How to hate people?

Hatred is considered a negative feeling, but in some cases it can serve a person in good stead. If you often become a victim of intrigue and you are often used even by close people, you should think about how to hate people, that is, to become a misanthrope.

How to start hating people?

If you have good feelings for people, you can easily get rid of them, and as a result you will begin to hate them. So, you will not care what happens in their lives, and their failures will only please. First of all, you should remember all the insults that people have caused you; surely there will be a lot of them. It is best to write them on a piece of paper that should be kept before your eyes. As a result, you will gradually be filled with hatred. If a friend or relative asks you to help, remember that this person has done you a bad thing and refuse him. Do not think about his feelings, you should not care.

If you want to start hating a particular person, you need to find negative traits in it. After all, surely you at least something in it annoying.It can be not only appearance, but also habits, actions, character traits, qualities. If you dig, you can find so much negative in each person that hatred will be born by itself.

The main thing - do not stop there. Keep looking negative in everything! Find fault with others around trifles, angry at them for the slightest mistake. A friend was late for a meeting - became an enemy, a relative made a remark - would be the first on the list of your revenge, the driver sprinkled water from a puddle - the entire male race would receive retribution.

Do not give anyone the right to make a mistake. You make no mistakes! Sincerely consider yourself to be infallible, perfect, the best; others are simply unworthy of communication with you. It is quite natural that people will soon begin to hate you and do nasty things in retaliation. And this is only on your hand, since your hatred for them will only grow.

How can hatred of people be useful?

Hate in some situation can be quite helpful. After all, this feeling often arises in man as self-defense. If he is deceived, used, and then laughed behind his back, hatred will be a great solution.You will not feel used, close people will not be able to betray you. This way, you can avoid emotional traumas that tend to accumulate and lead to depression.

Hatred involves a minimum of communication with others, because any of them can hurt you, and it is from her that you run. You practically will not have friends, so, it will not be necessary to help anyone, to listen to anyone. As a result, you will have a lot of free time, which can be spent more efficiently.

Often, hatred of people arises out of envy. For example, a person is not as smart as his friend, not as rich as a neighbor, not as lucky as a relative. Instead of trying to reach the level of another person, he tries in every way to diminish his dignity, which leads to hatred. But sometimes a person, hating someone, does his best to transcend the object of his hatred. And then this feeling plays into his hands.

How to stop hating people?

Hate, of course, helps to avoid pain, but we must remember that this feeling separates a person from society.Of course, you will feel good, because you can avoid many unpleasant situations. But remember that everything should be in moderation. You should not gang up on the whole world, because there are good people in it who will come to your aid in a difficult situation.

Look for good qualities in people, and also remember that your friends and family do not like all your actions and character traits, but they accept you as you are. You need to appreciate it and not treat others around you, otherwise you will be completely alone. And loneliness can be borne by no means all. Believe in people, look at the world with different eyes, smile at him, and he will do the same in response.

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