How to make foam?

Tatyana Getmanets
Tatyana Getmanets
January 14, 2013
How to make foam?

Many people think that only children like foam in the bathroom. No, and adults are not averse to lie in a fragrant white cloud! Foam is very different - one smells wonderful, the other washes wonderfully, and the third foam quickly and strongly. By the way, foam not only brings pleasure, it also has useful properties. Bath foam is warming, stimulating, soothing and enhancing blood circulation. How to make a foam so that it combines all the above properties?


The easiest and most effective method of obtaining a huge foam in the bathroom is her vigorous beating with your own hands. You can, of course, try a mixer, but only this is fraught with serious consequences - electricity spares few people. Foam is better to start creating when the water in the bathroom is just typed.

Some originals think they know best how to make bath foam. They think specifically: the more foam, the thicker and richer its “cap” above the water. Alas, all this is not quite so, so it is better not to scatter bubbles with foam.There is one excellent way to increase foam. You need to find a small cap from any bottle, for example, from under the shampoo, and pour a small amount of fragrant foam into it. Now gently substitute the half of this cap under a stream of water from the tap. The effect is stunning - there is a lot of foam and it lasts a long time in the bath!

So, how to make a lot of foam, we now know. But how to keep her "power" longer? Elementary! Add a little shower gel to the bubble bath. This pleasant mixture in all senses will be fragrant, detergent and will create an unimaginable amount of foam in your bath. And if the bath is equipped with a hydro massage, then its owners are incredibly lucky, because by turning on this energetic device, the foam will turn into a large odorous hat.

There is a froth with the flavor of strawberry, mandarin, blackberry and even ice cream! It would be desirable not only to swim, but also to taste it. Now reusable bath foam has appeared in the stores, which will please with magic bubbles of both children and adults. Just look do not overdo it with the amount of foam, otherwise it will start to leave the bathroom in three accounts.Well, and then prove to the family and neighbors that you just thought and carefree childhood remembered.

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