apron.
  • At the end of the floor covering.
  • Installation work on the installation of a sink, hood, sockets, switches.
  • Repair the mixer in the kitchen with their own hands, if the repair is simple and doable. Otherwise, it would be better to buy a new one.

do-it-yourself kitchen repair

Clean repairs

Major repair work left behind. Now we just have to install baseboards on the floor, baguettes on the window (if there are plans), hang curtains, curtains, arrange furniture, and household appliances.

The overall image of the kitchen is the style of this room. And to finish it with aesthetics, you need to correctly combine:

  • Items of furniture.
  • Wall, ceiling and floor decoration.
  • Textile.
  • Other decorative items.

do-it-yourself kitchen renovation where to start

The project is small, but cozy and convenient kitchen.

The lack of meter square is a constant problem for many citizens living in high-rise buildings. Therefore, to implement the repair of the kitchen with your own hands (6 square meters) and to create its design in such a way that each centimeter of space is used with benefit is the main task. The positive side of this repair is considered to be small cash costs for building material with a properly designed project.

Very important! Before the startits implementation is necessarythink through all possible options up to the arrangement of furniture.

Recommendations for drafting

If you have a small kitchen, do it yourself repair (9 meters or 6 with a total area is not important) should be carried out, following the basic concept: try to visually expand the space. That is why it is necessary to remember:

  1. Large and bulky objects and items make the room smaller visually.
  2. The color scheme for small kitchens should be bright. Such shades are able to visually add space and freedom.
  3. Mirror surfaces are the best suited for small rooms: the light that is reflected in them makes the area visually larger.

apartment repair do-it-yourself kitchen

Summing up

As you can see, making repairs in the kitchen with your own hands is possible. Moreover, this process will save a lot of money, and the room itself will be the subject of your pride. The main thing - to adhere to the sequence, buy quality materials and do not violate the technology.

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