How to help yourself?

So, as we treat ourselves, so the world around us applies to us. It all depends on the ideas that have formed within us. Today we will tell you about the principles that can prevent us from living in harmony with the world around us and with ourselves. We will explain to you how to help yourself.


Consider erroneous human judgments:

  1. “Everyone is obliged to love me, and approve of what I do” - this opinion is wrong, because no one can satisfy the tastes of all people right away. As the proverb says - "The taste and color, no friend." You must understand the people around us and the world as they are, and not try to change them. If you try to somehow earn the love of the whole environment, you can lose your confidence, independence, depth and integrity. Be yourself, and it will be easier for others to build relationships with you. Use the golden rule - “treat another person the way you would like him to treat you”
  2. "A person must achieve success in any fieldand to be beautiful and flawless in any respect ”- often, we try to create an ideal image of a person within ourselves, to which we try to fit others or ourselves. And if the presentation does not match, we give a negative assessment to everything. A large number of people who are in the thrall of excessive demands on themselves, and without achieving their intended goals, simply condemn themselves to anxiety and torment. In any case, it is necessary to strive for the summit, but it is also worth realizing that no one person can protect themselves from failures or blunders. It is always very important to do to the end what you undertake and learn the lessons that life presents to us.
  3. “Some actions are wrong, and those who commit them should be severely punished” - in fact, the one who does nothing will not be mistaken. When you analyze the actions of others, you need to look at the situation from their point of view, then, in many respects, the situation will immediately clear up. It is very important to always learn a lesson from your own actions. If someone does not like your actions, you may not be worried about it at all. It is always necessary to try to find a common language with the side that does not understand you.
  4. “It’s just awful when something doesn’t turn out as if you would like it” - it’s impossible that everything should be fine for everyone. The law of life is that the world around us does not consist of pleasures for us, it constantly revolves around us. That is why it is worthwhile to accept the fact that the world will never meet our desires. Faced with the fact that we do not like, you should not take it as a personal insult, or as humiliation.

How to help yourself: tips

  • Do not delay solving the problem. This will only increase anxiety and depression. Solve it as soon as possible, and you will immediately feel self-confident, and this will give you joyful feelings. Understand one rule, a happy life is not a complete absence of problems, but their successful solution.
  • Develop an individuality, independence, the possibility of self-expression. You should not be too dependent on another person.
  • Never hold on to the past and do not regret about the accomplished, this will not change, but it is possible to change the attitude to this. Consider: what did this event teach me?
  • Know that every problem has several solutions, not one.
  • Control your emotions.

I hope we told you how to help yourself, and now your life will become easier and better.

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