How to make a home crystal?

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How to make a home crystal?

Minerals are a constituent of rocks,differ not only in valuable properties, but also in a very beautiful elegant crystalline form, which can have a variety of modifications, color shades. At the same time, it is possible to create such beauty at home, taking as a basis very simple components. We will explain how to do this.

Make a crystal of sugar

Crystals grown from sugar are not obtainedonly beautiful, but also very tasty. They can easily be served to tea or coffee as an original supplement or eat like candy. To make a crystal at home, you will not need any special products or special skills. Everything is very simple.


  • 2 and 1/4 cup water
  • 5 (and a handful) of glasses of sugarCrystal
  • Pan
  • Thin paper
  • Skewers for kebabs
  • Transparent containers
  • Food color and flavor, essence (if you think about how to make a home crystal is not only beautiful, but also delicious)
  • Threads

The process of manufacturing a crystal

  1. Pour a glass of water into the pan.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of sugar.
  3. Stirring the syrup, wait until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  4. Put a little sugar on the paper.Crystal
  5. Make fasteners for building a crystal. To do this, thread two skewers thread perpendicular to each other. Vertical skewer will be the basis for the crystals, and the horizontal will allow to fix the base on the container with syrup.
  6. Take the resulting cross of skewers, dipped the vertical wand in a syrup, and then roll in the sugar.
  7. Do the same procedure with all skewers.
  8. After that, leave the sticks properlyto dry out. It is better to set them aside for the night. Just carefully place them on cans or, for example, on plates so that the part with sugar does not touch the surface - afterwards it will be these granules of granulated sugar that we will build up our crystals, and therefore it is important that they do not crumble.
  9. When the rods dry, you can proceed to further work. To do this, pour into the pan 2 cups of water and pour into the water 2.5 cups of sugar.
  10. On a small fire with constant stirring, boil the syrup.Crystal
  11. When the sugar is completely dissolved, add the remaining 2.5 cups of sugar and wait until the crystals dissolve.
  12. After this, take the cooked containers(glasses, jars) into which you will place skewers. Pour in them another hot syrup. In each glass, you can add a food color (!) Color and perfume, flavor essences to make a home crystal a truly delicious treat.
  13. Take a skewer and a piece of paper, piercevertical skewer sheet. Now put the stick in the container, cover the hole with paper, bending it on the neck - this is necessary so that the syrup does not get dust.
  14. Put the workpieces aside - to build upCrystals will take about 7 days (some grow faster, some slower), but sometimes there may be more. Observe the process, and if in 7-10 days you do not see much progress, then repeat the entire procedure anew.

Another popular technique for creating crystals at home is in the article How to Grow a Crystal from Salt.

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