How to improve a person's vocabulary

In the modern world, a rich vocabularya person can quite serve as a very objective indicator of his intellectual development, high level of culture and good education. Society, as a rule, perceives such a person as intelligent and creative. It is easier for such a member of the society to find a good and more promising job, he moves faster and more successfully along the career ladder and has a reputation as a person, to advice and recommendations which should be listened to more often and more attentively.

What does the term human vocabulary mean?

Put simply, this is a set of words thator other person. According to modern scientists, man's vocabulary is of two kinds: active and passive. The first consists of words that are used both in writing and in oral speech. Passive, in turn, is that set of words that is recognized and understood, but not used by man. As a rule, the latter exceeds by several times the first.

What is the vocabulary of the Russian language?

In accordance with the recently obtainedstatistics, our language has almost 500 000 words, but only 3000 are used in everyday speech. An ordinary schoolboy operates with 5000 words, and the adult's vocabulary - 8000.

In other languages, the situation is practically the same.

Is it possible to increase the used set of words?

Very often in everyday conversations,to hear about the tongue-tie of one or another common acquaintance. Often, one can also find an opinion about the fact that the gift of oratory is given to us at birth and subsequently the vocabulary of a person (as a predisposition, for example, to some bad habits or diseases) can not be corrected. This is no more than a delusion! Can! You can add, fix and improve! And to do this is not so difficult, the main thing is to set a goal.

How to improve a person's vocabulary. List of simple tips

  • Make a list of words that you surely needuse every day. Let this list be as long as possible. Are you ready? Now, using an explanatory dictionary or a synonym dictionary, in front of each word write a few of its alternatives. For example, "interesting" - remarkable, entertaining, curious, noteworthy, noteworthy. Try to remember them and during the day use at least once each of the options written out. Only in this way they can be deposited in our memory.
  • Read as much as possible. Start with the books of those authors who are close and pleasant to you. And only gradually it will be possible to move on to more serious literature. If an unfamiliar word occurs in the work, it is recommended to look at its value in the dictionary, and in case you want to remember it, read it aloud and repeat it several times mentally. Why so? - Modern scientists have proved that in human memory something that was at least once pronounced is better postponed.
  • Write. If you do not have anyone to write long, warm and positive letters filled with positive emotions, use the example of Demosthenes: rewrite other people's articles, favorite art works, write out in a special notebook some things in the soul of a poem or words of great ones.
  • Crosswords are also quite useful for the development of vocabulary. But in this case I would like to warn - the publications that print them should be known and verified.
  • If you have most of your time conduct on the road or behind the wheel, and the aforementioned well, there is simply a catastrophic lack of free time, you can resort to the help of audiobooks, the choice of which is now quite large, and the quality is quite decent.

In such proven ways, you cangradually increase your vocabulary: English, Chinese, French and any other. But we should not forget that without effort, you are unlikely to make your speech more melodic, informative and expressive.

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