How to hack Skype: tips and tricks

Skype, or in the English version of Skype, is consideredfree program that provides an excellent opportunity to communicate with your relatives, relatives, friends, business partners with the help of the World Wide Web.

This application successfully combines the mobilecommunication and the Internet, but its unchanged advantage remains accessibility. In order to install the program for free, it will take only a few minutes and it will be enough to have the knowledge and skills of the average user.

Like any other system of information exchange, this application can be subject to various kinds of attacks. In my article, I would like to talk about how to hack Skype.

First, let's figure out which Skype you are going to crack: your own or someone else's. Why did I ask about this? "It's just a completely different technique."

How to crack Skype (own)?

In principle, I would not call this procedure the word "breaking". Most likely, this is the process of password recovery.

Think about how exactly you are enteringSkype. - I bet that in most cases it is loaded automatically when you turn on the computer! Undoubtedly, it is very convenient, but on the other hand can play with you once a cruel joke. For example, there will be a failure in the application itself, or you will have to reinstall the operating system for some reason, or you will need to download Skype from your computer in the office or at home with friends, use Internet cafe services or install the application on another device, on a mobile phone, tablet or PDA. What to do then?

If you remember the email address, withwhich once registered the application itself, contact the password recovery service, a message with a link will be sent to the e-mail. Enter a new one, confirm it. All! The problem is solved! It remains only to advise you to remember or save your new password to avoid the repetition of an annoying oversight.

You do not remember the email address from whichthere was a registration? Contact the application support. You will be asked to answer a security question. Answered? - Feel free to come up with a new password, confirm it and use the application.

How to crack another's Skype?

Theoretically, and this turn is quite simple. But from the ethical point of view ... Of course, if you are a security officer and you need to get access to the correspondence of an outsider to expose a dangerous criminal, you can be understood, but otherwise ... I hope, that you are aware that the reading and use of confidential personal information without proper permission is prohibited and punishable by law.

But, nevertheless, if you still decided to penetrate someone else's Skype-correspondence, I would like to advise you the following:

It all depends on what goals you pursue. Very often in response to the question of how to crack Skype, you can hear advice that for this you need only to access the electronic box, and then change the passwords. But I'm not really sure that this is the right decision. - By doing this, you will be able to communicate on behalf of the addressee and partially read his / her correspondence (and that not always), and that's all. After a while, hacking will be detected, the password will be changed or a new account will be created. Well, and what good is it to you?

Get parallel access to Skype much moreprofitable. In this case, you will be able to read live correspondence on-line while at the next computer. Of course, first of all, this can be done if someone worked for your device and then recklessly forgot to leave your account.

You can do this: the Skype profile data with all correspondence is stored in the folder D: Documents and Settings AdministratorApplication DataSkype the name of the profile. At a time when the program is off, copy all the correspondence of someone else's profile into your own. Then run your already changed profile, but at the very moment when the Skype window opens, disconnect the network cable or disconnect the modem. Your profile in this case will not have time to update, and you will see someone else's correspondence.

Well, that's all. How to crack Skype you now know, and whatever goals you pursue, be sure that if you use the recommendations of this article, you are unlikely to encounter difficulties.

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