How to hint that I love?

First love ... How often do we remember about her throughout life. But it happens that it is not the first love to become a sign in our lives. We love, but because we don’t know how to properly tell a person about our beautiful feelings, we often delay this process, and this only aggravates the relationship between the two. But how to hint that I love?

Overcome the excitement

Sometimes we think that we would be able to simply and concisely hint another person about feelings, the person you love is a completely different story ... As we approach him, we start to worry, our feeling increases, our thoughts disappear and we start to behave not naturally, and sometimes even stupid ... And only when our “object” disappears, do we begin to scold ourselves for our excessive shyness and modesty. Such situations can be repeated many times. Therefore, when the next case comes, when meeting a loved one, use at least one of our tips.

Hinting statuses

Now almost everyone uses social networks.Therefore, the use of the latter can be one of the tools of your declaration of love. It is only worth remembering that you do not do everything, you need to do it carefully, so as not to embarrass a person and not push him away. Therefore, about vulgar or very frank statuses you need to forget. It is unlikely that they will make you think about you decently. The most important and the first to create a positive image about yourself. Of course, everything depends on your age and the age of your chosen one. If you are a teenager, then perhaps you want to present your love openly, if you are already a young man or girl, then most likely you will want to hint about love so that others would not know this, not even excessive interest in your personal life. Use statuses with elements of things your loved one likes or often uses. For example, “sometimes I think that you are close when I measure your ridiculous SHIRT with SMILE, but this is all in my dreams ...” or “in the evening it’s so boring without your jokes and your smile, and your songs UNDER GUITAR”, or “always happy when I pass by your table with a cheerful Buddha .. "There may be innumerable options.

How to hint ex-boyfriend

There are such incidents that, because of our characters, we often break up, thinking that we will find someone better, but over time we realize that everything we said and did was a big mistake and we need to return everything to the former places. The hint to the former must be very subtle. But at the same time, make it clear that you love him or her. For example, you can give something that will remind him of the first date or another romantic meeting. You can also give him a gift that he has long wanted, but you did not have time to present it because of your break. You can hint through mutual friends by skipping a phrase about how badly you are without him, and that he is the only one who truly loved you. If you can cook, then prepare your mind a favorite dish. You can also send an anonymous postcard with the word that is close to both of you.

How to hint

As we wrote above, it is very important that your hint is not vulgar, of course it may work for someone, but in fact, by firing “heavy artillery”, you risk to be a fiasco. Because a serious relationship can not keep on vulgarity and excessive frankness. Make it romantic.For example, “accidentally meet” in the city and walk together, you can even say that you are with him (her) along the way. Behave naturally, you need to suppress excitement otherwise I do not understand you. After all, if a person is not from your company and you don’t know each other well, then he may not understand your conversation at all and don’t understand the real reason for your excitement. Perhaps at the end of the meeting you have enough strength, to say that I was glad to see him, there would be more such pleasant meetings ... In this phrase you don’t speak directly, but give yourself the opportunity to hint at love, subtle and elegant.

We hope that you understand the whole principle of how the guy hints to meet, that he would understand you correctly, have time to think and assess the situation in a positive direction for you.

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