How to make a car yourself?

Russian winter, as a rule, is very rich in snowfall, and public utilities do not always cope with their consequences in time in the form of impassable drifts and deep rut of loose snow on the roads. Moreover, they are far from being everywhere in principle: take, for example, the road to a private house. Considering the above, in many situations a snow plow is the only way to get out of the rubble on foot or by car. In this article, we will look in detail at how to make a snow removal machine yourself, saving a significant amount of money on renting professional equipment or hiring a janitor, as well as time and energy for self-cleaning snow.

Materials and fixtures

Consider what you need to prepare for the independent manufacture of a snowplow.

  • Iron sheet
  • Metal corners
  • Metal pipes
  • Boards
  • Waste baby stroller or baby bike
  • Puncher or electric drill
  • Plywood
  • Fastener
  • Cans

As you can see, all the materials can be easily purchased at the hardware store, and a stroller or bicycle can be found among your acquaintances, in the extreme case, they can be purchased for little money or found at a dump.

Manufacturing procedure

Consider the steps how to make a car of these materials at home.

  • Start by composing a detailed drawing of the snow removal mechanism. You will need to include in it a device that directly removes snow (blade with a knife or a bucket), as well as a cart with an electric power plant. In its most primitive form, it consists of a frame with two drums attached to it, which are connected by a conveyor track. Also in the design should include a snow removal shield.
  • According to the drawing, assemble a snow blower cart from metal pipes of the desired diameters, corners and sheets of multilayer plywood. From an unnecessary baby carriage or bicycle, take the wheels of a suitable diameter. More from the stroller can be useful chassis.
  • Install the undercarriage. Cut the part to the size of the cart from a sheet of plywood and fasten it to it.From a metal pipe bend the handles of a convenient form and attach them to a trolley at a height suitable for the person who will use the snow blower. For the manufacture of the working body, use the axle, sleeve, conveyor belt and metal corner. Watch a video on how to make a snow removal machine, which will help you to better imagine the process of step-by-step installation of machine components, including undercarriage and working parts.
  • Cut out covers and bottoms from unwanted cans of the right size, placing circles from the tree instead. Or take a board of such width that it was possible to cut out disks with a diameter of at least 20 cm. Cut out 8 such disks and 4 more internal disks with a smaller diameter. Bolt the discs with the nuts.
  • Take a sheet of roofing iron and cut out a strip 25-30 cm wide and a length equal to the circumference of the inner disk. Screw the strip to the disk using screws. Insert the sleeve into the top of the drum. Attach the drums to the frame and connect them to each other with a conveyor belt. It can be made from a strip of rubber and metal corners, and the joint sewn with a strong thread of caprone.
  • Take a sheet of metal with a thickness of 2-3 mm. From it we will make a knife. Strengthen the bottom surface of the future knife with a support bar equal in size to the working body. The knife will be set in motion with the help of a perforator (electric drill) fixed to the machine frame with clamps. After assembling the machine, check its working capacity, if necessary, make adjustments to the design and adjust the working body.

So, you have read the instructions for making a snow plow with your own hands. Finally, we add that any desires are feasible, one has only to want. Just tell yourself: I want to make a snow removal machine myself, and thanks to our recommendations, you can easily cope with this. As you have noticed, this is not a difficult task at all. And the device turns out quite useful and necessary. We wish you good luck!

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