How to kiss

Without what you can not imagine love? What precedes the beginning of a love relationship? Of course, we are talking about kisses. If there is no experience, wondering how to properly kiss the language with a guy for the first time.

As practice shows, teenage girls draw the necessary information from books, magazines and the Internet. Guys, on the other hand, take it much easier and rely on intuition and nature.

A passionate kiss with a long relationship is different from the first kiss, which is shy and timid. In the article I will discuss the features of kisses and tell step by step tips.

Young people are afraid before the first kiss, but they are waiting for it impatiently. Such a kiss is accompanied by lip movements, because the time for playing with tongues has not yet come. According to young people, they do not know the technique of kissing. This is a misconception, since a kiss is a natural ability of a person, not a divine gift.

Action plan

  • If you never had to kiss before, practice. Hone the technique of kissing, moving his lips in the air.Exactly simulate a kiss with a loved one will not work. After the right moment comes, rely on the sensations, feelings and emotions that prompt the right path.
  • While kissing, touch your beloved and touch some parts of the body. Do not forget that the kiss should be romantic and gentle. Do not try to set a record for the duration.
  • A kiss is an incredibly pleasant process, but not everyone gets pleasure from it. This is due to the fact that people pay a lot of attention to assessing the situation and actions. For a kiss to bring pleasure, forget about unnecessary thoughts and relax.
  • During the kiss, along with the blood, substances enter the brain that give energy and elevate mood. Provide such an effect can only kiss with a loved one. In this case, everything will be easy and pleasant, and the partner’s lips will be delicious.
  • If you do not own the art, do not be discouraged, but take note of the advice. During a regular workout, gently roll your tongue over your lips, fold into a tube, breathe through your nose, or turn a lollipop in your mouth. Everything will work out.

Psychologists advise before the process to imagine everything in the imagination. This simple technique will have a positive effect on confidence.

Video Tips

How to kiss your tongue

Kiss - an intimate intervention in the soul of man. Love begins with him. A proper kiss helps arouse your partner and raise your spirits. Let's look at the kiss technique with the language.

Modern teens seeking to find a boyfriend or girlfriend are interested in the technique of the French kiss. It is not surprising, since for them such a kiss is an adult manifestation of love. Experienced loving couples, who are fed up with standard equipment, also want to master the art.

At the heart of the kiss is mutual desire, supplemented by passion. The level of pleasure depends on the action.

  1. Touch the lips of your partner, without opening your lips, and gently kiss. This is enough to inflame the flame of passion. Then swipe the tip of the tongue over the lips of the second half. If in a moment she does as well, it means she likes it.
  2. If everything went well, continue to explore the sensuality of the partner, but do not overdo it.Do not seek to quickly stick the entire language into the partner's mouth, otherwise he will consider this step disgusting.
  3. Try to make the kiss gentle. Following the wishes of your partner, you will bring him pleasure. It is enough to gently caress the tongue half with the tip of the tongue. Don't slobber, not everyone likes it.
  4. To continue the experiments, establish an emotional contact. In this issue will help spiritual conversations. Emotional proximity is important for a partner, especially when it comes to a girl.
  5. Having gained experience, master more complex techniques using the language. Option - a stinging kiss. Initially, gently suck the lips of the second half, and then with a sharp movement, insert the tongue into your mouth.
  6. There is a burning kiss, which has a stimulating effect on the partner. Gently lick your partner's lips and play a simple game. A spoon of honey will help make the kiss unforgettable.
  7. Rotate the tongue in the partner's oral cavity, making slow and gentle movements. This kiss technique is called the “mill”.
  8. If you are looking to plunge your partner into shock, use an exquisite kiss. Touch your palate as gently as possible.Do not overdo it, as a strong touch will cause tickling.

Remember, a kiss is a wonderful reciprocal feeling, which is capable of providing frantic pleasure. Constantly practice and experiment, listen to the opinion of a partner, and become an ace.

Unusual kisses

If you strive to learn how to kiss well, without biting or leaving marks on your partner’s body, it will not hurt to familiarize yourself with the following material, in which we will consider unusual kisses.

  • Vacuum kiss. It is short, so quickly, but gently suck the partner's lips. In a moment, tear off your lips, making it as slow as possible. Otherwise, there will be an unpleasant sound.
  • Marathon. It is a regular kiss, which is characterized by duration. These experiments begin when you have experience.
  • Pinch. This technique combines a nice kiss with playfulness. Lip your partner's lips gently and gently with your lips. Such a kiss brings a lot of pleasure.
  • Butterfly's kiss. To make this kind of kiss, approach the face of your partner so that the eyelashes tickle the skin. This technique will shock your partner.Just remember, incorrect execution will provide the effect of annoying a fly.
  • Electric Stingray. Merge with your loved one in a kiss is recommended in the dark. Stop at a short distance apart, lean slightly in, and touch your lips.
  • Conversation kiss. During a conversation on an intimate topic, smoothly approach each other. Voicing the next portion of words, the lips of one partner will caress the lips of the second half. The main thing is to not smell from the mouth.
  • Free english kiss. Fighting languages. The goal of confrontation is the ultimate pleasure. Remember, wrong actions hurt the partner’s language.

I know such unusual kisses. This knowledge is enough to diversify relationships and bring something new and unknown to them. Practice, develop talents and share your experience with others.

How to freshen breath before a kiss?

In conclusion, I will add that a kiss is an intimate act between people, which can be darkened by various things, including an unpleasant smell from the mouth. Refresh your breath will help improvised means. They will come to the rescue at the moment when brushing your teeth is not possible.

  • Mint candy and bubble gum. The stores sell packs of candy or chewing gum, which are focused on breath freshening. To achieve the result takes a few minutes. Although the choice of tastes is wide, the mint problem is best solved. Use mint remedies gently, the strong smell of menthol is unpleasant for another person.
  • An Apple. This useful and tasty fruit eliminates the feeling of hunger, nourishes the body with nutrients, removes plaque and freshens breath. Therefore, before intimate communication will not interfere with eating an apple.
  • bitter chocolate. Having eaten a small piece of delicacy, you refresh your breath, provide the mouth with a slight aftertaste, which the second half will like.
  • Green tea. An effective remedy for bad breath. The problem can be solved with the help of herbal tea based on burdock, barberry or blackthorn. Grass pour boiling water from the kettle, wait a few minutes and after cooling, rinse your mouth.
  • Nutmeg. Chew a few cores and hold in your mouth for a bit. This will not only refresh your breath, but will also bring some benefit to some organs, including the stomach and liver.
  • Parsley. Eat a few sprigs of parsley and in two or three minutes the mouth will be ready for a kiss.

If the listed funds are not suitable, look in the store and buy a special spray. With the help of such means you refresh your breath, strengthen the enamel and protect your teeth from caries.

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The article came to an end. In it, you learned the technique of kisses and became acquainted with the improvised means that freshen breath. I hope that after reading the material, kisses will bring you pleasure.

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