How to issue a workbook?

When a new employee is hired, any bona fide employer is required to issue him a work record. But how to issue a workbook?

Instructions for filling

It is necessary to fill out the work book in accordance with the following instructions. All notes in the workbook are made in writing and should not be abbreviated, each row must be assigned a serial number. Dates are allowed to enter only in Arabic numerals. So, the first step is to fill in the first page of your employment record. Everything should be recorded in the following sequence:

  1. Surname, name and patronymic in accordance with the data specified in the passport;
  2. Arabic numerals date of birth;
  3. Full and cursive education;
  4. Specialty in accordance with the document on education, written in the nominative case;
  5. Date of completion of the relevant employment record. It is necessary to fill it in the period of time, limited to five days from the date of admission to work.
  6. Clearly record your signature and decrypt it. It is imperative to ensure that the person owning the book confirms the information you provided.
  7. Put the seal of the enterprise. Printing department personnel put a little later.

The second step is the preparation of a record of admission to the relevant work, before which it is necessary to fix the stamp of the enterprise with its coordination data and prescribe them completely. Then the following items are filled:

  • the sequence number of the record, it must be placed next to the admission information;
  • date of the record, which is recorded only in Arabic numerals;
  • information about dismissal, employment, transfer, recorded without abbreviations and confirmed by relevant documents (order). Here the owner of the book must sign, which will mean that he is familiar with the relevant record.
  • the basis for making a record is an order, protocol or order, its number recorded in numbers.

The third step on the road to learning how to apply for a workbook is the correct formatting of information about state awards, as well as honorary titles.They are also confirmed by orders, diplomas and breastplates. It is also necessary to clarify for what merit and by whom the employee was awarded, to describe in detail the type of award. Please note that cash bonuses do not need to be entered into the workbook.

The fourth step is how to get the employment record right if you want to work part-time. This can be done only at the main place of work in the relevant personnel department. Be sure to pay attention to the following things:

  1. You should not make an entry in the employment record of employment earlier than five days after the day of admission. This is done because if the employee decides to terminate the employment contract, such an entry must be eliminated;
  2. You should not continue the section "Information about the awards" if it is completed. The personnel department specialist must leave and insert the insert on the appropriate page of the workbook.

Features of the work record

It is necessary to dwell in more detail on how to get a work record when applying for a job with an individual entrepreneur. The document on the basis of which an entry is being created for a job is called an order drawn up on the basis of an employment contract.

It is advisable to make an entry in the workbook on the first day of work. That is why, in case of dismissal, an entry will also be made on the same page of the workbook. What records are made in the column "Information about awards"? First of all, it is rewarding the employee with state awards, conferment of honorary titles, drawn up and confirmed by relevant documents.

Then follow information about the award of the employee with breastplates, letters, which were produced at the organization. And last of all, records are made of the other types of incentives that are provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation and the rules of the collective agreement. During the filling of the “Awarding Details” section, the full name of the organization is indicated in the form of a title. After that, the sequence number of the corresponding record is put, and then by whom the employee was awarded and what documents confirm this.

As for the record of dismissal in the workbook, it is made only on the basis of the order on the day of the dismissal. She must exactly repeat the text of the order. Also in the workbook it is necessary to enter the reasons for dismissal in accordance with the wording specified in the Labor Codec.This record is made in the following order: first the number of the record is put, then the date of termination of the employment contract (dismissal) is indicated, then the reason for the dismissal is recorded, then you should write the documents in accordance with which the record of the dismissal was recorded in the employee’s workbook.

In accordance with Article 77 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the last day of work is the day of dismissal of an employee, unless otherwise established by federal law, an agreement between the employee and the employer and the employment contract. The Labor Code also provides for other options for calculating the last day of the employee. For example, Article 127 states that if an employee does not use his annual leave, he has the right to consider the last day of work as the last day of work. Exceptions, in accordance with the code, are cases of dismissal for any culpable acts.

Also, in order to know how to properly issue a work record, you must always remember that after you make an appropriate record of termination of an employment contract, you must justify its reason with reference to a specific article of the Labor Code.If the employment contract is terminated in accordance with a certain Federal Law, then when making the appropriate entry in the workbook, a reference to the article and paragraph of the Federal Law must be made.

If the employee terminated his contract in accordance with the verdict of the district court that deprived him of the right to occupy a certain position, then this is recorded in the employment record book.

Registration of part-time work

Only the employer at the main place of work has a record of the termination of the contract, which is concluded on a part-time basis. However, he is absolutely not entitled to make any other entries in the workbook. That is why, when a worker is dismissed or transferred to another job, it will be possible to make a record only after fixing the record of this employee’s acceptance for a permanent job. Only after that the employer has the right to dismiss him from part-time work. That is why, in practice, multi-job placement is rarely recorded in the work book, and is formalized as a contract.

Now you know how to issue a work book and you can safely check the correctness of the record in your work book.

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