How to make lashes thicker?

Of course, thick and long eyelashes make a feminine look irresistible. At home, to achieve this effect is not much more difficult than in the beauty salon. To do this, you just need to give the cilia a couple of minutes of your attention daily It is proper and regular home care that can restore beauty and health to your eyelashes. So, how to make lashes thicker?

Make the eyelashes thick

Every day, before bedtime, you need to clean eyelashes from makeup residues. Be sure to remove the shadows and mascara. In a dream, your cilia should "breathe freely." After makeup is removed, you need to wipe the eyelashes with a cotton pad with chamomile extract or brewing black tea. This procedure will help to strengthen the eyelashes and make them less brittle. Make it a habit to comb your eyelashes every morning and evening with a special brush. For these purposes, a brush cleared from eyelash gel or used mascara may be suitable. Before starting the brushing, moisten the brush with castor, olive or rose oil.This procedure will accelerate the growth of eyelashes.

Nourishing eyelashes

A great way to make the eyelashes thick is a weekly compress of cornflower infusion, calendula and black tea. It is necessary to moisten a cotton swab with this composition and leave it for 20 minutes on the eyelids. In the case when the eyelids are inflamed, you need to use infusion of eucalyptus and calendula. Due to this, your eyelashes will become thick and healthy. Remember that healthy eyelashes can only be in conjunction with healthy eyelids!

To make eyelashes long and thick will help castor oil in combination with a few drops of vitamin A. This composition should be lubricated eyelashes a couple of times a day. Literally in a week you will be able to notice a tangible result. Your cilia will acquire shine and rich color. In addition, aloe juice, castor oil, burdock oil and a few drops of vitamin E can be used to strengthen eyelashes in equal proportions. It is very convenient to store the mixture in an empty mascara tube. It is recommended to use this compound daily for a month. To power your cilia, as well as to accelerate their growth should be a compress of peach oil.You just need to soak a cotton swab in it, and then put it on your eyelids, while covering your eyelashes. In this position, you should stay for five minutes. This procedure will help to make your eyelashes healthy and thick, as well as stop their loss.

Make eyelashes thick with makeup

If you can not wait to become the owner of thick and long cilia, you can give them such an image with the help of skillfully applied to the eyelashes makeup. Follow the following guidelines for thicker eyelashes. In the beginning, before applying make-up, you should powder the cilia with loose powder. After you apply eye shadow, you can apply mascara on your eyelashes. So they will get the desired volume and expressive length.

All operations must be carried out very carefully, and if they come in contact with the eyes or face it is necessary to immediately wash them. Also, if you are allergic to any of the elements of the nutritional masks, you should not risk and still try this recipe for yourself. It is better to choose an option that does not harm you.

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