How to install scripts?

The script is a very useful feature when you want to make your site original and not like the others. Most web pages are created using the same template, so they resemble each other like twin brothers, especially if they are made through the site builder. If there is a desire to create something of their own, more original, then you need to learn how to install scripts on your website. This is done quite easily, and any person who is more or less able to work in a browser can cope with such a task. All you need is a computer and the program Smart FTP Client or some equivalent.

How to install scripts: instructions

  • First you need to run the program Smart FTP Client on your computer. Next, enter the address of your site in the address bar on ftp. This address should look like, where the domain of the site and its location is indicated.
  • Next you need to fill in the fields with the login and password that you received by registering your domain. If your hoster does not impose additional conditions, then in the "Port" you need to enter 21.After all the fields are filled, you need to click on the icon with the arrow that stands next to the "Address" menu.
  • Now find the "Public html" folder on the left side and open it. At the same time, you need to open the folder with the script and drag all the elements of this folder into the central window of the program.
  • When copying is complete, you need to set attributes. This is the most important thing in how to install the script on the site. To do this, you need to find the desired file and select in the properties "CHMOD". After the attributes are set, you need to select all the rights you need in the dialog box. The same should be done with all other folders.
  • If your script contains any installation files, for example, install.php, then the script can be installed directly. To do this, you can register in the address bar of the browser http: вашего your site name.install.php and go through the installation.

There is one more, much easier way to install a script with a database. To install the script, you need to go to the database on the hosting server and create your database there, create a password. To establish a database connection with the script, you need to set all the settings that are in the Readme file.

In the Login field, you need to enter the name of your database instead of Root. In this case, the login and password must match the data that you have registered when registering your database. That's all you need to do to install the script.

Types of scripts

Before you install the script on the site, you need to understand the types and purposes of scripts. There are cyclical scripts, meta-scripts, switch scripts, scripts that perform some kind of cyclic actions, those that, when you press a key, perform one action, and when you release the key, another. In addition, there are a huge number of additional scripts that are used in computer games, on complex flash sites, but this is a different type of script, and it is installed differently.

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