How to increase growth?

By nature, man is a rather self-critical being. For this reason, it is extremely difficult to find a person completely satisfied with himself. Even really beautiful and complete, according to other people, often have a whole mountain of complexes relating to appearance. So, for example, many people are unhappy with their growth. It is to them that we dedicate this article, which will discuss how to increase growth.

Grow is not easy

At once, we say that it is not as easy to do as it may seem at first glance. Especially when there is a genetic predisposition. So, if the growth of your parents did not exceed 160-165 centimeters, you can hardly reach the mark that allows you to conquer the basketball Olympics. However, with proper nutrition and a competent approach to your own lifestyle, it is quite realistic to gain an extra few centimeters.

Continuing the conversation about how to increase growth at home, I must say that it is desirable to take on this work at the age of 18 years. But after all many orthopedists say that a person grows up to 25 years, you ask? So it is so, but still, for most people, the main growth period ends at 17-19 years.Of course, there are exceptions, but nonetheless.


It is not a secret to anyone that the spine, or rather its “evenness” has a huge role in the growth. Given the modern sedentary lifestyle and the constant sitting at the computer, all possible distortions can be the reasons for the lack of growth. Therefore, first of all, visit an experienced massage therapist or orthopedic surgeon. If problems are found in your case, grab them immediately, as the spinal curvature only worsens with age and provokes a number of other diseases. With the same treatment, you can restore the natural form of the ridge, thereby adding to the growth of the cherished millimeters, and, perhaps, centimeters. Of course, in one fell swoop it is unlikely to increase height by 10 cm in this way, but the first step is the hard way. In addition, if you correct the curvature in childhood or adolescence, it is possible that this will give the body an impetus for further natural growth.


Nutrition plays a huge role in the context of how to increase a person’s height. It is important to eat all day long, not to go hungry for hours, and then empty the whole refrigerator at the same time. It is necessary to eat a little, but often, observing the frequency.Be sure to attend a full breakfast, lunch and dinner. Light snacks during the day will not be superfluous. It is important that a lot of protein, carbohydrates and fiber get into the body. Eat more cottage cheese, drink milk, do not forget about bread with bran, meat, fish, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits. If it is not possible to fully enrich the body with vitamins and calcium in the traditional way - pay attention to all kinds of complexes that are available in tablets. By the way, talking about how to increase the growth of the child, you can advise parents to buy all kinds of Nesvik and other ready-made breakfasts fortified with minerals, vitamins and, most importantly, calcium. This approach will appeal to both children and you. If we talk about specific microelements, it is important that vitamins C and E come first into the body. They affect the part of the brain that is responsible for growth. Also very important is vitamin A, which is present in abundance in carrots and fish oil. In general, the aforementioned multi-complexes, sold in pharmacies, contain everything that is necessary for growth. The main thing is to consult with your doctor or pharmacist.


Speaking of whether it is possible to increase growth, one cannot pass by sport. Be active: play games (just not on the computer), do regular exercises, hang on the bar - all this will help in terms of increasing growth. Speaking of the horizontal bar, in the first stages you can just hang on it for a few minutes. Further, when you get comfortable and feel the strength in your hands, enter the exercises for tightening and swaying the body. It will not be superfluous to hang, tying an adequate load to the legs. The main thing, if you want to grow, do not engage in sports that involve a serious load on the spine (barbell, for example).

Unnatural ways

All of the above is more concerned with how to increase the growth of a teenager or young person. If you are far beyond 30, but you have felt a bright desire to grow, the nutrition and sports are saturated with useful elements are unlikely to help. In such a situation, only surgery. However, this approach will take months from you, and you will need a lot of money. What really says about the painful procedure.

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