How to make a CTP online?

Nowadays, through the Internet, you can pay for various services and buy any goods. This also applies to car insurance. The opportunity to issue a CTP online appeared relatively recently. Therefore, many motorists have either not heard of this innovation, or do not trust him. Today we will talk about the features of design and use of electronic insurance CTP.osago online

Changes in legislation

In 2015, the activities of insurance companies underwent some changes, as the federal legislation was amended, according to which citizens were able to issue insurance OSAGO online. In this case, the insurance procedure takes place in the manner prescribed by federal law, with the exception that an electronic document is issued instead of a paper policy.

The application for the provision of the services of the insured should be filed by a motorist online through the official website of the insurance company. It is very convenient,since drivers no longer need to visit the insurer's office, and the clearance process itself takes place much faster, since the vehicle owner will not have to stand in long queues.

Making CTP online: the pros and cons

The process of insuring a vehicle has certain advantages and disadvantages, so before proceeding to the design of the policy, you must carefully read them.

The advantages include:

  • Time saving. Previously, for registration of insurance it was necessary to go to the office and wait a long time for their turn. The Internet allows you to do everything from the comfort of your own home.
  • Saving money. Electronic policy is cheaper. In addition, through the site, the insurer will not be able to impose additional services on you, so you can calculate the exact cost of the OSAGO online.
  • Ease of design. You will only need to fill out a small electronic form on the website of the insurance company. All the necessary documents you will receive by e-mail specified when submitting the application.
  • Easy payment. You can pay for insurance services in any way convenient for you.

policy osago onlineDespite the rather impressive number of advantages that the vehicle owner receives when compiling an OSAGO policy online, unfortunately, there were also some drawbacks.

The main disadvantages are:

  • Low awareness. Many companies do not advertise their online insurance services, so drivers do not have a proper understanding of this possibility.
  • The complexity of resolving insurance disputes. You can check the electronic policy only via the Internet, therefore in case of any disputes with representatives of the law various problems may arise.
  • The electronic policy does not provide for the possibility of drawing up an euro-protocol, therefore in the event of an accident, it will be impossible to resolve the conflict with the other party without calling the traffic police.

If you made out CTP insurance online, then to avoid unnecessary problems, it is recommended to always carry a printed copy with it.

What companies provide online insurance services?

Nowadays, you can insure your car through the Internet in any large insurance company.Demand for this product is gradually increasing, therefore, smaller insurers are starting to launch this opportunity in their country. Nevertheless, it is better to use the services of proven companies that occupy a leading position in the insurance market.

These include:

Some small companies insure automobiles belonging exclusively to certain subjects of the Russian Federation via the Internet. Therefore, the best option would be to design a CTP policy online at Rosgosstrakh. This company has government support and is one of the most reliable.

List of required documents

Rosgosstrakh Osago online

In order to issue insurance OSAGO online in VSK or any other company, it is necessary to prepare the following documents:

  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. If the car belongs to another person, then it will also require the passport of its owner.
  • Technical passport for the vehicle.
  • Driving license of all persons who have the right to drive a car.
  • Valid card about technical inspection.

In order for the insurance contract to take effect, you need your signature on the relevant documents.In the case of registration in the company "Sogaz" OSAGO online instead of the signature will be required your personal electronic key. If you do not have it, then you need to pre-order it in any company engaged in the manufacture of these keys.

If, during the insurance process, the driver’s data does not match the information entered into the PCA single database, the insurance company will ask you to provide them with an e-mail scanned copy of all the documents listed above.

Making CTP online in Rosgosstrakh

The procedure for issuing a policy of compulsory insurance in the company "Rosgosstrakh" is as follows:

  1. The driver is registered on the website of the company, during which she receives an email password for authorization in her account.
  2. When the password is, you need to log into the site under your account, and in the settings change the temporary password to permanent. When changes are made, registration will end and the account is automatically activated.
  3. Then you need to go to the section "Calculation and purchase online" and fill in the electronic form, enter personal data in it.
  4. After filling in all the fields, you need to click on the button “Calculate OSAGO online”, after which the full cost of insurance will be displayed. If everything is fine, then you must print the form and pay for the policy to the current account specified in it.

The procedure for insuring a vehicle is the same for all companies, therefore, a CTP registration online at VSK or any other company will look the same way.

insurance osago online

How to pay for an insurance policy?

If, when calculating OSAGO online, the final cost of the policy suits you, then you will only have to pay for the policy. This can be done with:

  • VISA / MasterCard;
  • payment systems;
  • electronic wallets;
  • bank or postal transfer;
  • self-service terminals;
  • using SMS from MTS and Megaphone numbers.

Surely every person has a bank or credit card or an online wallet, for example, WebMoney, Qiwi and others. Therefore, no problems with payment should arise. And given that the cost of CTP, online issued, is lower than when you make a policy in the office of the insurance company, you can save a lot.

Policy delivery

According to the current legislation, if the insurer expresses a desire to receive the original of the policy, the insurance company is obliged to satisfy it. The insurer can do this in two ways: in the office or by mail at the address of the applicant. The original of the policy is drawn up on the form of strict accountability, so it has full legal force. This procedure is free, so the motorist will not incur any additional financial costs.

How to extend the policy of compulsory insurance online?

vs osago online

Changes in the legislation affected not only the process of registration of the service, but also its extension. The renewal procedure is carried out in the same way as during the registration of CTP, however, in addition to the mandatory set of documents, the insurer will need to provide data on the previous policy. This is necessary to verify the relevance of information entered into a single electronic database.


In some situations, it may be necessary to make changes to the policy of compulsory insurance. The most common case is the admission of an additional person to driving.There is nothing difficult in this, but you cannot do anything on your own. You will need to send the corresponding request to the insurance company, and its representatives will make the necessary adjustments. The termination of insurance occurs on a similar algorithm.

Possible problems when applying for an insurance policy

In the process of making a CTP policy online, many drivers face a problem when an error is issued when filling out an electronic form.

The reason for this may be as follows:

  • incorrect filling of fields;
  • entering incorrect data that differ from the PCA database;
  • incorrect driver data was entered into PCA.

If you encounter an error, due to which the further registration of the insurance is impossible, then first of all you should double-check the information indicated in the electronic form. If there is a discrepancy between the data provided and the information specified in the single PCA database, the problem is easily solved by providing relevant data.

osago cost online

The main problem will arise if incorrect information was previously entered into the PCA database by the insurance company.In this case, it will not be possible to solve it yourself, and you will have to go to the office of the insurance company, where you need to write a statement, after which the insurer will start your case investigation. This process is quite long, it can take from several days to two weeks.

It is worth noting that insurance companies are obliged to consider every complaint of their clients, so if they refuse to accept your application, you can always contact the Central Bank of the Russian Federation or the Union of Russian Auto Insurers. But, as practice shows, such precedents are extremely rare.

How does the electronic policy work?

Making CTP online, you can use it as well as the usual insurance policy. In the process of amending the law on compulsory insurance, the state has carefully worked out the mechanisms for their work. Traffic police officers have access to a special Internet resource, which is synchronized with a single electronic database and allows you to check electronic insurance. It is important to understand here that in practice things are not so smooth. The thing is that not all patrol cars are equipped with special technical means that allow access to the insurance base.Therefore, in order to save yourself from unnecessary headaches and save a lot of time and nerves when communicating with the traffic police, it is recommended to always carry with you a printed copy of the electronic CTP or its original, which can be ordered from the insurer.osago calculation online


Despite all the flaws in the field of legislation and possible difficulties in the design of e-insurance, this service is very relevant. And in the near future will be very popular among domestic motorists. After all, the CTP registration via the Internet allows you to save not only time but also money. In addition, which is important, in the process of making insurance, the likelihood of problems is minimal.

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