How to make a knot?

Nodes have long been entered into our life, even in antiquity, with the help of which they fastened various designs. For each case, a knot was invented, how to make it convenient, generations of conquerors of seas and mountains came up with it. Well, remember our mothers and grandmothers, who in the evenings, in the not-so-distant past, were knitting something using macrame technique.

Bowlin or bowline knot

One of the most optimal knots for tying ropes of different diameters regardless of their length. It also allows you to connect a thick natural halyard with a steel cable with convenience. Each can benefit from the ability to knit a similar knot around the circumference of his waist with just one hand. Ideally, this can be done in complete darkness.

Take the long end of the cable in your left hand, surround the end with your right end around the body. Continuing to hold the running end in your right hand, releasing about 10 centimeters from the end, pull the root end forward in your left hand. Now, right-handedly with a running end, bend the root end of the cable from top to bottom towards you, and then upwards from yourself.Move the arm so that it does not remain in the loop. Then wrap the running end around the main left, grab it with the index and thumb of your right hand. Pull the right brush out of the noose formed, slide the running end into the small loop. Holding the running end in the right hand brush, pull the root end.

Having tried to knit such a knot just a few times, how to make it on your body will be easy. In the dark or just with eyes closed. This universal knot saved not one life for all the time of its use. To untie the knot, it is enough to move the loop of the running end along the root of the cable. The image of this site can be viewed below:

Knot Bulin

Superior Daggerhead

In global practice, this node is used to fasten two files of large diameter, and is considered to be universal in this area. It is still used in shipping very often, whether it is towing or linking large-size cargo.

Let's start with the fact that we put the running horses in the form of eight on the root end. after we do the following: we pass the root end through the openings of the eight weaved by us,we root the root end of the second halyard already into the formed loops of the root end of the first cable and pass under the middle part of the eight. After this, the running end of the second halyard is passed through the final hole of the eight of the first halyard, if correctly executed with the knot tightened, the ends of the halyards look in opposite directions.

So it was a dagger knot. How to make it you now know. In order to release the cables from the connection, it is enough to loosen one of the loops of the knot we previously tied, and to release the cable. The picture of the Improved Dagger Knot is below:

Superior Daggerhead

Hercules knot

This is one of the most simple knot of its kind. It is used, as a rule, in the weaving of various patterns. For work, we, as in the previous cases, need two cords, only this time they must be of the same diameter. Further we act according to the scheme:

  • We fix these cords on the pad with a needle or other convenient way for you. Place the free end of the left twine on the right horizontal one.
  • Direct the right thread in such a way that its end bends around the lying left thread and again looks down.
  • Then we take the left thread and its free end,which is now on the right, we direct from right to left, and the right thread, the end of which comes out on the left, is circled around the horizontally lying left thread and lowered down again.
  • Disconnect the upper ends of the pins, take the left ends in one hand, and the right ends in the other. We pull them in different directions and the node is tightened.

The picture of this node is below:

Hercules knot.

A little practice and any node, how to make it, how to use it - will no longer be a particular problem.

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