How to lower the pulse?

Alena Radostina
Alena Radostina
July 10, 2012
How to lower the pulse?

The pulse varies with the age of the person, but large deviations from the norm are dangerous to health. If your pulse has not changed for a long time and suddenly jumped sharply, then you can try to lower it at home.

Instructions on how to lower the pulse:

  • Drink weak tea with milk. Better green, it equalizes pressure and heartbeat.
  • Measure the pressure. If it is elevated, take a medicine to reduce the pressure, perhaps the pulse will normalize. Tablets can be taken only if the doctor prescribed them to you and prescribed a treatment regimen. Remember that a sharp decrease in pressure can trigger a stroke (brain hemorrhage).
  • Take light drugs, such as: valoserdin, valocordin, valerian, motherwort, Corvalol, you can, following the instructions.
  • Lie down and rest. Perhaps the rhythm has increased due to physical activity.
  • If you notice that the pulse often rises, it is worth to play sports.
  • Heart rhythm disorder is more common in obese people. Eliminate the use of spicy, flour, fat and sweet.High levels of cholesterol in the blood leads to a change in heart rate.

Increased pulse - a signal that speaks of cardiovascular diseases.

Pulse 110. How to lower? This can be done using the same methods described above. There are other methods. For example, you can gently press on the eyeballs, do a point massage of the thumb and little finger at the base of the nails.

If there are serious problems with the pulse, do not self-medicate! Be sure to consult your doctor and get tested by a cardiologist or an endocrinologist. After that, they will explain to you how to lower the pulse rate, and write out the necessary preparations that will bring the pulse back to normal. Be healthy!

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