How to kiss a member?

Anastasia Rakhmatova
Anastasia Rakhmatova
August 27, 2014
How to kiss a member?

Many women think about how to give a man pleasure in bed. And rightly so, because good sex affects the formation of healthy relationships. Today we will talk about oral sex, namely, how to kiss a member in order to deliver maximum pleasure.

How to kiss a member: tips

It is not necessary to take a member immediately in the mouth. To get started, just touch it, warm your breath. You can hold a member of your body: cheeks, breasts, moist lips. Then slowly go to the kisses. You can start with light gentle kisses, gradually moving to a deeper and stronger. Then take the dick in your mouth and lick it. Do not forget about the teeth - hide them away, otherwise you can bring discomfort to the partner. Play with his member with your tongue, it will bring pleasure to the man.

Fold the lips into a tube, hide your teeth, place the penis in your mouth and begin to make back and forth movements, thus making the usual blowjob technique. In the process, you can also use the language. Change the depth and speed, but try not to stray from the rhythm.

You can try to pull the testicles and lick them. If you succeed, you can take them in your mouth and suck a little.

Blowjob technique

For more advanced lady fit deep blowjob. The technique of deep blowjob is that the member is swallowed completely. It is necessary to relax the mouth and throat muscles, gently and completely place the penis in the mouth, and then, as far as possible, begin to move, as in normal blowjob.

However, before doing such a blow, you should train your throat muscles so that in reality the reflex that causes nausea does not work.

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